Black Pearl – Pirate theme restaurant @Koramnagala, Bangalore

Black Pearl is the only Pirate themed restaurant that I am aware of in Bangalore.  The reason I say that is coz right from the entrance, to the wall hanging, artifacts, decor, cutlery and finish is based on the world of Pirates.  The world of Pirates, is known to most of us from the popular movie – Pirates of Caribbean starring Johny Depp

I seem to correlate anything seen inside the restaurant to things shown in the movie.  The movie has been a phenomenal success and using the name for a restaurant sure does put an onus on the owners and Chefs to bring in some of the best food for people to also enjoy.  I was recently there as part of the 48th FBAB Meet and had a great experience which I did like to share.


This is the first thing that people take a note of in a restaurant before eating the food.  Being in the higher floors, they have done their bit in presentation.  Entrance has quite a few pictures of Pirates, not sure if they are real, but looks cool.

Then as you enter inside there are plenty of items like the ones seen in the movie.  There are plenty of skulls, caps, weapons, belts that a Pirate might use.

Most of them can be taken back as souvenirs by paying.  There is a huge pirate statue as you go further inside.  The chairs are quite unique and again maintaining the theme.

Even some of the cutlery and containers used for presenting food have the Pirate theme.  There is also a Captains deck with some navigators which makes you feel like you are in the actual Black Pearl that belongs to Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean movie.


It’s on the same road that has the Jyothi Nivas College in Koramangala.  It’s the road that has plenty of restaurants.  For reference, there is a CPK and Kritunga just below.  And, Boozy Griffin pub is situated below Black Pearl.  And yes, they also have a ‘Dawat-e-Pirates’ in the same building.


It is quite critical that the food served at the restaurant is good coz people come here with a lot of expectation.  I personally have seen this restaurant improve a lot from the past few years.  My initial experience was just above average but now I think the Chefs have got in together to bring in something good.  Let me share my experience of having the elaborate buffet.


Starters – They have plenty of options for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.  Among the Veg starters Bhuna Tarkari, BBQ Fruit Chat, Kastoori Paneer Tikka, Sandhya Aloo, Methi Corn Tikka, Jamaican Potato, Potato Cheese Roll, Crispy Corn are served to the guests on the tables.

My favourites among these are the Kastoori Paneer Tikka and Potato Cheese Roll.

Infact, the others are also quite good and I could not find any issue in any of the dishes.

Just that coz of the flavours inside the starters I mentioned I enjoyed it more.


There were few more starters like Mushroom and Tandoori Tomato.

Both were totally different yet tasted simply amazing.  I may not be getting the names right but the taste was simply superb.  The Tomato based starter was wrapped in silver foil and there were stuffing in it, it surely was the best I had for the day.


There were also 4-5 Non-Veg starters based on Chicken, Prawn, Fish and Muttonwhich was again loved by my friends.


A family size masala paapad was served which was quite huge and could serve to atleast 10-15 people.


Soups – There were 2 options including 1 Veg – Talumein Soup and Sea food chowder soup.  The veg soup was good to taste.
Main Course – Another segregation was very much necessary as they had plenty of options for Veg and Non-Veg.  Among the veg, they had Paneer Jahangiri, Kashmiri Kofta Curry, Sarson Ka Saag Makha Roti, Tawa Subzi Banjara, Dal Fry/Dal Makhani, Pulao, Steamed rice, Penne Fungi Mix sauce, Baked Veg, Chilli Garlic Noodels, Mix Veg in Teriyaki Sauce.  All the dishes were good but the first 2 including the Paneer Jahangiri and Kashmiri Kofta Curry were the best to be tasted along with butter roti.


Family Size Naan can be taken which can again serve nearly 5-10 people.  The size is quite huge; I sometimes wonder how the Chef make it.


Non-Veg lovers had around 5-6 dishes that were again based on Chicken, Prawn and Mutton.


Deserts – A section that is sure to make every love the place more. They have a spread of nearly 10-15 items.  My favourites among these were Sweet/Vanilla Lolly pop, Malai Chocolate, Paan Pudding, Pirate Chocolate, Pirate Flower, Rose Rasmalai and Saffron Phirni.

There were other deserts but then I think it is quite sufficient to have tried these.  If you want to try it all you need to visit the place atleast 3-4 times.


Drinks – I got to try some of the cocktails like – Mojito, Old Fashioned (Whisky based)and few other Vodka/Rum based cocktails.

Every drink tasted quite good I enjoyed it.

Overall Experience
It was a great experience having dinner at a place like this.  The restaurant has transformed itself, thanks to some great cooking by wonderful Chef team.  I am sure the flavours are going to make more people come to this place.  I recommend this place to all my friends coz of the quality of food and overall experience.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Price of Buffet varies depending on Weekday/Weekends, Veg/Non-Veg and Kids.
Lunch (Mon-Sat)
Veg – 499 + (Taxes & Charges)
Non-Veg – 599 + (Taxes & Charges)
Sunday Lunch
Veg – 549+ (Taxes & Charges)
 Non-Veg – 649 + (Taxes & Charges)
Dinner (Mon-Tue)
Veg – 549 + (Taxes & Charges)
Non-Veg – 649 + (Taxes & Charges)
Dinner (Wed-Sun)
Veg – 649+ (Taxes & Charges)
Non-Veg – 749 + (Taxes & Charges)
Kids (5-12 YEARS) – 299 + (Taxes & Charges)








With fellow Blogger/Foodies – Bibhuti, Sujay, Sayoni, Noor, Debashish, Lopamudra, Ipshita, Sumedha, Mohammed.