Banjara Melting Point – A Special Dining Expereince


Banjara Melting Point, one of the popular fine dining restaurant located at two places in Bangalore – Cunningham Road & Koramangala.  The restaurant at Koramangala holds the legendary status because the place used to be the residence of Late MF Hussain, one of the greatest painter from India.  Restaurant at Cunningham was called only Banajara and recently been renamed to Banjara Melting Point.  The owners of the place are from Mangalore, so the dishes served inside are inspired from Mangalore.  But otherwise, the cuisines served include – Seafood, North Indian and Chinese.


The most important aspect of the restaurant, the paintings and artwork.

  • Outside of restaurant, an artwork made on stone in which Banjara Melting Points is etched out.  It looks quite awesome.
  • Artworks of MF Hussain holding brush and painting on the canvas, which seems to be made of Brass.  Another artwork showcasing 2 people sitting while another person trying to hand-over the menu, can be found at the entrance.
  • Seating arrangement looks exquisite.  Individual seats are well arranged with Napkin, Cutleries and a designer glass titled one side.
  • Plenty of paintings made by late MF Hussain can be found on the wall.  Some of the famous paintings containing horses are very much on display.
  • Special artwork made of broken mirror pieces enhances the interiors of one dining section.

Good amount of time has been spent to get the interiors right, as it had to be something exquisite and away from ordinary.


The food served in this restaurant is very much inspired by Mangalore Cuisine.  The ghee used in some dishes, sourced directly from Mangalore.


There are some wonderful drinks available at this restaurant, to mention a few – Virgin Colada, Ice Tea Lemon & Mojito.  These drinks are specially made and served in exquisite glasses.


Chilly Coriander Veg Soup was simply awesome. The taste of the coriander was very evident and the aroma was great.  My friend took Sea Food Combo soup and told that it was very good.

Main Course

There are plenty of options to choose from in the main course.  Some of the top pick among the Veg dishes would be Subz Shikampuri, Mushroom Ghee Roast & Banjara Special Veg Curry.

Among the Veg subzi(s) mentioned above, loved the Mushroom Ghee Roast which had the special aroma coming from ghee.  The mushroom was very well cooked, and the gravy was finger-clicking.

Banjara Special Veg Curry, another favourite that’s combination of two subzi, one side is the Palak Saag and the other side is the Paneer Makhanwala.  Two dishes are clubbed together to make up for single gravy subzi.

The gravy dishes tasted very well along with the Indian breads like – Kulcha, Paratha, Naan and Neer Dosa.  Neer Dosa perfectly blends well with the gravy dishes.

For the non-vegetarians, this place can give a heavenly feel.  Some of the dishes served include – Chicken Lalwari, Chicken Ghee Roast, Surmai Tawa Fry, Prawns Ghee Roast, Makhai Style Chicken.  Among the dishes, the one made with Ghee Roast are special and the best.


This course of the meal, I usually reserve some space or create space to accommodate desserts. Some of the desserts that I tried include – Moong Dal Halwa, Mocha Mud Pie, Tandoori Phal Zafrani & Cream Carmel.  Among these I loved the Moong Dal Halwa as it tasty and sprinkled with dry-fruit pieces (mainly almonds).  I also loved the Mocha Mud Pie dessert.  The other dishes, I did not find it very interesting and shared my thoughts with Chef, who accepted  it gracefully.

Overall Experience

Loved the experience of visiting one of the best fine dining restaurant in the city.  One need not visit a restaurant in star hotels, instead dine in at Banjara Melting Point.  I loved the exteriors, interiors and the table arrangements.  The place looks like a perfect tribute to late MF Hussain.  Food and drink at this place are pretty good and lots of varieties.  I specially recommend the Ghee Roast based subzi(s).  I am looking forward to visiting this place with family and enjoy the good food & ambiance.

My current experience for the restaurant is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Food for 2 at this restaurant will cost anywhere between INR 1500-2000.