ECHOES Cafe – Unique Offering


Echoes is one of those cafes that has come up in the busy Koramangala eatery area.  The area has become synonymous to EAT STREET and most of the restaurant are situated around JNC and its parallel roads.  There are restaurants and pubs that is pocket friendly to the ones that are quite expensive as well.  Echoes is one of the relatively pocket friends places which is the best for hanging out with friends.IMG_20170608_211443

Concept & Ambiance
The restaurant is themed around people who are deaf and dumb.  So, the only language that they know is the sign language or via visuals.  Entrance has the list of various sign actions that the dumb use to communicate.  It would be a nice if we can learn so we can easily communicate without making noise.

Interiors are quite different compared to other cafes.  They have a tree kind of structure made with wood which looks cool.  Then I could see that every table has a number and there is a switch hanging by the seat.  There is also a menu card that had few things written in bold like – SPOON, FORK, BILL, GOOD JOB, CALL MANAGER and few others.  If you need something, you need to click the switch and there is a light against the seat that gets illuminated on the walls.  Immediately you can see the waiter coming up to you, who would then read what you would be holding and act accordingly.  This for sure is a cool concept.

There is a similar restaurant that is established in New Delhi which has been doing good since a year.  This outlet in Bangalore is quite young but already the crowd is catching up.  The wait period is atleast 20-30 minutes.

The place doesn’t haven’t valet parking which could be an issue as it located on a busy road.

The food is the most important reason for restaurant & cafes to get repeat business.  Let me thoughts on the food & drinks.

Starters – There are plenty of items that can be picked up.  But most commonly taken dishes are Paneer Tikka and Momos.

Paneer Tikka could have been a little bit softer.  But, the spices around the tikka was quite good and the tikka had good taste.

Momos came in 2 variants and they were served with mint chutney. The taste was pretty good.

Main Course – This being a café, people want to eat some Modern Indian food and European, like in Italy.

Veg Pizza that I had, had quite a few toppings of Mushroom, Capsicum, Black Olives, Corn & Onion.  Their speciality is that they put Nachos on top of the cheese & other toppings.  Initially when the Nachos is crispy, it goes along well with the pizza, otherwise when it become soggy after awhile, it doesn’t taste really good.

Veg Thali – This is a special kind of meal that is usually sent by family to office.  They serve 2 subji(s)– Paneer Butter Masala & Mix Veg Curry and raita.  Tandoori Roti and Pulao are served along with the 3-carrier meal.  Paneer butter masala was quite tasty along with the Tandoori Roti.

Veg Biryani – This for sure is the best dish at the restaurant.  It was presented quite uniquely, there was biryani in a handi and a piece of charcoal was kept on top.  The taste and spice level seemed to be just perfect.  My special recommendation is that anyone visiting the restaurant should try the biryani.

I think a special mention needs to be done about the mocktails.  They do have quite a few varieties but the ones that I had were – Black Forest Milkshake and Red Velvet Cake Milkshake.

Black Forest Milkshake had good amount of black forest which gives the good chocolate flavour.  The drink itself was irresistible.

Red Velvet Milkshake also was quite tasty due to presence of Red Velvet cake.

It was hard to pick the best among the 2 coz both had wonderful taste.  I loved the first one coz of the presence of chocolate flavour.

Overall Experience
It was a great experience being inside a café which has this unique concept.  The owners are doing a great job by creating employment opportunity for Deaf & Dumb.  Interiors are also quite unique compared to many other cafes.  Food at this café is pretty good and 2-3 of the mocktails were really awesome.  I think this is a café which is here to stay for long if they can keep up the taste.  I rate my experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.

Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5

Food for 2 at this place would cost anywhere between INR 500-800.