High Tea Fest – LIIT with Irish Twist


This is one of the pubs located on the 3rd level of VR Mall that’s great for hanging out with friends.  The place has got great ambiance, wonderful serving staff and plenty of offers all through the week.  I have visit this place couple of times and consistently have had good experience.  Recently I visited the pub, when they had High Tea LIITs  Fest as part of Single Week leading up to Valentine Days.  During the entire week they curated special LIIT with Irish Twist.


  • Interiors are quite chilled out with wonderful clocks with Roman Numerals.  The watches don’t show time for any of the place and are fancy for decoration purposes.
  • The bar counter looks quite huge and pretty good with plenty of glasses hanging.  All the major liquor bottles served are on display which also looks good.
  • Seating arrangement is very casual with wonderful looking wooden chairs.  They also have a sitting section which is just outside.
  • Plenty of props are present all around the pub like – Armoured shield, Knight Helmet, Musical devices, Beer barrel caps with messages around beer, Old Letter box.  Apart from this there are plenty of posters and paintings on the wall.


They have plenty options to choose from in their menu.  And before ordering I would suggest looking at the offers, discussing with the staff and ordering food.

I recently visited the place and tried the Beer Fondue which was served along with Mushroom, Potato, Broccoli, Tomato.  The taste was pretty good, but I would have loved to see it being a little thicker.  The cheese taste wasn’t coming as much as I would have wanted.  The veggies served were well sautéed and tasted good.

Jalapeno and Corn Cheese Fritters was decent.  The cheese and Jalapeno taste was coming out very well.  Only problem I felt was that it was a little chewy which told to the staff and they acknowledged it promptly instead of trying to defend.


I have tried plenty of drinks but recently I tasted couple of Long Island Ice Tea.  Enjoyed the Super-Sized Blue Wings that came with Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Vodka with White Rum, Strawberries & Ginger ale.  A good drink that I really enjoyed.

Another LIIT I tried was Super-Sized Blue Wings which came with very similar ingredient as before, but it contained Red bull & Blue Curacao instead of Ginger Ale & Strawberry.  A pretty good drink which doesn’t seem strong, but it is very good.  This is a drink which when consumed quickly can give a high due to presence of multiple alcohols in small portions.


Dual Chocolate Torte contains both white and white chocolate which is simply awesome.  I just loved eating and loved every bite of it.  This surely is my special recommendation at Irish House.

Overall Experience

It is a great place to dine in with friends.  I think they also have huge screen for watching matches.  And I think this place gets very good crowd during weekends and its jam-packed.  There are plenty more dishes to try which I am hoping to try going forward.  Even if I miss visiting the Bangalore outlet, I can visit the Irish House located in 8 other cities across the country.  A special appreciation about the staff who seem to be very courteous and always willing to help.

My rating for this place would be 4.0/5.
Food – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place will come upto anywhere between INR 1500-1600 for couple of starters, drink and desserts.