Food-E @Koramangla – Bangalore

There are plenty of new restaurant that come up in the Bangalore city.  And among these there are very few that survive coz of various reasons.  But then there are some that start with an idea of serve good food and stay in business for years together.  One such place I recently visited is the Food-E @ Koramangala.  It might have been around for a while but somehow due to various reasons I have not been able to visit this place.  I got an opportunity to visit it recently.  It’s a restaurant that serves Continental and North Indian food.  They are also open nearly throughout the day from 12pm until 11pm.  It’s wonderful to see a restaurant catering to customers through.  Let me share my experience on my visit during one of the weekend during afternoon.


A very casual dining place where you can feel relaxed along with friends and relatives.  There are few things that is refreshing about this place.


  • The furniture used have covers that are of greyish black and orange which are quite soothing to eyes.
  • Table tops have light brown colours which again feels like a regular home.
  • There are pictures of the food items that are famous at this place.  That actually helps in picking up the food that we want and order it.
  • Cute little posters are put up across the restaurant.
  • Special board which can be used by people to capture anything that come across their mind.  And rightfully the restaurant folks have mentioned that ideas will help them do better.
  • Seating mostly is inside but they also have couple of seats outside (bean-bag), where customer can sit.




The ambiance for sure is quite unique and interesting at this outlet.


If you start from Sony World Junction heading from National Games Village, keep driving across Sapphire toys to the left side.  Few 100 mtrs drive and Food-E restaurant appears to the left side.  It comes just before the signal.
The most important reason for visiting this place for sure has to be the food.  Some of the items that I tried and my thoughts on the same.


Corn Bhel Nachos
An interesting fusion of Nachos that has corn inside it and also masala that we usually would put in Bhel.  It sure has the look that would easily tempt anyone.  The taste of the dish was pretty good due to the mix of items that were added.

There some tomato pieces, plenty of corn, coriander, onion and little bit of the sweet masala.  It was presented in a nice bowl.


Rice Bowl
Chilli Gobi Rice Bowl
A dish that had cauliflower cooked in spicy oriental tang.  It was served along with raita.  The taste was pretty good as they had used basmati rice.  Presentation also was pretty good and the taste come out to be quite good.


Palak Paneer Rice Bowl
Palak Paneer happens to be one of my favourite dishes and that been added to rice.  The overall mix seemed to have come out quite good.  I enjoyed eating the same.


Crispy Corn
Crispy buttered corn with coriander and tangy sauce.  The presentation of the dish was quite good and taste was pretty good.  The idea of adding some masala along with the corn enhanced the flavours.


There were plenty of drink options which are really good at this place.
Paan Shot – Vanilla milkshake too which Meetha paan was added. The taste of paan was quite obvious felt and it was pretty good and refreshing.



Chocolate smoothie – A refreshing drink that was presented quite good. It was so tempting that you would want to let go of anything you are eating and jump on this.  Drink was presented well with good amount of decoration around the glass.


Cranberry Mojito – A mocktail that has been presented so well and you felt like taking soon after it was kept.  The taste was pretty good and enjoyed the drink.


Litchi Mojito – A drink that had good amount of Litchi and the overall flavour came out to be decent.  I liked it, would not say I loved it that much though.



Overall Experience
A great place to dine out as I mentioned earlier.  The ambiance, food and its presentation are quite tempting and you would want to try out the dishes.  Also the idea of all-day dining is pretty good.   I would love to visit this place more often with friends and family.
My rating is 4.0/5.  And my rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
Food for 2 at this place for lunch would be around INR 500-800.