Nature at its best at Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (Part-II)

Its amazing sometimes you come across few things in life that bring you so much of peace. Most
commonly its the color of nature that bring us this kind of effect. It happens that we come
across many such during our day-to-day but then the enjoyment is momentary. And if we want
to relieve the moment then we will either have to visit the place. By capturing the same in the
camera as a photo, the moment stay still. The moment you have a look it, seems like you are right

Seems like the last para became abit more philosophical. Well, just think over what I said, may
be it may strike you as well 🙂

The pic that are part of this blog are also part of one such experience of mine. I came across
these nice looking flower and grass near to the office. And just imagine, how beautifully god has
created this word with so much of colors and variety. I am not sure of the variety of these
flowers. If you do get to know of the name, send it across. But then why would you want to
search for the names. These names
are anyway given by humans 🙂

Wondering where these pics were taken. Well, these were taken infront of the NetApp office
at Raleigh, NC.