Jordan Lake – North Carolina State Park


Its been nearly a week or more since I wrote my last blog and I was already missing on it 🙂
Well, I guess that the glue that blogs can keep you into. Anyways, I am back again. Seems
like there are loads and loads of things that I can write on. Infact, the info shared part of
the blog is more of an actual experience. And what better way to convey it.

This one is about a place in North Carolina that I visited. Its hard to say whether its a BEACH
or a LAKE. Did that surprise you abit. Well, read on and you would come know more about
this amazing place.

It was nearly 2-3 weeks into my recent visit at Raleigh-Durham, NC (USA). People around
us started telling us to visit this place, and that place, and also the other one, and also the one
next to it, blah blah blah ! Gosh, sometimes mind stops compiling things as there is much.
Infact, its not about so much, its more about how much you can see. One such place mentioned
quite a few time by people was JORDON LAKE. I have seen this name on the boards while
driving across Durham but then I wondered what could be so special about this place.

It was then that I decided with one of my friend that we should visit this place. We heard that
it was just around an hours drive or something to reach to that place. So, I got off from the office
abit early on friday around 4.30-5’ish. We set off thinking that we would reach that place.
Though we were not aware of the directions. All we knw was the address and I had the very
much RELIABLE, GPS in my car 🙂

As I started driving, somehow I felt that we could not make it as it was alittle late. Though the
sun sets at 8.30pm or NC during this time of year, somehow was not convinced. My thought
led me to drive also in similar fashion. Pretty slowly on some I40 EAST at speed of 45MPH.
We decided to visit a CHINESE restaurant called PANDA on the way. It took us nearly an
hour to complete our meal, so we cancelled the plans 🙁
But then we made firm plans of going to the lake the next day.

So, we got ready early, had the brunch and started off at around 12 noon. Actually, this time
around I did not feed the address. Will not believe it we got completely lost as we were driving
to go on our own. All that we knew was that JORDON lake was on I64 WEST. It was an
unbelieve drive coz I was driving in many of the American communities where there were many
of the row house as we see in the YEST-YEAR serials like WONDER YEARS or like in the

After 2 hours just driving round and round the Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Cary and other
counties we finaly hit the I64 WEST. And finally by the time we reached there it was nearly
3.30pm or so. 1 hour journey became nearly 3-1/2 hours. But then driving around in US is
nice coz as no one seems in a hurry there. You can drive at your own pace (bare minimum
speed) for the particular road.

Oops, seems like I forgot to the feeling as we were reaching. How could I do that !! Anyways,
nearly after 3hrs 15 mts of drive on I64 WEST, we approached a section that we could see right
in the front was more like a big bride or something like that. And as we started driving closer
to that the excitement was unsurmountable. And there it was the JORDON SEA. Did I say,
SEA, yes ofcourse I did coz it felt just like that. It was such a long drive on the bridge and the
view on the LEFT & RIGHT was SPECTACULAR. I mean, the amount of WATER was so much
that it would not be wrong in calling as JORDON RIVER instead. The amount of water was
really large. I mean, I have reach lakes in India or say in Bangalore, THE YEDYUR KERE, THE
HEBBAL LAKE and others which don’t look so big, small ones.

That is the speciality of this lake. Seems like I am still stuck in the bridge driving. Let me drive
abit faster and reaching the PIT-STOP. We had to take a LEFT-TURN after that to enter the
JORDON PARK area. It was unbelievable site as it seemed like we were driving amidst a
FOREST with HUGE trees. After paying the $5 entry fee we kept driving until the CAR parking

And then I remember what people had told us before. They told that, “there is a BEACH on the
JORDON LAKE”. We were wondering what this is beach is all about. As we were parking our
car we could some sand there in 200-300 mts from us and ofcourse, BIG CROWD as it was
a weeekend and lots of people had come with their families.

As we walked near to the sand area, I was shocked to see that it looked just like A BEACH.
I mean, the SAND was spread across nearly 1 km or so along side the LAKE. And there are
people place VOLLEY-BALL, taking SUN-BATH, playing in the WATER, private JET-SKIERS,
SMALL BOATS. It was not as if SEA water was hitting the shores but just the LAKE WATER
hitting the BEACH AREA. It surely was not like a BIG TIDE or something, just a gentle wave of
waters hitting the shores coz of the winds. It made such a spectacular site. I was like, WAH !

And it never seemed to be like a small lake, it was such big expensive water body. Best part
was the trees surrounding it. It gave a specular site. You could see that in the pic I have posted
in the blog. We spent about 2 hours sitting on the sand, enjoying the AMAZING SCENERY,
COOL BREEZE and ofcourse the CROWD 🙂
This is one place which you can keep visiting often and still enjoy yourself being there.
We also heard that Morrisville is closer to beach (to be precise WILMINGTON beach or
something) and it was just around 2 hours drive. But, after goint to JORDON LAKE I felt like I
made up for not going to the actual beach ;o)

guess this blog was abit too long and too much of detail but I hope it was fun reading 🙂