Farzi Cafe – Farzified Experience @ UB-City, Bangalore

This is one of the most happenings party places present in multiple cities across the country.  Its great to see the owner looking to setup the next location to be Bangalore.  I think the reason for setting up here is quite simply coz the city is full of party-goers who love to spend their available free to party and meet different people.  Party scene in Bangalore used to be limited to few place but bringing in Farzi gives a whole new dimension.  Coz it’s not just about the drinks, it’s also about the way the food served with surely is interesting in Farzi Café.
Let me share my thoughts from my visits to the place on the day of its launch.


The place was completely filled with people on the day of its launch.  Though the crowd was there, it is easy to make out the few distinguishing features of this place which people just love.
  • A relaxed sitting section where people would just relax with friends and chit-chat while the food ordered is delivered.
  • Cool looking bar-counter where there would be only people looking order a drink or two.  Infact, there would also be people who are standing away from counter and chatting away.
  • Good open space for people to walk around and relax while waiting for drink or even having a drink or waiting for friend to join.
  • There is open section to the left side where people can hang-out.


The looks of the place are quite good.  It is casual and sophisticated at the same time.  This aspect gets reflected by the varied crowd that comes to visit the place.



It is quite easy to share the location to this place.  I think most of us would be aware of UB City.  It is the same mall that comes to the left as you come from Cubbon Park to Vittal Mallya Road.
Inside the UB City, Farzi Café is located on the 2ndfloor to the left side.


The concept behind this place clearly indicate the idea of transforming the existing Indian dishes and present in a different manner.  Manner in which it become more likeable by one and all.  Let me share info regarding some of the items that I tasted.


Gupta Burger
One of the Delhi Favourite which comes under ‘Farzi Burgers and Buns’.  Wonderful small burger which are quite yummy.  There is good amount of stuffing and one person can gulp the entire thing in 1 go.


Pine nuts and Scallion ‘Paddu – Yaki’
This is the traditional ‘Paddu’ famous in south, served in a different way.  It might surprise people but it’s the same taste as the Paddu. The taste was sure is very good.


Mini Raj Kachori. Crispokra Salad
Another favourite chaat dish which is loved by many folks.  The item for sure is presently differently at Farzi. The taste of it for sure is lovely.


Vada Pav #Farzified
A very different served Vada Pav is again nice to taste.  It lets you get away from the contemporary presentation of flavour of the same item.


Tandoori Paneer
A well-made Paneer again goes to show the effort he folks at the restaurant have made to pick the right quality of Paneer. Chef has done a great job in preparing the starter.


There are many more dishes to write about but then let me stop here.  It is a place that has plenty of variety and for sure it will take couple of visits to try out all of it.



I tried Baileys Lollipop and Parle-G Cheesecake.

I must say they have done a brilliant job with both the items.  And for sure these are must try items +Farzi Cafe .


The variety at this place are quite large and presentation is also quite interesting and attractive.  Few of the drinks I had includes.





Farzi Idea – A drink that is served in a bulb shaped container.  And also one of the corner, there is the bulb holder.

The cocktail isn’t that strong and can also be enjoyed with music.


Chai Pani – A drink that is made on the lines of tea preparation.

The tea is initially brewed for a period of few minutes and then the drink is added which the mix.

It then becomes the item that is where in there is a process involved to get the coffee to work having a lot of smoke inside.

Then when you pour to glass, the smoke comes out to the glass.


Three Musketeers – A very interesting drink that has combination of 3 drinks in it.  The taste was quite good and I enjoyed the drink along with the starters.

This for sure is one of the unique and ‘Farzi Style’ section.

Chusky Margarita – Another drink that is quite interesting.  The presentation for this drink is also quite interesting.

As there is an ice-gola in the middle and the drink is around it.  The idea is to dip the gola in the drink and take it along with the ice.  Just like the way the traditional chuski is taken.


There are many ‘Farzi Style’ drinks that I tasted including the Santa-Bunta, Monkey Sour and Bang-Bang.  Apart from these there are also the traditionally known drinks that you can try.


The collection is quite good but yes I would recommend trying the ‘Farzi Style’ drinks the most.






Overall Experience
It was one of the best experiences I have had at place in Bangalore since long time.  I guess the reason for that is quite simply cause of the chilled out atmosphere and the variety of food & drinks in offer.  For sure the Farzi is going to be a ‘go-to destination’ for all party goers in the next coming days, months and years to come.  I am hoping to visit this place monthly once to feel that I am ‘Farzifield’.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.


Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.25/5



Food & Drinks for 2 will come up anywhere between INR1500-2000 for a decent time in the evening.