Raasta Cafe @Mysore Road

Highways are usually known to have restaurants that serve the contemporary Vegetarian food in Darshinis & South Indian restaurants.  Apart from that ‘Dhabas’ are also quite famous that serve the North Indian food.  Well, the variety just does not end here, there are the Café’s and burger places also that have started coming up.  I think it’s coz of the choices of food that people want when they are travelling event for a short distance for 2-3 hrs.  ‘Raasta Café’ for sure is on such place which is quite different from other places.  Let me share my thoughts on the same.


If you are on the Mysore Road from the Market side or may be heading to Mysore Road on the Outer Ring Road / BSK area, drive across outskirts of Bangalore.  Head towards Mysore and drive for nearly 40-50kms.  As you keep driving along for reference there would be plenty of shops serving traditional South Indian food.  There is also the CCD which is ever so popular.  Raata Café is one place that can’t be missed as it comes to the right side.  You need take U turn and then left to end the place.


A property that is spread across 3 across that has plenty of space. Some of the highlights of the place in terms of its ambiance includes.


  • Open spaces for people to sit and relax.  Places would have lawns and sit out tables for hanging out.
  • Ample parking spot for people to keep the cars and not worry about getting crowded.
  • Games section which I have not seen but yes a place to unwind after coming along with friends.
  • Pool table in the main food serving section which is fun to use when you are with friends.
  • Huge dining area which is covered by Thatch on top.  It is quite spacious and relaxing for everyone coming.
  • There are couple of section outside where people can sit amid the greenery.
  • Huge flat screen where there would be some or the other sports channel being telecasted.
  • If I am not wrong, I could also see a boutique in the same campus.
  • A waiting section in the front where people would need to make entry to go inside the café in case of crowd.  And this is quite common about Raasta Café.


This I feel surely is one of the reason why people do come to this place apart from the ambiance.  Let me share some thoughts on the taste of variety of food items that I took.


Nachos + Chilly Cheese
This was a Nachos that had cheese and also chilly cheese ketchup on top of it.  Though the place has Mayo and Ketchup on the table.  I could feel that it was spicy.
Cheese sure did try enhancing the flavours.  The nachos somehow did not taste all that great.


Veg Sizzler
This is what I saw in the ‘Raasta Café – Chef Special’ section.  I had a lot of expectation on the rice.  But it was a completely downer when I saw it.  It had a large chunk of rice which seemed to be more like the tomato rice.
There were veggies that were well sautéed.  I could not see any patty which is usually the case with the sizzlers.  Another surprise was that that the smoke that usually comes out of the hot tawa and veggies, just fumed off.  In hardly 30s, the smoke just stopped which was again shocking.
Sizzler also had the veg masala on top.  It tasted a little like paav bhaji masala but it was also a little on the spicy side.
I could not eat more than 40-50% of the food as I was not enjoying the flavours.


Raasta Cheese Toasties
Another dish comes and in this was the 4 slices of bread, each cut into half diagonally. There was plenty of cheese added and to balance out & create more spice, green chillies were sprinkled in plenty.  The taste for sure was quite different.  There was also some salsa sauce in the side.
I heard the person taking ordering asking me to take it.  But when I got it, I felt it could have been better.


Blueberry Smoothie
This was pretty decent smoothie which for sure did not taste good like usual.  It was a little liquid and not as thick as it usually would have been.  But the taste was surely pretty decent.


Rasta Mochaccino
Judicious blend of coffee, chocolate and ice cream
A drink that might sound to the most commonly ordered.  But then it is quite necessary to pull it off quite well.  And for sure Raasta Café does a great job with that.

The taste was quite amazing and I did not feel like wasting a little bit.  It had the taste of coffee and chocolate which in itself is a good combination.


Overall Experience
I went to Raasta Café with some expectation but there was also tiredness after wading through traffic and driving a distance to reach the café.  The food for pretty average and it is hard for me to rate it very highly.  They made up for it by bringing some really wonderful milkshake and smoothie.  Ambiance for sure is cool and happening.
I heard that the place is open way past midnight until 4.30am and then they close and open it up quite early @8.30-9.30am I think.
My rating for this place is around 3.5/5 which for sure is due to the food.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
VFM – 3.5/5
Food for 2 at this place will be nearly INR 1100 which I think is a little high considering, there are more places to eat on Mysore road