Bangalore Pantry – Indranagar, Bangalore

This is one of the new places that has come up to one of the famed and legendary Brewery in the Indranagar area.  The concept behind this place is to serve the customers with selection of snack and lunch items.  Along with some good food, we can also get some nice beverages to take it along with the main course.  The items that we get here might seem quite contemporary but it is quite essential to get the right mix so people can enjoy the flavours that are present in the dish being served.  I got an opportunity to visit this place on a festive day and I was pretty happy with the items I got to taste along with my other foodie friends.


The restaurant is a concept based on 2 brains who are professional in Sales and Software profession.  But their passion to food has resulted in the launch of this restaurant.  These people belong to different places in India and are aware of food from different part of country, due to their experience from their travels.


Apart from they wanted to give opportunity for budding artists to show-case their talent.  To enable the same, they have left both sides of the walls empty.  They plan to let the artists display and also sell the same to the interested customers.


The place sure is interesting to note from the name but then it is essential that people are able to reach it.  Let me share direction from the Domlur flyover.  Take the road that leads to the Old Madras Road.  Reach up to the signal at the CMH road junction.  Cross the signal and watch to the left side.  You will observe TOIT Brew pub to the left side.  Bangalore Pantry is situated in the next building on the first floor.  There is an iron staircase leading up to the dining place.


A very casual dining place where there are tables and simple chairs.  I hear that they are special chairs that have been sourced from North India.  The roof is also quite simple.  There is a counter to the top right corner with small shelves where there few items stored.  Also there are this big glass container which is usually found in the local tea shops with butter biscuits.  That gives a street food look to this place.
The most important reason for visiting this place is for the good food that you get.  Let me share my thoughts on the same.


Beetroot Cutlet + Cheese Balls
The cutlet was very well made and the moment you put it in month, the flavours of beetroot comes out very well.  It tasted quite good with the mint chutney that was served.


Cheese balls were also quite good.  It was not the contemporary one with loads of cheese but there was optimum amount in it.  I quite enjoyed it along with the same chutney that was served with cutlet.


Chilly Cheese Toast
Another start item which was very well made.  It is a dish that just melts into the mouth.  Infact, the first taste you can feel on taking a bite is that of the cheese.

And then the combination with chilly and bread adds more flavours.  Ideally you should take with a bit of sauce to get a little of sweetness into it.


Main Course
Paneer Burji + Paav
A dish which is quite commonly taken by people for the lunch.  But usually we would love taking this with roti.  Taking it along with paav bun make it a good choice for evening snack as well.  The taste of the burji was simply superb.  The paneer, tomato and onion pieces were blended quite well.  I enjoyed tasting the same.


Wheat Chapati + Aloo Masala Subji
A subji that is quite commonly made in North India.  Chapati is quite good taste as is, coz its made of wheat.  The Masala and the aloo was quite good. There was good garnishing on the curry which enhanced the flavour along with the wheat paratha.


Rajma + Chawal
This for sure is one of the best items to be taken for the lunch.  It is quite popular in North India.  It was served ½ and ½ with one portion being rice.  Rajma was a little spicy but the flavours were quite good.  I enjoyed the complete taste of the items and for sure it can be taken for lunch and late evening eat.



Kulfi with Salted Caramel
A desert which can be taken at any time of day.

The kulfi was pretty good and there were some dry-fruits added on top of it.  Salted caramel has its own effect along with the kulfi.

Plating was also pretty good.


Coffee + Cookie
This was the first thing I took soon after I reached there.

The coffee was pretty strong and I hear that it is sourced from Coorg.

Cookie is pretty good; I hope to see the consistency.


Lebu Chai
This is a drink that is quite famous in the Kolkata region.  It is basically the lemon tea that we all know but there are some special masalas and herbs added, which enhance the flavour.  I enjoyed the drink which was the last of the items I had.   It is a drink that can help in digestion after having a heavy meal.


There were other drinks like the Shikanji and Rose Shikanji which I could not try but looked quite good.
Overall Experience
It was great fun trying some wonderful snack and lunch items at the new outlet.  The taste of every item was pretty good, which shows the knowledge of the flavours by the owners and the Chef.  The drinks were also quite good which were good to be taken along with the food.
My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.  I am sure it will be liked by many.  My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 considering you would try 3-4 of the items along with a drink would cost anywhere between INR400-800.


With Naveen, Sudararshan & Navneeth along with owners Anirban & Roshu.