Alembic – An event at Urban Forest, Bangalore

Alembic Group is one of the legendary company that has been around for nearly a century.  They have business in various fields like – Engineering, Chemicals, Glassware, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and now into Real Estate.  The Real Estate business is called the ‘Alembic Real Estate’ and they’re making their presence felt in Bangalore with their Venture called ‘Urban Forest’.  The name is quite unique and for sure can puzzle anybody because it has the ingredients of both modern living and nature.  Their wonderful mix is for sure one of its kind in Bangalore.  I was happy to be part of one the events held at their property.  Let me share more experience about the event and share some insight about the company.
Alembic Group as I mentioned is quite well established and their leadership possess rich experience.  They have developed nearly 10 million sq. ft. of land and more than 2 million sq. ft. of build-up space in Gujarat and Karnataka.  These are quite astounding numbers.  To add to this, since a decade they have been developing Integrated Residential Townships, Schools, Industrial Plants, Commercial offices and hospitals.  The group is in the minds of the people.
Bangalore has become one of the hottest Cosmopolitan Cities with multiple new companies, investments, start-ups, eateries coming up.  This has been made possible due to a lot of people immigrating from various states and making Bangalore their home.  The biggest concern in minds of Bangaloreans is that loss of green-cover due to felling of trees.  There are a few places where the greenery has been preserved like – Lalbagh, Cubbon Park and few others.  Alembic has made a conscious effort to let people enjoy nature and not just stick.


It was quite critical to be able to choose the right location for the apartments to come up.  The reason for that are quite is people get tired of the large IT parks, unending traffic and many others.  The site chosen for this project is in the outskirts of Bangalore @ Whitefield.
If you start from the KR Puram Junction heading towards Whitefield, drive across Phoenix Market City, Decathlon, Metropolis, Zuri, Shantiniketan.  Further ahead, you cross the ITPL and then the Hope Farm junction comes where you will need to take left.  As you drive along for some distance, the Alembic Group property appears to the right side.


To be able to promote the idea of living in a greenery, it would not suffice by just having gardens.  They brought in the idea of having a Forest which would truly signify greenery.  Alembic Group wanted to create an event at the site to promote and let people enjoy the forest like atmosphere.

They let a group by name ‘Gathr’ host an event around the nature.  With the green-surrounding & open space available, a good set of recreational events were set up.  Let me share some of the experiences.


Edible Gardening Workshop
This is the first event where many folks were involved in is tree/plantation.  There was an expert in the group who told people on how to prepare pot before planting it.  Typically, ingredients used includes the red mud, manure, cut pieces of pots for keeping water poured at check and finally the method of plan it.  He also showed us about the various plants that were planted in past few months.


Kite Flying
The location had green-cover across and empty ground in between.  There were couple of enthusiastic people who tried their hand.

But was good fun trying to fly kite especially after it has soared heights.


Board Games
There are many lost Indian games that were played indoor (Kavade, Chowka Bara, Ali Guli Mane, Pagade) and outdoor (Kunte Bille).  They had set up a section for people to play some of the games while being in the amidst nature.
Rope Course & Tree Walk
These are 2 events setups especially for kids to enjoy.  The Zip liner is a sport where in kids are held by harness and we move across from one tree to another.  Quite exciting and fun.


Tree Walk was also interesting where in kids would walk on a Rope Bridge between 1 tree to another.  It needs some amount of balance because the walk could be quite shaky.


Food / Bhukkad
The food for the event was from a group that encourages healthy eating.  There were many items that were available for guests to relish.
There was a special salad section with multiple veggies including lettuce present.  Once you ask for a plate, they mix vegetables with some dressing and give it.  It was quite tasty.
Nachos with cheese and salsa sauce was also present for us to enjoy.
Main course there were some Grills and Beans with rice.  The grills were being done live and people were waiting for their turn to get the portion of Veg/Non-Veg grill.
Some of the deserts that were there including – Wheat based Cookies, Wheat based muffins and Chocolate based cookies.
There was also Basil and Lemon Juice, Pineapple and Watermelon juices.  Being a bit of warm day, people just relished drinking it.
Tender Coconut was also present to quench the thirst and feel refreshed.
Seating Arrangements
There were special chairs and sofas of wood/cane.  The furniture seemed to be quite old.  If you got bored of sitting, there were Hammocks & also carpets to sit on floor.


This is one of the unique bands that promote cleaning the environment through music. The main vision of project ‘Thaalavattam’ (A percussion based project) is to create music using innovative instruments made from waste plastic and metal (reduce, reuse and recycle). They aim at cleaning up the plastic waste.  The group conducts rhythm rush (A drum circle event) through which they encourage people to recycle and reuse waste materials.
This is a percussion-based project by Montry Manuel, which uses instruments created from waste plastic and metal with the aim to inspire people to think creatively about waste. His instruments are mainly created from reused paint cans, soda cans, PVC pipes etc. mimicking the street drummers. The basic ideology is that everyone can be a part of the circle.
The group is so inspiring that it is part to have a few words.  Coz they conducted a wonderful performance in the evening that enthralled the crowd and left many surprised.  Yet most of us appreciated the effort and the music created out of these.


About Gathr
All the activities mentioned above were setup by Gathr, a group based in Bangalore.  They boast of being able to teleport to a world of Silent Parties, Mish-Mashed Chamber Concerts, Conversation Salons, Story Hunts, Making & Baking Sessions, Unexpected Hackathons and many more things.  It has been setup 8 months back by set of enthusiastic people trying to bring back fun into people life by doing something unique.


Overall Experience
It was a great time spend from noon until early part of evening at a venue that was little known to me.  And now, I feel that it is a place which I should visit more often because it has the calm surrounding of nature.  Ideally, buying a property here would mean that forever you will be blessed with good view, clean air and peaceful surrounding.
I only hope for many more such events at the Alembic Real Estate property to let people enjoy the wonders of nature.
Date– Sunday, 26th Feb, 2017. (You’ll have to spend about 3 hours there)
Venue – Alembic Real Estate, Alembic Glass Colony, Near Hope Farm Junction Whitefield, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066