Staybridge Suites at Morrisville, North Carolina


Guys….I never thought that I will put this 4rth post in this week but then here it is. Seems like
writing blog is a unavoidable feeling of freedom. Its like expressing yourself in the most open
manner. And for the folks who read the blogs would get a sense of the bloggers inner self.
Gosh, the last few sentences seemed to be totally philosophical which sure is true 🙂

I am putting this post on request from one of my friend. Its about this mystical named place
called “Staybridge”. Place, yes it sure is a place. A place where people come in and go out. Where
u can get pretty decent facilities, a make-shit tennis cum basket-ball court, an evening babeque
at time (though that is meant strictly for non-veg eaters), an Indian receptionist who tries
to show off with his english skills and makes people believe how much Americanised he is 😉
Apart this this hotel boasts itself to be one of the few hotels affiliated to Holiday Inn. Yes yes, you
heard it right, its a hotel where I stayed during my last visit to Raleigh-Durham, NC (USA).

A nice hotel that was pretty close to the airport (around 3-5 miles away). Though it was abit
far from our office, it was good, in that way while driving to-fro office, we would see quite a
bit of Morrisville, Raleigh and Durham.

There are quite a few places to visit around by a 10 min walk. Most important of all happens to
be the OUTLET mall which was pretty decent for shopping as well as a pretty good food-court,
where the unforgettable visit to Subway (refer Mustang post) happene 🙂

Some of the eat outs around include – Quiznnos, Baby Moon Cafe, Subway, Greek Fiesta (both inside Outlet Mall food-court), ofcourse the HOOTERS and others 🙂
Other than these, there some authentication Indian food places like – Udipi Cafe, Kandas, Tower
Indian Restaurant, Saffron, Cool Breeze and others.

Gosh, seems like I am straying from what I started writing about. Anyways, that hotel surely
dint have much to comment aobut. But, for the Indian receptionist who became a good friend,
who told us about the best Indian places around. And the best part of the hotel was that they
would provide pick and drop to office everyday at no cost (dont forget the tips ;)).
And ofcourse, Tuesday-Thursday they used to give us the evenings snacks with complimentary
drinks. Breakfast used to be pretty normal continental stuff. Ofcourse, the best choice of
veg food for breakfast included – 3 types of Corn flakes (Strawberry, Dry Grapes, Frosties),
bread, muffins, fruits and cranberry juice.

Well, I hope you got abit of the brief on the hotel where we stayed. It time for me to take rest.
Do enjoy watching the pictures of the hotel 🙂
Don’t to add some comments on the blog. And most importantly, if you want to search for
something you can use the search link that I have added below 🙂