Gourmet Food at Godrej Natures Basket – Sahakarnagar, Bangalore


Godrej Natures Basket is one of the most popular stores which focuses on making premium food available to people.  The store itself is part of a big conglomerate, Godrej Group which has been around for nearly 120 years.  It has been 12 years since they first started the store in Mumbai and now they have grown across 3 different cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune.  In total there are 29 stores, , 10 of them are located in Bangalore.IMG_20170702_193913


They have a vision to – Redefine India’s freshest and finest food experience by 2020.  The other term used for Godrej Nature’s Basket is that of ‘Gourmet Food Retailing’.  It is quite evident from the items that are available in each of the stores.  They have a mix of product from abroad and from India.  Some of the countries they source the products from are United States, Europe (Spain, Mexico), Mexico, China, Japan and many more.  The idea is to bring Quality products across the globe and make it available for Indians.


I recently visited one of the outlets in Sahakarnagar and was amazed to see many items.  Most of them were probably never seen in the Indian Market.

The items have been very well segregated and kept under appropriate section.  Some of the section includes – Dry Fruits, Oil, Vinegar & Accompaniments, Daily Essentials, Canned Meat, Bakery, Snack Food, Chocolates & Confectionaries, Italian, Antipasti, Oriental, Jams & Marmalades, Organic Vegetables & Fruits, Organic Honey, Ice-creams.

Apart from the above mentioned, they have some section like – Cheese, Meat, Milk and Gifting.  Each of these sections are well attended by staff who are ready to redirect to right section or right person and in turn helping.

Gifting Options

A special section is present where gift hampers are on display.  It might be surprising to know, why a retail store selling Gourmet Food is trying to do this.  But, I completely understand that the traditional gifting options have exhausted and most of us are looking out to gift something different, at the same time healthy.

There are some standard set of items included in each of the gift hampers.  They also come in various sizes and can be custom made depending on the budget.  If there is a price in mind and the items to be put in, the staff would be more than happy to set it up in a basket.


In this section, I will share insight into few section and the items that available in them.

Dry Fruits section comes to the right side of the Billing counter.  We can get multiple items that are available at other local stores but they would not have the quality.  Some of the items include – Apricots, Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts, Pistachios, Raisin, Almonds, Raspberry, Cranberry, Cashews and many more. 

We also packet nuts that would have multiple dry-fruits put in.  These are famous in United State and I have personally brought it.  It is nice to find one in India.

Milk section has plenty of companies selling packaged milks.  The special thing is that there are varieties of milk that are directly imported from Europe.

Gluten Free section is present that has the best of Red Rice, Flour and other items which don’t contain Gluten.  With the growing sugar levels, people are trying to avoid taking sweets and switch to Gluten-Free diets.

Italian section has varieties of pastas that are directly sourced from Italy.  Oriental section is meant for food lovers to get Noodles and Spices from China & South Asian countries.  Mexican spices & sauces are also available.

In the Daily Essential section, there is also the Mineral Water from the famous French Company named Perrier.  Ice-cream sections have Haagen Daz and Mothers Dairy ice-creams.  The bakery section is tempting where people can get to taste multiple pastries and cookies.

Discount Sale

Godrej Nature Basket runs a different promotion on every weekend.  This week when I checked with the Store Manager, he told that they had a discount of 10-15% on Organic Fruits & Vegetables.  A discount surely attracts more people to come for shopping at the store.

Overall Experience

It was a great time spent at one of the Godrej Nature Basket outlet in Sahakarnagar-Bangalore.  I could see the freshness in all the consumable items.  I loved the Dry Fruits section where in most of the items are imported and well check for quality, before letting retail customers to pick it up.  The idea of creating gift hampers is quite novel.  Finally, I need to mention that the place is visited by people who are classy.    I rate my overall experience visit the store at 4.0/5.

Company Vision

Store Locator

Quality Standards

Godrej’s Natures Basket Sahakaranagar Branch Address
“Pragathi” Property No. 2759, E-Block, Sahakaranagar Next to Hotel Swathi Gardenia Bangalore – 560092
080-23623401 / 2 / 3
Store timings – 8 AM – 10 PM