Flow – Terrace Bar and Grill


The city of Bangalore has grown tremendously over the past decade.  Among the areas, South Bangalore has transformed from being a Residential area and become highly commercial.  JP Nagar area, has seen couple of sky-scrapers housing offices of IT Biggies like Oracle, VMWare, EY and others.  This immediately gave an opportunity for new Restaurant, Coffee shops, School, Play-schools, Pubs and many other establishments to come up.  FLOW – Terrace Bar and Grill, another gem that has come up in this area.  The place has got a Mediterranean feel with some wonderful interiors and fresh area flowing across.  Recently, I got an opportunity to visit the place and try some of the food.IMG_20180428_130715


  • This outlet is located on the 3rd floor of the Eden Park building which also houses the MELT, Casual Dining Restaurant.  Soon after you enter FLOW, one can see some beautiful artwork on the wall.
  • As you walk inside, one can see another wonderful artwork that has miniature version of man climbing a rope.  To make this possible, they have a strung-up wire from ceiling and small version of adventurer climbing the wire.  It looked very thoughtful and amazing.
  • There are 2 sections in the outlet, one to the right with only sitting options overlooking the city.  The left section has seats around the Bar area.  It also has couple of seats overlooking a thick forest having Eucalyptus trees.
  • The section to the right has some nice artwork placed between the walls.  To be able to do that they left gaps in the wall that also allows air to pass through.
  • There are couple of surf-boards also on display which has been painted colourfully and it looks quite cool.
  • Bar section of the outlet has some nice items put up on the wall.  Its hard to control oneself from not clicking the pictures.
  • Lighting arrangements are unique and can’t be found elsewhere in the city.


The menu at Flow is a combination of local Indian food, Italian, Thai and Chinese delicacies.  From local bar snacks like spicy peanuts to quintessential pub grub like Buffalo style chicken wings, Flow offers a mix of continental along with a bit of native unconventional creations.

Nibbles & Bits

These are the items that which we generally love to take along with a drink.  Among the available options, one of the must try option would be the Flow Local Bar Snack Platter (Masala Paapad, Potato Wafers, Spicy Peanuts, Onion Pakodas, Garden Green Salad, Tomato Salsa, Mint Chutney, Nippat & Kodbale).  Individual portion sizes &  variety are very good, making it perfect starter to be taken instead of the commonly taken items like Nachos or French Fries.

Next item I tired was the Badami Aloo Tikki served with spicy peanut sauce & Almond Flakes.  The Tikki was perfectly done and the taste was spot on, not too spicy/sweet/bland.

Some of the popular Non-Veg items include – Flow’s Singature Curry Leaf Fried Chicken and Seer Fish Masala Fry with Steamed Bao.

Grills & Tandoor

There are plenty of options for Vegetarians and the top pick would be Stuffed Paneer Tikka with Kothamari Cream and Rajma Khoye Ki Seekh.  The Rajma based dish was pretty good with the sauces that were given.  Paneer Tikki can be improved a little as it was a little hard and chewy.  But I must add that the spices add on top of the Paneer, stuffing inside and the plating was perfect.

Non-Veg lovers can get to try Mutton Gilafi Seekh and Thai Style Basa Fish wrapped in Banana Leaf.  I heard my friends telling that the Fish wrapped in Banana Leaf was good but the Gilafi based dish needed to be marinated more.


The restaurant specialises in Thai & Chinese cuisines, the dishes that comes to one’s mind are Chopsuey and Thai Veg Curry.  I tried the Chinese Dragon Chopsuey Bowl and Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry with Basil Fried Rice.  Thai Curry tasted good as it was creamy and went along well with the rice.  This dish was liked by most of my friends and some even said that it was better than the Non-Veg dishes.

Couple of items recommended Non-Veg dishes in the mains include – Thai Red Chicken Curry with Basil Fried Rice and Chicken, Becon, Friend Egg, Caramelized Onion Burger.  The presentation of the Burger was just awesome, I felt like grabbing a bite of it.


Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta another speciality at Flow.  We tried the Tandoor Paneer Tikka, Peppers, Desi Jelapeno Pizza and it was simply awesome.  I loved the Mozzarella & Buffalo cheese on top of the pizza and the Tomato puree on top was great.  Many of my friends ended up getting another Pizza as it tasted awesome.

Flow’s Signature Double Chicken Double Cheese Pizza was the pick among the non-veg options.


Most of the food lovers are eager to have this course of the meal.  We tried the Lychee Stuffed Rasagulla that was very well presented and tasted brilliant.  The dessert had dollops of lychee inside it that tasted very good with the radbi.  It ended up complete one full portion of the dessert as it was irresistible.


Cocktails & Drinks

There are plenty of Cocktails curated by the Bartender that would be perfect for someone who doesn’t like to take straight alcohol or beer.

  • Scottish Mule – Whisky Vanilla, Lime, ginger ale
  • Kulukki – White rum, Mango, Basil seeds, Soda
  • Flowerful – White rum, coconut, pineapple juice, mint
  • Ging Fling – Vodka, Lime, Orgeat syrup, Ginger ale
  • Tiki Puka Puka – White rum, dark rum, orange, lime, grenadine

Among the ones mentioned above, I loved Kulukki and Flowerful as both had nice taste coming from Basil seeds & Pineapple.  It was hard to say if it was a cocktail, as the flavours of other items hid the taste of the alcohol.

Apart from the cocktails, the bar also has plenty of bottled beers options like – Kingfisher premium/ultra, Heineken, BIRA White/Blonde.


There plenty of options in this section and some of the top picks would be.

  • Flow colada – Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, coconut cream
  • Fruitloose – Litchi, mango, cranberry and cream

The taste of the mocktail was great and the flavours from the ingredients were coming up very well.

Overall Experience

I visited the place on a Saturday afternoon with my friends and had a great time.  Loved the interiors which have been done very thoughtfully.   Located on the 3rd floor of the building, its very airy as there no high-rise buildings.  Enjoyed the taste of most dishes, top picks would be the Tandoori Paneer Pizza and Lychee based dessert.  Presentation and plating of the dishes were very well done.  With some great cocktails & beer, this place would be great hang-out with friends or office colleagues post work.  My rating for my current experience would be 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at Flow, will come to anywhere between INR 1000-1500.


Eden Park7, 8 Doresani Palya, Near Kalyani Magnum, Opposite Oracle, 5th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore