Karama – Arabic, Karachi & Punjabi Magic at Fazer Town, Banglaore

This is one of the restaurants in Bangalore that has a unique name.  And also the food prepared at this place are from different regions like – Arabic, Karachi & Punjab.  Quite obviously the moment you think about these, the first thought that comes to anyone’s mind is the variety of Kebab’s. I must say that the place sure did not disappoint one-bit coz the taste, flavours and preparations for most of the dishes were spot on.  The flavours would just cause mouth-watering effect that lets you crave for more food.  Apart from the food, the ambiance is also quite unique coz you get to also sit on the ground, have bedding or you can choose to sit on the table.  These are few special things about this place which are unique.   The most important and startling revelation came to me from the manager who told that it is part of the Empire Group of hotels.  Infact, after hearing that I started loving the place even more.  Let me share my experience.


Empire has established itself as a place where lots of people go and enjoy food.  Infact, it is more like the last resort place for getting the standard food with good quality.  I can’t count the number of times as its been plenty.  But then the group wanted to bring in a place which is a little classier.  A place which can have lots of families come over, a place where delicacies are served, a place that has wonderful ambiance.  And Empire seem to have thought of introducing this hotel in the heart of Frazer Town where their food would thrive.  Let me share more thoughts on the place.


It is important not to miss visiting this place as its quite unique.  If I need to share direction from the Hennur Junction on outer ring road.  Take the road that goes straight to the Lingarajapura flyover.  Soon after you cross that there is a railway underpass, take a right soon after that.  Then at the junction where the Mosque is seen to the right side, take the left.  Drive along for 200-300mts and Karama restaurant appears to the left.


This place for sure has some special arrange which is quite unique and wonderful.
  • Entrance has this huge board that tell about the region, from which the food is prepared.
  • There is wonderful glass covering make is sheik from the outside itself.
  • There is a small show-case where all the speciality dishes are on display.  It gives a feel on the variety of food Chef prepares at the outlet.
  • Private dining section in the comfort of a room, more apt for 5-10 people to sit.  People can just go in there, get the food to be served and it would feel as if you were having food at your home.
  • Small section on the walls where there are different coloured hukka stands kept.  But they don’t allow hukka smoking inside.
  • Another section to the right is the table with nearly 6-8 people sitting capacity that is low in height.  And there is this cosy feeling when you look into it.
  • First floor has more section where people can sit in the comfort of table and chair.
  • There is a separate section there as well, where in people on the ground and enjoy food.  Place for sure looks very clean.
  • Glass cut outs on the wall also adds more to the brightness and coolness to the place.


I think I can go on and on about the place, best experience would be to directly go there.
This is one of the main reason why anyone should be going to the restaurant.
Daal Shorba
A very well down shorba that had the richness of daal coming out.  There was a bit of garnishing the bowl was exquisite.  I enjoyed the Shorba very much.
Tomato Daniya Shorba
This is a shorba which is really good to be taken before meals.  The main reason is that there is some amount of sweetness, tanginess which somehow makes it a great appetizer.


Dahi Kebab
One of the wonderful starters which was made very well.  The preparation was so good that I could not resist just eating one but had to end up eating at least 3-4.


Vegetable Kebab
Another dish which is so nicely made that you would just go wow.  The presentation on the plate was so tempting and the food taste so good that it will get over no time the moment you take the first bite.


Paneer Tikka
A decently made Paneer tikka which was a little on the hard side.

The flavours along with the paneer was the reason why the overall starter came out to be pretty decent.


Arabian Spicy Potato
Another starter which was pretty interesting coz of the spices added on to the potato.  I quite enjoyed the flavours on to potato.
Main Course
Well, the starters for sure was heavy but then now it was time to try some of the curry’s and then make a complete meal.


Tawa Mushroom
I think this was one of the best curry that I have taken in a long time.  The flavours were quite exquisite and the spice level was quite optimum.  I every much enjoyed every bit of the subji along with the roti(s) that I had.  I went along with Naan, Kulcha and parantha.
The presentation also was quite good and enjoyed eating it.


Palak Malai Kofta
A dish which had palak and the well prepared kofta.  May be a bit on the sweeter side but that’s the way the kofta subji would be.  It was quite heavy but the flavours were very good.  I am sure a lot of effort has gone into make the dish.


Daal Makhani
This might be the simples of the dishes but then people need to get it right.  I feel that it seems to have come out quite good.  I enjoyed the creaminess and the taste.  This is a dish that easily goes along with kind of bread.


I need to have a separate section as I tried multiple varieties of roti.
Karachi Naan
This is a huge naan that seems to be famous from the region.  The preparation needs to be good or else in general naan before dry very quickly.  But in this case, the naan stayed pretty soft for a while.


Laccha Paratha
A well layered parantha which seemed to go along with all the main course subjis that I mentioned.


Another item which is on the lines of the Karachi Naan but its prepared a little differently.  The cooking seems to be quite good and the flavours came out quite well even when I consumed it by itself and without a curry.


Rice Items
There surely isn’t much for a Vegetarian to pick from.  But yes, we did get a few items like the Peas Pulao which was pretty good.  It tasted quite good with the Daal Makhani.


Apart from the Pulao, tasted some of the Veg Biryani which was specially made.  The taste was pretty okay but yes the masala was not up to the mark as you understand that the place focuses more for non-veg.  But still the taste with the raita was pretty good.


There are so many items that I tried, time had come for the desert which is again something that can’t be avoided.  Few deserts that I tasted included – Moong Halwa, Jelabi + Rabadi and Malpua + Rabdi.


My favourite easily among these was the Jeaalabi with Rabadi that tasted quite good.

Infact, the presentation of all the dishes were so good that it’s hard to resist but taste all of them.


This is something quite special which I need to mentioned coz there some really unique drinks here.
Carrot based mocktail
A drink that had carrot, hint of grape and other fruits.  The first drink that I had which had some great refreshing taste.


Mixed Dry Fruit Shake
A very heavy looking drink which has loads of nuts in it.  It is quite heavy and for sure hard to be consumed by 1 person.


Mixed Fruit Shake
A drink that was again made with mix of fruits.

We might call it the mix-fruit shake but there was something unique about it which made it taste better than what we get outside.


Overall Experience
It was an afternoon to remember with my fellow foodie and blogger friends. Being invited sometimes might seem like we are being served some good food.  But I think if a food is good, it would not matter if you come separate in a group or with a family.  Coz I sure did find few items that could improve.  But overall the taste was pretty good and I enjoyed the experience of eating food from Arabic, Karachi & Punjab regions.  My rating for this place would be 4.0/5 but surely it can go up the rating.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place would cost anywhere between INR750-1500.




With Foodies – Bibhuti, Naveen, Deepa Madraasi, Noor, Pratheek, Kanika & Ruhi