Bengaluru First Veg Only Barbecue Restaurant


Barbecued, one of a kind Veg BBQ restaurant located in the Sadashivnagar area in Bangalore.  The name would let anyone assume to be part of BBQ Nation group.  But, its independent and part of another restaurant by name ‘The Orchard’.  There are 2 restaurants in the same building, one serving Al Carte’ food and the other on the terrace floor serving BBQ food.IMG_20180311_155627

The name of the restaurant will let anyone also assume that it Veg/Non-Veg restaurant but that is not the case. This is only a Veg restaurant serving Veg BBQs and dishes.

I came across this place during my search for new restaurant with good rating.  Let me share my experience during the visit.


Its easier to share direction from the Golf Course road that also has Le-Meridian.  When one drives across the Bellary Road from Raj Bhavan Road, Le Meridian comes to the right side and the Golf course to the lefti side.  Drive across the circle and head to the flyover that has Malleswaram to left & Vasanth Nagar (towards MCC) on the right.  Keep driving until you can see Cauvery theatre to the left.  Take the left at the junction and drive towards Sankey Tank.  As you drive along for 500mts, keep looking to the building on the left side.  Barbecued by The Orchard, can be seen to left side.

The restaurant has valet parking service which makes it very convenient for guests.


BBQ Nation started the idea of serving Veg and Non-Veg BBQs.  Later we have seen other brands come up like – Absolut BBQ, Holy Flames, Black Pearl, Grill House and others.  Few restaurants also serve the BBQs as part of their meals for starters.  But all the places I mentioned above serve Veg and Non-Veg BBQ items.  No one has thought of Veg-only BBQ restaurant.  But this restaurant is exceptional, and they have been very successful, looking at the response.


  • The interiors of the place have been very well setup.  To be able to serve BBQs, table has been carved out in middle to place small BBQ in the middle.  Each of the BBQ having food have hot coal and groves for placing the BBQ Skewers.
  • They have options various sitting options that can accommodate guests coming in a group of 2-8.  And it’s a Veg only place, guests need not worry about rearranging themselves to site in Veg/Non-Veg groups.
  • The walls have some beautiful cartoons having meals over a table.  Some of the cartoons have also been colored and it looks great.
  • Waiting section, for guests who come a little earlier or just walk-in.  Its better to make reservations as its generally full.  I had to wait for nearly 45mts – 1hr before being able to sit inside.
  • No A/C is present, which makes it a little warm. They do have wall-fans or rally-fans for air-circulations.
  • Every table has got the basic cutleries like fork, knife, spoon and BBQ fork (for removing food from skewer).
  • They also have TV in which they telecast live sporting event if one is underway.  It does eat into the privacy at time as guests end up look across other tables.  I would advise the hotel group to re-think of the keep TV at different location.  If not, it can be removed as it nuisance over meal-time being distracted.


This surely is the main reason why guests visit the place instead of having some lovely home food.  Every guest with sheet of paper, containing list of items to be served for the meal.

Welcome Drink

Bubble Gum Cooler was the drink served.  It seemed to taste like Nimbu water with some color infused.  But it was refreshing on a hot Sunday.


Veg Noodle Soup was little on the spicier side but did have Veggies & lots of noodles.  They did not give any accompaniments like wafer, papad which would have been good.


There were plenty of items that are served on BBQ and some directly on the plate.

The items served on the BBQ included – Rose Merry Corn on the cob, Green Herbs Paneer Tikka, Cocktail BBQ Pineapple, Creamy Broccoli and Thyme Baby Potato.  My favourite among all the items served were the mushroom and BBQ Pineapple which tasted good with spices.  Apart from this I liked the Paneer as it was soft and Broccoli as it was pretty well sautéed.

Other items that were served directly included – Peanut Kebab, Pani Puri, Dhingri Khaas and Potato Corn Tikki.  Among these I loved the Pani puri as the puri was crisply, masala inside puri was tasty and jeera-water combination was yummy.

All the items above mentioned are unlimited.  Usually we all take more of the starters and end up taking very little main-course.

Main Course

We usually think of curries, Indian breads and rice being served in main-course.  Most of the BBQ places, these items are kept in a buffet counter.  Instead, in this restaurant these items are served at our seats.

They serve a selection of 3 curries – Paneer Jalfrezi, Paityala Shahi Handi/Mix Veg Suzi and Daal Fry in individual bowls.  Along with this Veg Biryani, Jeera Rice and Plain Rice are also served.  Soon after the above-mentioned items are served, they ask for the Indian breads and serve them directly to the seat.  Apart from these items, they also serve Curd Rice separately.

I loved the gravy subzi along with the Indian breads.  Veg Biryani was not very great as it seemed very dry and the flavours of Biryani was not coming as much as I would have liked.  Mix Veg Raita and some salads were also served which made the meal complete.


These are not served to the seat, but guests need to pick it up from dessert-counter.  I think it would have been more convenient if they would have served that as well to the seat.

Items part of the dessert are Jamoon, Gajar Ka Halwa, Burfi(s), Smoothies (2 varieties) and Ice-creams.  I specially loved the Smoothies, Gajar Ka Halwa and Jamoon.  I did not like the Burfi(s) as much as they were hard.  Though none of the desserts seem to be fancy, the Indian desserts & few other items were decent.

Overall Experience

It was a pretty good dining experience at Barbecued.  I enjoyed most of the items – BBQ starters, subzi(s) and few desserts.  I would have wanted to see more variety in the BBQ and not serve the contemporary items always served in other BBQ places.  The restaurants can also think of unique dishes as the ones served have become common.  If they are to stick with the options mentioned above, then they can improve on the flavours to make it taste yummy.  They can plan to have some baby chairs and toys which are useful when kids are brought.  But the concept of serving Veg BBQs was simply awesome, and I would want to visit the place and check the consistency.  My rating for the restaurant would be 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Drinks – 3.75/5
Food for single plate of BBQ meal is INR 700 (serves single person with no sharing).  They don’t charge for kids below 5 years.