Nature at its best at Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (Part-I)


In continuation to my earlier blog. Well, I am doing that because I don’t want to repeat the same
sentences :)…But, still a little bit of intro is required, otherwise you will start wondering that
its a cut+paste from somewhere.

These are pics taken @Raleigh-Durham-Morrisville, North Carolina (USA) recently, couple of
months back I guess. Wondering what this R-D is, it happens to be the capital for North Carolina.
Thought these are 2 places, the official capital is Durham. But, since these both places, or I should
call them as COUNTY in the US sense. Whatever they call it, to tell in clear Indian terms, they

The first thing that strikes to you about this place is it that its picturesque. It full of greenery
all around and has loads of lakes. And the best part was the weather, which was almost like
in Bangalore, though not like in Bangalore 🙂

While driving in and around the places, there were number of time when I felt I had to stop
by and take pics. But the problem is that you cannot just stop-over like in India and do that.
I had to take pics while driving. It surely was an amazing experience. As you look through
these pics, you will realize what I am speaking about.

But, in comparison….Oops, why do I need to do that. There is no comparison to this place for
that matter any other place, as every place has its own specialties. Gosh, was that a politicially
correct statement, well I thought I should write it that way so that it did be fun while reading 🙂