Ford Mustang Pictures


This is an experience from my recent trip to Raleigh-Durham @North Carolina (USA). I was making this routine visit to the OUTLET MALL which was just 5 mts drive the hotel where I stayed ie., STAYBRIDGE SUITES (Holiday Inn).

I was my usual self on saturday, getting up letting and managed to get some breakfast at the
hotel. Afternoon, I drove down to the mall and searched for SUBWAY which was in the
food-court. As I ordered for my sub and settled down on a seat close to the exit, this happened.

It was as if I was right there and the moment just froze. There I was eating my subway sub and
my eyes were amazed to look at these beauties. At first they seemed to be just kind of gang
fight or some kind of problem that seemed to cause a pile up. I realized that there was nothing
like I thought, it was a car-show. And I could not believe my eyes when I saw these beautiful
cars 🙂

Infact, I took atleast 5-10mts to grab my first bite of the sub as I was stunned to see the looks
of the Mustang. There were many many types of those to my amazement.

I did manage gulping the entire sub amidst these distractions and then headed to see these
master-pieces just exiting the scene. Out of sheer excitement, did take a few pics of these
cars while they were heading out.

But, there were some that were still parked in the Parking Lot. It was actually some kind of
MUSTANG SHOW i guess. I strolled across the parking lot and was simply amazed at the
site of these cars. Well, was it all, na !!! I realized that this moment needed to be captured.
So, I did with just a 4MP camera of mine. But just have a look at these cars, aint they looking

Seems like there were lots of adjective used in this short note. But, then I could not control
the excitement. Infact, I am writing this msg with the same thrill that I felt when I watched
these cars live 🙂