Delhi Highway – Authentic North Indian and Delhi Cusine @ Indranagar, Bangalore

The search for vegetarian food can sometimes could be quite challenging.  And then you sometimes wonder if there would be something interesting in a given area.  Then you also start to wonder if they would be combination of Veg and Non-Veg or purely Veg.  Later, you start to wonder how would the ambiance of the place be and the of course the pricing.  Well, this is exactly what I had thought in my mind before coming across Delhi Highway.  I think all the question I had in my mind seem to have been answered this restaurant which is located in the heart of Indranagar.  An area which is quite popular for pubs, cafes and restaurants.  I got an opportunity to taste the food that is served at the restaurant and must say that I was quite amazed with the quality.  And there surely was no doubt about the variety as well.  Let me share my experience.


The name might suggest that it is a dhaba kind of restaurant.  But then when you look at the entrance and the interiors, you will be simply amazed.
  • Entrance is a huge place which resembles the entrance of a palace.  It might be hard to believe, it actually is.
  • The seats inside give a feeling like you are sitting in some historic palace with those wonderful chairs.
  • There is an antique sofa and chair at the entrance which looks cool.  Infact, everyone would like take a picture or selfie sitting on it.
  • Chandelier can see at the entrance hallway.  And there is some wonderful artwork around the same.
  • The seats are well spread out and it lets you relax and move around.
  • Seats on the first floor look all the more special and give a feeling like you are getting inside ‘Deewane Khaas’ (English – Entry for special guests).
I surely can’t share more info in words.  But yes, the place surely is special.
Let me start to give directions from Domlur flyover heading towards the Old Airport Road.  Drive along until you find the Sony Signal.  That would be the cross-over for 12th main on Indranagar.  Take left turn there and drive along.  Delhi Highway appears to the right side.  There is no chance to the miss the place as it has got a grand entrance.
The place is known very much for the buffet option which has plenty of items that are served.  Let me share my experience on the food I had along with my other foodie friends.  There are quite a few items that I tried and its rightful for me to actually list them out and share my thoughts on the same.
Tomato Dhaniya Shorba
IT surely is one of the best soup that I have had in a long and it tasted yummy.  The presentation was also quite wonderful and I very much enjoyed it.
There were 2 chats that were served which included – Dahi Paapdi Chaat and Gol Gappe.
Gol Gappe was served in the cutest manner possible where in the puri was loaded with stuffing.  And the puri was kept on a small glass that had pani.  The idea was to pour the pani into the puri with stuffing and eat them off.
Dahi Paapdi Chaat was another starter that was served quite well. There were cut vegetable pieces on top of the chaat, also methi chutney and curds were added.  Taste of the chaat was quite good.  The best part was also that it is served in smaller portion which lets you enjoy the dish and may be ask for additional if needed.


Masala Paapad
A special papad that had rolled masala papad and stuffing inside it.  It was well place inside a small glass to be able to pick up and eat.


There are plenty of starter options here.


Pesto Paneer Tikka – I must say that it was super yummy and for sure the combination of Paneer and pesto did wonders.  I think it surely is one of the best tikka I have eaten in a while.
Veg Sheek Kebab – Another wonderful dish which surely can’t be explained in words.  It was presented in such a lovely manner that you would immediately want to gulp 1-2 of them.  It is must try at this place.
Lahori Kebab – A dish that surely reminds you for the kebab that you get in Punjab region.

An item that seems to have been prepared by someone who is seasoned.


Navram Dil Kebab– Starter that for sure makes your happy when you take it.
There were a few more starters that we tried at the place which were good in terms of presentation and taste.


Main Course
There are plenty of options that again served in a thali.  But you can always ask for more portions of the dishes that are there.
Some of the items that are served as thali includes – Paneer Lababdaar, Dal Delhi Highway, Diwani Handi, Bhindi Masala and Jeera Aloo Masala.  Each and every dish had great taste which would just transport you to different world.
I enjoyed the flavour of each and every dish along with the breads.  They served the Tandoori Roti/Naan which were quite soft and tasted good without the curries.
Rice – Hyderabadi Biryani was served which I thought was the weakest link. The masala was pretty good but yes it could have been better.


Jelabi & Rabadi – This is a sweet that is known to one and all.  Rabdi is something that is made of milk extracts.  The taste was simply awesome. To add to the flavours, saffron is also added on top of it.


There were other options as well which included – Kesariya Kheer and Moongdal Halwa.
Delhi Special Lassi – A well-made Lassi can easily sooth you and make you feel a lot relaxed.  It can act as a good lubricant while eating food as well.  The taste was pretty decent, maybe it did not have much of the churn.  But the idea of serving on ‘Khullad’ was pretty good.
Overall Experience
I very much enjoyed having food at this restaurant and felt happy that after a long time there is Vegetarian North Indian restaurant.  It surely will be liked by many folks in the locality and I would recommend this place to one & all.  The ambiance is something that will be liked and service for sure is pretty good.  I hope the same consistency is maintained during my future visits.  M current rating for this place is 4.0/5. But it surely is very close to be rated higher.

My rating in other departments.

Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 considering will come up to anywhere between INR 1000-1500 which is quite effective price wise for the experience.