T20 Bowl Fest – The Bowl Company India


The IPL T20 Season 2018 has already crossed the half way mark and still there is no sight of a team taking complete control.  Fans following the respective teams are always having tense moments while watching their favorite team play.  Many times, the food becomes second priority and we end trying to eat something unhealthily.  The Bowl Company, in-house brand of Swiggy has come up with unique Food Bowl specific to the region the IPL teams play.  That way, cricket fans can order the dish belonging to corresponding region.IMG_20180503_210309

Bowls for Individual IPL Team

We all know that the teams participating in IPL are from different parts of the country.  And every region has their own special set of dishes that are popular and commonly devoured.  The Bowl Company team has researched well and come up with individual dishes for every team.  Names of the dishes have been slightly modified trying to inculcate some aspect of the team.

  • Whistle Podu Chicken Curry – Chennai
  • Rajasthani Royal Kofta with Ginger Coriander Rice – Rajasthan
  • Korbo Lorbo Aloo Dum with Jeera Rice – Kolkata
  • Purani Dilli Ki Methi Malai Paneer with Mutter Pulao – Delhi
  • Ghee Podi Rice with Fiery Andhra Chicken Fry – Hyderabad
  • Mangalore Prawn Delight with Steamed Rice – Bangalore
  • Bambaiya Keema Masala Spaghetti – Mumbai
  • Chatpata Punjabi Fish with Jeera Rice – Punjab

This will the first time that a brand of doing something on these lines.  I am sure many folks might have had the idea but the team of ‘The Bowl Company by Swiggy’ have been able to pull it off.

Special Bowls

If someone does not like the dishes that have been associated with the teams, one can also go for something very generic.  These are the standard items known across the country and across the globe.

  • INDIAN BOWL – Good ol’ Rajma Chawal
  • WORLD BOWL – Herbed Penne Al Cocio
  • Monk Tiramisu

We all know the taste of the dishes would not vary much as the preparation style and ingredients in general would be the same everywhere.

Food & Packaging

I got an opportunity to get hold of multiple Vegetarian dishes including Korbo Lorbo Aloo Dum with Jeera Rice, Purani Dilli Ki Methi Malai Paneer with Mutter Pulao and all the items part of Special Bowl.

Its hard to pick the best among the lot because each of them had unique taste.  They all tasted very good and I enjoyed every bite of the dishes I consumed.  The only thought I had was that they could given some Raita/Salad along with the rice.

The spice level in each of the dishes was optimum.  I am sure that mostly no one would complain against the spice level.

Packaging would be one of the main aspects of home-delivery chains.  I appreciate that the packaging has been done very well.  Each of the boxes are tightly packed, trying to let the flavours stay intact.  Every bowl also has sticker with the name of the dish contained.

Contest Alert

The brand has also come up with a contest to encourage ordering from the brand.  Person placing the maximum orders, stand a chance to win PREMIUM match tickets in Bangalore. Each order counts as one entry and max orders win. The tickets also include lounge style seating with a premium view and on the house food and drinks. 

Overall Experience

It was a great experience trying food from the new place (The Bowl Company).  I loved the idea of creating different dishes for individual IPL teams.  The food quality was good, and the packaging seemed to be perfect.  It’s hard to pick the favourite dish, as most of them tasted good.  I am hoping that the brand decides to include the bowl into regular menu going forward.

Rating my current experience at 4.25/5.