Made In Punjab @UB City, Bangalore

This is one of the new restaurant that has come up in the UB City next to the very happening Farzi Café.  I was glad to be part of the day of its launch and I must say that the atmosphere was quite electrifying.  There were loads of people and most of them were the Socialites of Bangalore who had come to celebrate the occasion.  I don’t think that Bangalore has seen such huge launch in short span like this before.  First the Farzi and now the ‘MIP – Made In Punjab‘.  Both serve different purposes and people need to be able to distinguish the same.  One being a fine dine and the other being a party hang-out place.  Doesn’t mean that this is not a place to hang-out, coz it is but is more for dine-in experience.  Let me share more info on the event and the place itself.


The place has a great entrance which seems to welcome one and all.  Then you are exposed to the wonderful interiors.
  • There are wonderfully arranged tables where people can sit and order Al-Carte food.
  • A nice bar-counter to the front where you can sit and order drinks.  If I am not wrong, another bar counter in the centre from where drinks can be ordered.
  • Performance area to the left side where there was performance by singers happening. For sure it is a mega launch and the entertainment value was completely there.
  • A section in front of the live-band where people could dance to the tunes of singers and the music in background.
  • ‘Dhol (Double sided barrel drum) performers’ who were playing the beats for long time and when they played, people would automatically start dancing.
It sure is a great place for going out with family and for sure with friends.
It is quite easy to share the location to this place.  I think most of us would be aware of UB City.  It is the same mall that comes to the left as you come from Cubbon Park to Vittal Malya Road.
Inside the UB City, Farzi Café is located on the 2ndfloor to the left side.  And yes if you can find Farzi café then it is next to the Farzi Café.
This place might be next to Farzi and has every chance of being farzified.  But then there are quite a few unique things about this place that needs to be shared.  There are quite a few specialities here which are quite cool.  The food is inspired from Punjab and for sure every item has it infused in it.


Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka
A fried paneer that had some roasted papad pieces on it and then was dipped in tomato chutney.  The taste mainly was infused by Paneer along with the roasted papad coating.

I loved it and couldn’t resist myself and ended up having 2-3 portion of it.


Hari Mirch Tawa Paneer
A contrasting dish compared to the earlier dish.  It had the topping of green chilli and the chutneys.  The paneer was heated on tawa and it surely was a little crunchy.  Easily it was one of the good dishes I have had.
Infact, being a vegetarian you would usually want the Paneer to be good so you can enjoy.  I am glad that it was pretty good.


Hara Bhara Kebab
A very common dish which is known to all.  So, the taste had to be good and for sure they had done a great job with the flavours.  The presentation was simply wonderful and somehow makes you feel like taking more and not stop at one.


Bun Chori
Classic kachori, masala buns and chickpeas masala.  It looks like vada-paav but it isn’t.  The taste again was pretty good.  The dish was neatly cut and presented well with a tooth-pick so that it is easier to eat.


There are many more dishes to try.  What I have mentioned is only the starters and the appetizers.  Next time I will need to share more info on the main course which again is quite elaborate.


This is something that need to be different at every place.  I guess the reason being everyone wants something different from each place. If they get the same thing, then they would easily compare with other places.


Nashili Chai – This is a very different drink that has Vodka, White rum coming together with house made chai and some soda on top.  A very different drink which is interesting flavours.

I very much enjoyed the flavours in the drink.  Would be nice to get a kick when you take tea.


Syappa – One of the best combinations of coffee and garlic flavours with vodka.  Another twist in the coffee with some vodka.  I should really appreciate the person who came with the wonderful mix of drinks.  The taste was quite good.


Jatty Risky after Whisky – Whisky shaken with house made apple cinnamon reduction and there is also lime juice.  Never thought whisky and lime might go along but then I had a sip and thought it was pretty decent.  But yes, it surely is on the strong side coz of the whisky in it.


Happy Singh – Gin, orange liqueur and fresh cream blended together with orange blossom water and soda on top.  This is a drink which would surprise coz of the orange liqueur in it.  The blending seems to have worked out pretty fine.  The bitterness of the citrus makes the drink a little different from the contemporary.


Cu-Cu Fuzz – Vodka with muddled cucumber along with sweet and sour soda.  Well a drink that needs to be different and yet cooling is this one.  Its interesting way to mix vodka with a cooling vegetable like cucumber.  I have tried beer with cucumber but the vodka probably the first time.

Thought it was a completely different.  Infact, if you are not used to, the taste might be pretty unique and makes you feel away from comforting.

Again there are more drinks on the house and of course plenty of mocktails which are also good.  Multiple visits will ensure you get to try all. If not, you can plan on a night out drinking all of the varieties.
Among the mocktails, I got a chance to try the one named ‘Malted Chocolate Thandai’.  A drink made with Horlicks, milk-made and chocolate sauce.  It surely was an awesome drink and would recommend it to be tried by all who don’t drink alcohol.  Infact, anyone who take alcohol also will love it.







Overall Experience
It was a great evening spent with fellow foodie and friends.  The music was Bollywood style which kept all of us entertained. Folks playing ‘Dhol’ were tireless and kept all us energetic.  Drinks and food were quite amazing which kept all us happy.  It is a place for people just go relax and hang-out.  The open-spaces for people to move around is one of the USP coz it makes you feel comfortable.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Services – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Food and drinks for 2 people at this place would come up anywhere between INR1500-2000.