Verve Restaurant @Royal Orchid – Yelanka, Bangalore

This is a restaurant I decided to go have food with my friend on a festive day.  And the idea was to go there for a brunch and experience variety that was there for the offering.  The expectation was surely to be able to get good variety and quality.  This restaurant being part of the Royal Orchid Hotel, I had really high expectation on the food.  Sometimes when you go with the thought, you end up getting mixed thoughts but it surely all depends on the food & service.  Let me share my thoughts on the same.


This is part of the Royal Orchid hotel/resort at Yelanka which I think was called the Dominian resort for old-timers.
  • The entrance of the hotels is quite grand and spectacular.  Then as you go inside you have a great entrance and then taking right after the reception you will find the bar counter.  To the right side is the Verve restaurant.
  • The seating arrangement is quite good a spacious. Only problem I saw was that all the seats did not have the cutlery kept on the tables.
  • The buffet was spread quite well from one end to other ends which was quite good.
  • Just outside the restaurant, is the outside sitting area which had cane furniture and tables.  There is also a pool table right outside the restaurant which I think is more for the folks who stay inside the hotel.
  • There is also a bar-counter besides the pool table which is also pretty good.
  • The lawn section outside also gives a good view.
In gist the ambiance is pretty decent at this place and surely a great place for friends and family to hang-out.
It is important to know the location to this place.  If you are coming from the Hebbal side, you need to take the road to the Airport Road.  Don’t take the flyover that comes immediately but keep to the service road or the road below the flyover.  Drive along until you find a flyover going to the left side that actually goes to Yelanka new town area.
On the flyover take a left turn and then drive down.  You should find the Royal Orchid to the left side.
If not, you can get down the flyover and take the immediate hair-pin after the flyover then come to the mid-point below flyover.  Take right turn and Royal Orchid Hotel appears to the left side.
As you go inside, the Verve restaurant appears to the right side.
The main reason for visiting this place for to enjoy good food and ambiance. Let me share my experience.
There were options for taking Pani Puri or Paapdi chaat.  All the ingredients that are needed to be part of Pani Puri were kept in front to pick up.  I ended up mixing most of it.  Mint chutney, sweet chutney and curds were kept to be picked up.


The puri was pretty ordinary and the normal ones which easily break.  Ideally the rava based puri would have been a better option.
Pani puri that I prepared came out to be pretty decent and the Pani also was pretty good.


For Veg there was 1 and Non-Veg there was 1.  I got the ‘Gobi Manchurian’ which I thought was quite ordinary and no up to the mark.
There were 2 options which included Cream of Vegetable & Hot-Sour.
Vegetable soup was quite ordinary and it seems like there was milk and veggies in it.  The taste was quite normal.  The bread that was there alongside also did not seem to be fresh to my liking.


Hot & Sour soup was really good.  I enjoyed it along with the addition of spring onions and wafers.


They had entire section for salad which included – Ceaser salad, Goan Kitchen salad and 2 other varieties.  All of them were pretty decent coz of the dressing.

But yes, there were a few that I did seek clarification in terms of ingredients but could not get much update from staff.

Curries & Rice
There were 3 curry options including the Methi Paneer, Karamani and Lauki+Raw Tomato subji.  Among these the Paneer subji was pretty good and I enjoyed with Roti.


Karamani subji was quite ordinary.  There was too much onions in that and it was too much steamed.  Flavour of kamarani was just not coming.


Lauki subji was surely not very interesting and I just had 1 bite of the same.


In rice they had steamed rice and Jeera Pulav.  The Jeera Pulav actually looked like lemon rice and was quite dry.
Curd rice was there which was pretty good.  There was also Rasam which are pretty decent.


They had 4 Veg options including – cut fruits, Gajar Halwa Kheer, Moong Burfi and a cake.
The Moong Burfi was pretty good and also the cut fruits were fresh.


Gajar Kheer and cake were quite normal; it surely did not leave any lasting memories.
Surprise was that there were no ice-creams in the desert section.


Overall Experience
It was a pretty decent experience of having food at the restaurant.  I would say it made me get a wow feeling coz the service seemed to lack quite a bit.  I had to repeatedly ask for help and there would no one to attend to.  There were no tissues kept in the seat, no options for finger bowl.  Some of the section did not have spoons kept and people ending up using spoon meant for taking rasam for taking curds.  No complimentary drink was also given.  Infact, for the money we pay for this buffet we should have expected to get a little more.  There are few things that need to be ironed out to be make a great place for dining in.  I would currently rate this place at 3.5/5.
Rating in various departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.25/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
VFM – 3.25/5
Food for 2 considering you take 2 buffets will come up to INR1700.