The Amazing Escape – Escape Room Adventure @Indiranagar, Bangalore

We all have grown watching movies of different genres and among these the most mind-boggling ones involves Mystery.  If the movie is good, we keep scratching out head until the event when mystery is unravelled.  Many of us start to wonderful why we did not predict the same in advance.  But then there surely isn’t any fun unless the mystery stays right up until the end.  It’s not just a case with the movies but also cartoon like Scooby Doo.  And many times, we wonderful how it would be if the entire mystery is recreated for us to be able to solve.  This is exactly what has been done in ‘The Amazing Escape’.  They have recreated many of the scenes and let us solve problem by ourselves.


The idea of this place is to let people be part of the mystery and solve the same.  It has the same amount of complication and problem solving ability that we see in movies/serials.  The mysteries could be of different kinds.  But you still need to have few top favourite themes.  This is what exactly has been done by means of creating rooms.  Each of the room has a Mystery to solve.
  • Metro Bomb Defusal – defusing a bomb in an area.
  • Prison Break – Breaking from a prison.
  • Casino Heist – Related to Casino money.
  • Illuminati – Special forces around the world.
  • The Evil ‘Lucy’ – Horror character from whom you may need to escape.
  • The Lost Kingdom – Trying to get away from mysterious surrounding.
  • Escape the Tomb – Getting away from possible engraved tomb.
The idea is to enter to enter the room as group of 4-6 members and achieve the end goal.



Started by husband and wife combo who have been fans of Mystery movies since ages.  They thought of recreating some of the mysteries into real problem solving.

The idea stuck the creators nearly 6 months back but it was not easy to bring it to life immediately.  They have had to get into discussion with multiple people to understand the budget, kind of setup needed, expense for setting up the place, intricate detailed needed during construction, identifying the themes that would be liked by people, price for the games and many others.

They have been able to come up with the concept in relatively short time and have done a great job with it.


Game Procedure
The idea of ‘The Amazing Escape’ is to let people solve the mysteries by themselves instead of just watching them as I mentioned below.  The process involved here is quite interested.
The game is played by a group of 4-6 people who choose 1/8 Mystery that they want to solve.  The group is then put into a room and then lights switched on.  Depending on the Mystery, we may have been to ascertain the final end-goal.  The team is given 60 minutes to solve.  Soon after we enter the room a timer clocks starts to tick and it is there for everyone in the team to look at.
  • Then the idea is to divide the group 4-6 people to understand what is in the room.  Try correlating the various items available and try solving individual puzzle.  Each puzzle solved leads to some clue for solving the next puzzle.  You may need to watch out for various items kept in the room including – dolls, look at the base of items for clues, correlate colours, numbers and many others.
  • There would be many items to distract the attention and may be irrelevant to solving the problem.  But that is exactly what happens while a mystery is being solved, they could be many distractors.  Many times, we keep considering irrelevant clues in the room and get stayed.  The best approach would be to get away from situation.
  • If we do get stuck it doesn’t mean that we don’t have way out.  We can use the buzzer that is there in the room.  The moment a buzzer is pressed, a person from the staff will come and give direct clue to solve the current problem.  But it comes with a price and the time is reduced by 5 minutes.
  • While we solve problem, the staff of the place, keep looking out for activities being performed via CCTV.  If you are stuck, they would themselves come in and give a way to escape from current situation by giving a clue.
  • The idea is to solve one puzzle after other until we reach the end-goal.  But the most important idea is to work as a team.  Coz not everyone can solve every puzzle.  It is in the best interest of the team that everyone idea is considered in solving puzzle.  This is exactly what I found when playing with a team of 6 people including myself.
  • The idea would be to solve the puzzle in the least amount of time.  Even if we are not able to, staff would help until we solve it.  It’s not that you will still have the mystery to solve in our mind.
  • I heard that the best of the teams could solve the puzzle in 48-50 minutes.  It might seem easy at the outset but then the best would be to go with neutral mind and enjoy yourself.
The puzzles for sure are quite complex and even if you play a room 2nd time, I think it is hard to remember every puzzle and its resolution.


Game Experience
I played the game once with a group of 5 other friends.  We chose the ‘The Lost Kingdom’ as it was our first attempt.  It was great fun where each us solved different puzzles in the room.  And, it was a cake-walk coz there were times when we were completely lost, dint know what next that needs to be done, stuck, needed help from Staff.  Infact, these were the kind of emotions running in our mind.  But finally, we could solve the puzzle in nearly 58 minutes which gave all of us a sense of achievement.
Now that we got a hang of it, I would like to try other puzzles as well.  I feel the tougher ones would be like the ‘The Evil Lucy’ which is played in dark, where solving puzzles would be a challenge.  Whatever it is, the experience is quite exhilarating and fun.



Going forward, there would also be a ‘Leader board’ put up in the front desk.  We can then compare our time with the other team who played the similar room.
Overall Experience
It is a great concept and I am sure many folks would come to the place and want to spend time for solving puzzles.  The interiors of the place are quite good and very well setup.  Initially, there was hesitation in my mind but then as we started playing & solving puzzles, the fun-o-meter went up for all.  There surely was a sense of achievement which would be the case of everyone solving puzzles.  I would recommend this for everyone.
Timing: Weekdays – 11am to 8pm; Weekends – 11am to 9.30pm
Game Duration: 60 minutes
Booking Slot Timing: 75 minutes
Cost: INR 500/-
Team Strength: 4-6
Address: The Amazing Escape – Escape Room Adventure, #838, 2nd & 3rd floor, 7th main, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
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