New Modern Indian Dining Restaurant in Indirangar


Street Storyss, the new Modern Indian Dining Restaurant in the busy Indiranagar area.  This outlet has been around for just two weeks but there are many people talking about the offering.  In an area that’s filled with Brews, Pubs & Casual dining restaurant, the owners come up with this unique concept.  The team of Chefs have picked up the Best Vegetarian street food from across the globe and serving it in the best way.  Dishes are countries like India, Burma, Thailand, Italy, and many more.  The place opens at 1pm and closes by midnight, allowing food lovers to enjoy good food, all through second half.


  • The place has this very casual yet sophisticated vibe about it.  Various shades of White and Blue are used to paint the entire place.
  • With seating capacity of nearly 60, they have variety of seating options including the center community table.
  • I specially loved the table outside the restaurant that’s got a transport glass on top to keep away from rain.
  • The walls have these beautiful paintings that depict a mountain range but very apt for food lover.  At every sharp vertex, they a cutlery item painted on it.
  • Once can also notice the beautiful chandelier in the middle that looks like a collection of trumpets.
  • There is a huge bar counter area where the mocktails are made.  They had a stack of different type of bowls, cups and items as part of the décor in the bar-counter.


The place serves variety of dishes from across the globe that will anyone happy.  All of the dishes have been curated by Chef Chima Mondal whose worked tirelessly for 4 months to get it right.


Kokum masala, Cutting chai

I loved the Kokum masala drink as it had flavors of thmps-up along with home-made spices.  Cutting chai is one of the latest addition to the menu that perfect to be had in the evening.


Avocado mousse, Fafda, Papad & Khakra, Thai Corn Cake, Chilli Paneer Samosa, Thai Lentil Cake, Pan Fried Dimsum, Fresh Pita

Fafda is one of the well-known dishes from Gujarat.  The dish here was served by having a topping of minced apple along with pineapple.  They also served some sauces that had mayo as the base mixed with mint & groundnut separately.

Thai Corn & Lentil cake were also just amazing, and they were served with variety of sauces.  It was great to taste a cake that had unique ingredients.

Loved the Chilli Paneer Samosa that had the finely made samosa stuffed with the tasty chilli paneer sauces with soft Paneer.  It was good to try the samosa with unique stuffing compared to the contemporary dry stuffing of aloo.

Another starter, I loved was the Pan Fried Dimsum that was stuffed with veggies & some secrete sauces.  The taste was so yummy that it was hard to resist after taking one portion.


Compress watermelon salad, Mango & Raw Papaya

The watermelon was very refreshing, and it had little bit of feta piece along with Argula Salad leaves.  I also enjoyed the taste of the Raw Papaya & Mango salad as it a combination of sweet, spice & tangy all in one.

Large plate

Rajma ghee risotto, Burmese Khow Suey

I loved was the Burmese Khow Suey as it had an amazing coconut gravy and it had perfect viscosity. The rice noodles served along was also soft and goes along very well with the gravy.  Topping to the dishes like ground nuts, spring-onion pieces, crackles, lemon were fresh and added more flavor to dish.


Coffee Cream Rabri, Frozen Gulkand Kheer

I loved the after taste of coffee from the Coffee cream rabi and Gulkand in the other dessert.

A common factor in all the dishes was the ‘Presentation’.  Every dish served was presented in the best possible manner that looked photograph-able.  This in combination with the right flavors will make the customer love the dishes.

Overall Experience

It was a great experience trying out some of the Street Food across the globe served in the best manner.  There are some personal favorite that will drive me to the place again with friends & family.  The ambiance of the place is amazing both during the daytime & evening.  There isn’t any problem in finding parking place for vehicles.  I will recommend all my friends to visit the place and try out the variety.

More Information

Address – Street Storyss, Thomsun music, 3155, Srinivasan Towers, Opp, Indiranagar Double Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Phone – +91-98109 46339