Sunday Brunch @Nimmiserie – Brigade Road, Bangalore


Nimmiserrie is one of the popular Fine Dining places in Bangalore which was conceptualized by Chef Nimish Bhatia along with his partners.  A restaurant that focuses on serving good food with great ambiance and presentation.  Chef bring in his vast experience in the variety of food being presented and served to the guests.  There are multi-course meals which are the highlight of this place.  It’s been just 6-8 months’ journey for this restaurant but Chef has already tried to bring in variations to suit the needs of people. One such popular need that people have is that of buffet and Sunday brunch.  Chef has obliged to the need and come up with Sunday Brunch menu.


The city of Bangalore has seen an increase in the number of people eating out.  Especially during the weekends, people mostly end up trying out new outlets in search of good food.  This means that there is a never ending demand of food at the restaurant.  The type of food people prefer eating includes the quick-bites, casual dining and also fine-dine where people want to relax & want to enjoy good meal with family.  But there are also many set of people who love the idea of having buffet and brunches.  Well, a concept that was known to few people in the past has become popular in the recent times.  This leads to the concept of Sunday brunches which is apt for most of the people. 


The idea of Sunday brunch is to cater to people who find it fun to go for a combined meal including breakfast and lunch, instead of separate meals.  This meal usually contains items from breakfast and lunch making it a wholesome lunch.  Nimmiserie restaurant under the able leadership of Chef Nimish Bhatia also has put together a wonderful Sunday Brunch spread which is lovely. 



I got an opportunity to taste the food and experience it at the restaurant recently.  Let me share my thoughts.
The place for sure is very beautiful and the presentation makes it truly a fine-dine place.  Some of the things about the place make it quite special including the lighting, seating and plating.  There is a lot of effort that has gone into coming up with the interiors for this restaurant.


The seating is done quite well, leaving enough gap between tables.  There are separate private dining places where people who love to sit and enjoy food.     


The seating is also quite good which eat table being well setup.  There are special food mats that are made of white marble, the ones found in Taj Mahal.  Cutleries that are arranged neatly and basic seasonings being kept on the table.
Restaurant is much more than what we can put in words.
The directions are quite simple for this restaurant.  All of us are mostly aware of MG Road, take the road that leads to Brigade Road.  Continue on the road and cross the signal where the road intersects the Residency Road.  Drive along for 1/2 kms and cross the signal again.  The restaurant appears to the left side in next 100-200mts.
This for sure is the highlight of this place that makes it quite delightful.  The dishes available are well made under the able guidance of Chef Nimish Bhatia. 
This obviously needed as a great start to the meal.  They do have option of Veg and Non-Veg.  I tried the Sweet Corn soup and it tasted quite good.
Plenty of options are available and each one of them are well made.  The preparation is so mouthwatering that you would want to have more until more until you are contented. 
The most common dish among all is the Paneer Tikki which for sure is well made. 
Main Course
There is an elaborate spread of items available as part of main course.  Some of the dishes that I would like to mention of that I tried includes – Paneer Butter Masala, Daal Makhani, Kadi Pakodi and many others.  Each and every dish is well made with so much of gravy.  The subji just melts when taken along with the breads.
Breads again are quite unique and among the favorites include the stuffed kulcha served with ghee which tasted yummy.
There is a separate selection of Paapads which is unique to this place.  5-10 varieties which lets the customers be confused and desire for more.  Paapads can be tried with some of the creams and chutneys.
Salad section is also quite elaborate.  People who are diet conscious would love trying all of the salads.





Special mention of the curd-rice which was simply brilliant and I very much enjoyed.   Infact, my other friends who came along me also liked it a lot.
A section which is one of my favorites in any buffet spread. 

There are plenty of cake options including the Banana cake, Marble cake and the small vanilla cake with different toppings of Kiwi, Strawberry & pineapple on top.

Phirni for sure is a very tasty dish that is part of the buffet. 
Pineapple pancake is also unique to the desert.  The combination of dosa and pineapple seems to go along quite well.
There are plenty of mocktail options at this place.  And what better than to try some ‘Berry based cooler’ or for that matter some simple ‘Lemonade’.  There are also many fruit juices to choose from. 
And for the wine lovers, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Infact, right at the entrance, you can see the choices available which easily overwhelm anyone.


Overall Experience
It was one of the best Sunday brunches I have had in a while.  It has anything and every you can crave for on a Sunday. The ambiance gives you the soothing feeling and spread of food lets you feel happy.  Service is also quite good at this place where the people attending to your table would repeatedly ask if you need anything more.  And most of the times Chef Nimish Bhatia himself would be around with whom you can talk and enjoy conversation about his journey has Chef.  Overall a great experience and I rate it at 4.0/5.  Honestly, this is one of the better buffet places in the Brigade Road area.
My rating in other departments: Food/Service/Ambiance/Drinks – 4.0/5
Pricing for the food is also quite reasonable.
Veg/Non-Veg buffet – INR 950 + Taxes
Veg/Non-Veg buffet + Wine – INR 1650 + Taxes