Grasshopper – A Mesmerizing Expereince @Bannergatta Road, Bangalore

The city of Bangalore has seen a steady increase in the number of restaurant since past decade.  And many of the restaurant and eateries have become so commercial that there are some standard things that we can expect out of them.  People are trying to focus on volumes rather than trying to give personal touch to be able to touch the hearts of the guests.  It is not just a case with the restaurant inside the star hotels but also with regards to the individual restaurants.  But I am glad to say that there is one restaurant in this city which is trying to only cater to selected customers.  A place that is more like a paradise for couple where we can forget that we are amid the city.  I am glad to have visited this place recently and had a wonderful time.  Let me share my experience.


A family based out of India, who were settled abroad, finally plan to move back to the country.  They choose to settle back in Bangalore. A land of couple of acres is purchased in 1980 at reasonable prices.  And then an Italian restaurant is opened nearly 2 generations ago.  The times when you would think the Bannergatta Road locality was more of a forest and the only landmark that we were all aware is the Bannergatta Zoo.  Well, inspite of all the odds, the family setup their restaurant.  With the love of friends and family, they have been able to make a mark in the minds of the people.
The next generation then decides to make suitable variations to make it more likeable by wider audience.  Then the cuisine changed from Italian to more of Mediterranean & Continent. 
It’s been nearly 2 decades since the legacy has been carried on.  But the name Grasshopper has got in more popular quite recently.


This is a place where you would only go with a reservation.   Well, you might think that it’s the case with most of the restaurant.  But there are reasons for me to say that.  Let me share more details on that.
The restaurant wants to be able to serve good food and for that serving to plenty of people who mean somewhere the quality gets to be comprised.  So, they want to only cater to 7-tables in each even day. I know that it might be surprised but that’s true.  And everyone that is lucky to be part of the evening and get a table, are in for a real heart-warming treat.


The 7 seats are not setup inside a building with posh interiors, but outside below natural surroundings.  This leads me to tell more about the property which not only contains the restaurant but also the owner stay in it.  It’s a huge 6-8-acre property with lush green surrounding.  You get a feeling like you are entering a forest region.
There are very few building in the area, coz there are houses, servant quarters, restaurant and the small boutique.
Boutique is quite special coz the generation of family the show at the restaurant as Fashion Designers by profession and have their own personal collection.  Their designs are available for gets to pick up from the boutique.
The individual tables are setup quite well to give it a Romantic Touch.  Each table has a nice small vase with fresh flowers in them.  Chairs are elegant looking and you feel quite comfortable sitting on them.  All the tables are setup at a fair distance but you are sitting amidst the nature.  Tables that are not setup below the roof, have granite tables which look quite cool.
The place is so romantic that I think it is a perfect proposal spot.  Coz the place is so exquisite that you heart will love the place soon after you go there and the partner will just feel more elated.  To add to the touch there is a small candle also on the table.
Well, I am in love with this place and feel that I can go on and on writing about the place.
I have described about the background and the ambiance, now it’s time to write about the food which is more like the icing on the cake.  Coz I feel that with the mesmerising location, food might be quite a secondary thing, coz couple may end up talking personally rather than enjoying the food.  But I must say the food here is quite excellent.  That is simply coz the restaurant make it a point to take the inputs from the customer before preparing the food. 
Let me go back to what I wrote earlier, regarding the need for reservation.  When you call to make a reservation, the restaurant manager will ask you the specific choice of food – Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian.  Then they go on to tell about the cuisine, the ingredients used, the flavours that can be expected, the spices and many other things.  They also specifically check if you have an allergy against any of the vegetables so they can avoid serving the same to you.  So, when you are going inside the restaurant, you are all set.  For example, before I visited, they asked me about my choice of food, if I was allergic to mushroom and many other details. 
Another thing I need to mention is that the meal is a fixed 7 course meal and there is no option to order Al-Carte.  Let me share more of experience on the food.
Focaccia Bread and Olive Oil
This is the first thing is served while the hot food is readied for the guests.  The bread is fresh and homemade, not sourced from anywhere else.  The bread goes along well with the Vinegar and Olive oil.


Asparagus with Crisp Sage and Parmesan
This for sure was one of the dishes that I have consumed at the start of a meal.  There is so much of thought and effort that has gone into making a dish so wonderful.  The asparagus tasted great along with the Parmesan cheese.
Crostini with Smoked Aubergine, Caramelized Onions and Walnut Pesto
A crostino that has the smoky flavour of Aubergine which is the Eggplant.  Then the layer with caramelized Onions is super tasty and with the walnut.  For a dish that will make you feel quite wanting for more. 

But then I it’s best to relish and then wait for the next coz there are plenty more wonderful dishes to follow.

Balsamic Beets with Feta and Sesame
Beetroots are usually used for making the curry in South.  But the way this has bene done i.e., cutting a small portion of beetroot and infusing the Feta and Sesame, will make anyone go crazy.  The taste is quite awesome.


Orange salad with Black Olives, Walnuts and Oregano
I felt that this one of the best Salad I have eaten in a long long time. 

The orange, lettuce, oregano and black olive gelled along quite welling with some wonderful dressing which I am sure is a secret.  It is quite freshening before going for a main course.

Main Course
Grilled Zucchini and Broccoli with Minted Pea Puree
This is aptly the main course which was again served in a way more than eating it, you may very much want to just admire it. 

The zucchini was just slightly heated and soft, Cheese and the Peas puree make the dish quite heavy for anyone to take it.  Infact, many might think this would be the end but there is more to come.

Assorted Buttered Herbed Mushrooms with Herbed Rice
A main course in which they some of the ingredient that seemed super fresh.  I guess that might be an exaggeration but I sure feel that it was fresh.  Seems like the restaurant want to serve any customer the best of the best vegetables to the customers.   Flavours for sure quite good. 
The main course dishes might seem to lack a little bit of spice level but still the flavours of the ingredients are too good.  I would just ask you to relish the food.  Next is the time for some wonderful deserts.


There are 4 options for guests to pick up from which includes –
  • Chocolate Ganache with Mustard Ice Cream
  • Orange Pannacotta with Pomegranate Reduction
  • Lemongrass Ice Cream
  • Jaggery Ice Cream with Crunchy Sesame
We requested the folks to serve a portion of all of them coz I wanted to taste all of them.  But personally, I loved the Chocolate Ganache with Mustard Ice-cream coz it had the unique flavour of mustard tasting quite good with chocolate. 
Next favourite was the Pannacotta and Jaggery Ice cream.  For sure a lot of research seems to have gone in coming with the deserts.  Finally event the Lemongrass ice-cream is also good coz it is quite refreshing.
Overall Experience
After a long time, I feel that I had the best experience of having food at a restaurant.  I hope the place stay intact in terms of the ambiance.  Special compliments to the Chef who curated the menu and the family who are running this restaurant, who I feel that I doing a great service to people by letting us experience great food in their own backyard.  The service is impeccable and for sure instead of visiting a huge five-star property to celebrate occasion, Grasshopper should be the better option. 
I need to make a special mention of the person running the restaurant, who takes personal care of speaking to individual guests whenever she is around. It gives so much more a personal touch with the owner talks to the guests.
My current rating for this place is 4.5/5. Infact, I am tempted to give it a higher rating.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
To give more details on the pricing and the reservation see details below.
Pricing – INR 5700 (including taxes)
Timing – MonFriday (only Dinner), Saturday & Sunday (Lunch & Dinner)


With Sonali (Owner) & Naveen (Food Blogger).