Signature Club Resort : Brigade Orchards, Devahallai – Bangalore

The idea of going out of the hush-bush of the city is always a welcome thought for any city-dwellers.  What better place to go than a resort which usually has greenery around it, recreational facilities and most important good food.  These are places where even someone like me would love to take time-off.  Keeping these kind of thoughts in mind, Brigade – the premium Household property builder has come up with ‘Signature Club Resort’ which is situated in their premium project located in Devanahalli area of Bangalore.  They made sure that it has got the ambiance and looks that would have anyone desire to make a visit.  It sure has taken tremendous planning to come up with such a massive property.  I got this opportunity to visit the place along with couple of my Blogger friends during a weekend and I just loved the entire experience.  Let me share more of my thoughts.
I want to specially share info regarding the location coz it is a place that is not exactly on the main road and also at times the maps might confuse.


To start let me pick up the starting point as Hebbal Flyover.  Take the road that heads to the Bangalore International Airport.  Cross the section where you would get a ramp to the left that take us to the airport.  Instead continue along on NH7 toward Hyderabad.

Cross the toll and head towards Chikbellapur.  While driving along for 5-10kms, you will find a Y junction, take right there which leads to the Devanahalli town.  As you drive along for another 0.5-1kms you get a signal where you need to take right.  Drive along for another 3-4kms which leads to the ‘Brigade Orchards’.


Take the right at the Massive entrance of Brigade Orchards.  It happens to be one of Brigade’s biggest housing project with nearly 4k houses.  Drive along inside for another 1-2kms and on the way you will find the circle.  Taking right leads to the club on the right side.
More thought on the what I got to see in the next section.


This is a section where I want to share info about all the facilities that we get to enjoy when you enter the ‘Signature Club Resort’.  It’s not going to be easy to express in words but I will attempt on doing the same.


The entrance is quite good and pretty massive.  There is a nice entrance which has the resort name written in English and Kannada.  Flags waving that welcome us into the resort.
  • Good amount of parking in front where you can keep your vehicles.
  • There is a nice water way made in the entrance which enhances the front look of the place.
  • Reception area is to the right side soon after you entrance.  It is quite nicely kept and pretty good.
  • To the left side you will find a lot of well-designed and cleanly setup sofas.
  • Need to add that there is a special water container in the entrance with flower which adds to the looks at the entrance.
The resort has got a lot of options including – recreational, restaurant and rooms.
  • The roofing in the main are has the thatch roof which gives very legendary look.
  • Area to the left and right as you enter, has courtyard kind of effect where people can roam around, relax while moving around the resort.
  • There is wonderful international standard swimming pool for 25mts.  Plenty of seats for people to sit.  There are also slanting wooden stand usually used by people doing sun-bathing.
  • The water inside the pool is quite well maintained and very clean.  It makes you feeling like going for a swim.
  • Lawn in and around the resort soothes our eyes.
  • There are also 2 small halls which can be used by people to conduct meeting, have a speaker share ideas or also a launch party.
  • In the backdrop of the lawn is the Brigade Orchards apartments.

    And yes, we can also see other recreations facilities as well.  It is a perfect place for hanging out with a camp-fire in the evening.  Or may be a place for doing team-building activities.


Plenty of things are available to keep every kind of guest engaged.


  • Badminton Courts – After PV Sindhu’s Silver Medal winning performance in Olympics for Badminton, everyone in India loves the sport now.  The resort has 2 wonderful badminton courts which are well maintained.  They also provide rackets to play and for sure its fun.
  • Squash – This is another tiring game which can keep us fit.  There are 2 courts which can help anyone de-stress.


  • Table Tennis – Another sports loved by many corporates and there are 3 of the courts here.


  • Tennis – There are 2 synthetic courts which are the best place to relax and enjoy a game.  There are nice stands where people can sit and watch.  Also the court is pretty clean.
  • Swimming – I did mention about the same in my section but yes this is a great place to take a dip in water and swim for relaxing mind.
There is also an in-house fitness coach/gym instructor which help when you item to play.
This is something I need to share specific info coz it’s the place where you finally you end up being in after enjoying the facilities around.
  • There are King size beds in most of the room which is quite cleanly setup which make you feel like hitting the bed immediately for a nap.
  • Nice chairs which lets you relax and may be send some email across to people.
  • WIFI is a very facility that the resort gives which is quite useful these days.
  • TV with Dish-TV connection show-casing all the relevant channels are always great to have in a resort.
  • There is a small balcony section with some cane chairs and table with glass on top.

    The view leads to the swimming pool which made it a wonderful view.

  • Bathrooms are quite cleanly setup and the designs are pretty good.
  • The rooms are a place once you get in, you may not feel like getting out.
I did mention early in review that the most important reasons for coming to this place would be the food as well.  They have some wonderful Chef who make some wonderful dishes.  There are 2 restaurants in the resort which I tried, 1 of them is a coffee shop/bakery area.
This is the restaurant location in the 1st level which has great view of the apartments and the greenery.

Chairs inside are arranged well and so it the table.

Food served here is quite exquisite and I surely loved every bit of the food I tasted here.


I should also mention that the presentation food also awesome.

Especially the Paneer Tikka hanging by hook was quite good.

The chocolate milkshake was also presented quite well.

I got to try some of the Cheese rolls, Paneer Tikka, Mushroom garlic bread, salads, wonderful curry’s along with roti, cutlets and few more things.





Courtyard Café
A small coffee shop where there are some wonderful designer cakes made by Chef on display.


This a place where snacks are serving in the evening.

I got a chance to try some of the onion pakoda.


And on the day I was at the resort, Chef ended up making some wonderful Olympic themed cake in front of us which tasted quite yummy.


At this café, we tried some Onion Pakoda, Potato Bajji, French fries and cake.





To top it all, I got some good coffee to feel more relaxed.
Overall Experience
It was one of the wonderful experience I have had in recent time.  I am hoping that this a place where I would visit more often and share more of my thoughts.  I loved the resort completely.  The resort also has Club which means that some of the parties can happen here.  The hospitality of the staff is quite good which make you feel so much at home.  I loved every recreational facility and I had my hands wet on all the facilities.  It is a place which can be visited with friends and family.


With my current experience, I would rate this place at nearly 4.0/5.  The reasons for that is quite simply coz of the points I mentioned above.  If I have to rate on top other departments, I would rate as follows.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
This is one of the best weekend get-away places that I have come across in recent times.  It’s got everything you need from resort and also it has the brand name that people crave for.  I am waiting to make a visit to the place real soon.






 With Naveen, Dushyant, Arijit, Nandini, Rohit and other Signature Club management.