Tiger Trail @Ramada Hotel – Bangalore

The idea of setting up a restaurant that is theme based is quite interesting.  In the recent times, I have seen few places on those lines and for sure ‘Tiger Trail’ @Ramada Hotel part of Royal Orchid group of hotel is one such place.  And this restaurant as the name suggest is based on the National Animal – Tiger.  It’s not just in words and few posters, the entire experience that you get is around tigers in Karnataka.  If we can mix theme with good food, people of all generations would just love it.  And I feel that they are close to being right up there.  I had the opportunity to visit this restaurant in the recent times and I must say that I was impressed.  Let me share my experience.
Basing a restaurant on a theme will mean a lot of effort needs to be put in terms of modifying interiors and structuring items around it.  Few things that I observed.


  • The obvious thing is the wall poster are having information regarding the various tiger reserves in Karnataka area.
  • Every table has a top that again gives info about the tigers.  It is the complete table top and is fixed to the same.  You can consider it to be a complete mat on the table.
  • The menu cards have different colors but then it again has the Karnataka map and reserve location on them.
  • Chairs have red leather covering that again relates to tiger.  And for sure it is not too bright to hurt the eyes.


  • There are snippets of information regarding the # of numbers tigers left across India, specific details on the reserves.
  • Plenty of quotes on the wall which are quite interesting to read.



Loved the way the place is setup and I think it’s hard to explain in words.  You will need to go there to experience it.
The restaurant as I said is inside Ramada Hotel.  To be able to reach that from the Rajbhavan Road side it is the easiest.  Consider Vidhana Soudha – Karnataka Parliament House to the left side.  Drive along and the 1stsignal you will find Main Post Office and then the next signal is the 4-6 around junction.  In that road the other roads like Queens Road, Cunningham Road, Shivajinagar and another road to MG Road culminate.  Take the right turn leading to Shivajinagar. 
The hotel will appear to the right side but you will need to take U-turn and come.  As you enter inside the hotel, you will find ‘Tiger Trail’ to the right side.
The most important part of the restaurant apart from ambiance and services is the food.  Infact, many times if the other 2 are not as good as well, people still like the restaurant for the taste and flavors in the food.  Let me share my experience of the food I had at the restaurant.
Pani Puri
This sure is one of the favorite items that people eating.  It does not matter if you are young or old, everyone like some Pani-Puri.  Most of the times people like to eat on the street.  But then I feel that the restaurant done a great job in presenting the same in a manner which make is easy and comfortable to eat.  The Puri would have the masala added right inside it a dip would be given, the only thing you will need to do is dip the puri+masala in the pani.  I just loved the way it was served and also the taste was very good.
I need to make a special mention of the chutneys they serve on each of the seats.  It is something quite unique which I have not come across at other places.  Chef has come up a set of 4 chutneys which contain different ingredients which includes – Grape, Mint, Tomato & Cheese-Mayo.  Grape based for sure is the most unique chutney.  The idea of keeping this on the table is to let people who enjoy different taste, have some portions on their plate to enhance the flavors.
Masala Paapad
It is presently in a small copper bucket and serve at the beginning for people to much on while they wait for the food to be served.
Mushroom Tikki
An assorted of mushrooms, capsicum and tomato with special masala.  It is the perfect starter that you would want to take when you go out for a meal. Loved the flavor very much and the mushroom was well cooked.  Hard to resist by just taking one.
Dahi Aloo Tikki
A start that sure has become quite popular latterly which people love taking when we go out for a meal.  It is a very easy looking dish but then unless you get the preparation right, it could become a mess.  The dish is best enjoyed with the unique chutneys that had for the offering.


Main Course
Paneer Dumpling Masala
Cottage Cheese dumplings cooked in a tangy tomato or palak gravy.  A specialty from kitchens of Punjab
This for sure was one of the best dishes I had for the day.  It was well cooked and the flavors were so yummy that I could not resist myself.  I ended up finishing nearly ½ the portion with the breads.  The presentation is also quite interesting and for sure anyone visiting here should be ordering the same.
Tiger Trail Thali
The corporate gives each of us very little time to be spent for having food during the lunch.  Need of the hour most of the time is a good meal package well for the best of the prices. Keeping this thought in my mind Tiger Trail has come up with the Thali that contains dishes from regions like Rajasthan, Bengal and Karnataka.  This package all is in all the best for anyone coz you can finish the food quickly and you will get to taste all of the food that is served.


I feel that a buffet is a good option but then it leads to lot of commotion with people walking around here and there to get the food.  A fixed thali being served at the seat sounds really interesting.
The thali here comes with 3-4 curries like the Aloo based curry, Paneer, Mixed Vegetables and of course the Daal.  There is also roti/paratha/naan served, ghee rice/pulao and some salad.  This is a complete meal in itself and anyone taking this would feel decently content.  If needed they would also serve extra portion of the curries which is good.
There is also a non-veg version of the thali which is quite good.  I am just sharing one of the pics of the same that one of my friend consumed.
There are many more items that can be taken from the main course but it is quite necessary that you plan out your meal such that you can enjoy multiple varieties and yet not feel overloaded.
Tiger Trail Roti Ki Tokri
An assortment of Indian Bread basket that has Bite size Kulchas, Parathas and Naans served hot. This for sure is one the fines presentations of roti I have seen. 


Deserts / Drinks
Lassi – Sweet and Salt
The Lassi here is quite uniquely served in a ‘Kullad’ and the taste is quite good.  May be the sweet one should have been churned more to be able to get the flavors right.  I am sure those will be corrected.  But I appreciate the idea behind the presentation.
Khubani Ka Meetha
Juicy apricots stewed with cardamom and layered with a delectable custard and fresh cream.
This for sure is a Hyderabadi delicacy that is served in a very unique manner which I very much enjoyed having it at the Tiger Trail.  The presentation is surely superb and makes it more likeable for all of us to take.
Overall Experience
I think this one of the restaurant about which it will hard to put a stop to sharing more details on coz there are so many things that I can share.  But yes, whatever I have tried at this restaurant were wonderful.  The entire experience of sitting inside the restaurant made me feel like I was in some kind of Tiger reserve.  I know that it’s too much to say but yes the ambiance made me feel so.  The chef here has made sure the flavors in the food let you have fond memories of Tiger Trail.  I would recommend this place to anyone in the city.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments would be as follows.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks/Deserts – 4.0/5
The price of food being served also is quite a steal.  Coz the Thali prices comes somewhere around INR 550 which surely is the best price in the locality for the quality of food being served.