VIVO V11 Pro Review – Phone with Face Recognition & In-Display Fingerprint Scanner


The market is filled with a barrage of smart phone belonging to different brands.  Its extremely difficult for a consumer to identify every detail and pick a mobile for themselves.  Consumer usually upgrade their existing phone or look for new brand.   During the last IPL season, the most popular Ads starred Aamir Khan showing off Focus/Defocus camera, Face Recognition of a smartphone.  Those are the new features introduced in the latest smartphone from VIVO.

Vivo V11 Pro is the latest phone to hit the market in September 2018. It’s one of the flagship products that’s been doing very good in the market.  I recently got hold of one of the device for review from Murali Ramu (big thank you for the same) and tried it out for a week.  The article below give info regarding various aspect of the phone and help in your decision making.

VIVO V11 – Features Highlights

Every genuine buyer will look for some basic features before buying a mobile.  I have listed out some of the most important aspect that’s necessary and analysed the same with VIVO V11 Pro.

Design & Finish

The phone has Curved Edges and clean finish that makes it look Sleek & Trendy.  Even though the phone has wide screen, it was easy for me to hold and operate.  The buttons around the device has been placed perfectly to allow easy operations.

There are two Color Variants of the phone – Starry Night, Dazzling Gold.  I have been personally using the Dazzling Gold and it looks quite trendy.

I have come across multiple phone in the past but the new Vivo V11 has a refreshing feel that I love.


The phone nowadays has become more important to us than a laptop or a TV.  And having a wide screen to be able to view the content will help in seeing more finer details.

Vivo V11 Pro has 6.41” Display which is the largest among any of the other competing phone in the segment.

Screen-to-body Ratio for this phone is 85% which in simple means wide viewing space on phone.  If we get a little more technical, this simple data that tells you how much of the surface the screen represents when compared to the whole device.

Resolution in this phone is around 1080 x 2340 pixel that allows more detailing leading to more clarify of anything displayed.  It’s a feature many people don’t understand and end up buying a wide screen phone and complain.  A careful inspection of screen clarity is very necessary every time one buys a phone.


The main camera is 12MP has Dual Pixel PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus).  In simple terms, it increases the speed of autofocus and get sharper and clearer images.

With 2.4” Depth Sensor that enables facial detection, recognition, and authentication in their devices.

The 25MP Selfie Camera is one of my favourite features in the phone.  It lets me capture many of the selfie/groupie moment with utmost clarity and ease.  After getting hold of this phone, I have been able to avoid using my DSLR camera on many occasions.

Security Features

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner is one of the coolest things that can be seen on the smartphone.  Previously there used to specific place in the mobile either in the front or back dedicated for finger-print detection.  Now in Vivo V11, soon after one places fingers on a big sensory point, screen illuminates the print, so the sensor can see it.

Face Unlock Technology feature has become a trend in many of the smartphone.

Memory Card Slot

Internal memory of the phone is 64GB which lets one store as much data as one needs.   Vivo V11 Pro has both 64GB and 128GB variants.

Dedicated Micro SD slot that allows one to add a 256GB micro-sd. This will allow users to balance memory usage on phone and get better performance & memory management.

The 6GB RAM (Random Access Memory) on phone allows loads of the app data to be stored and multi-task.


This hardware piece of the phone is one of the most important that we all crave for.  Vivo V11 Pro has 3400 mAH battery which is the best in business.  On a full-charge, I have used features like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Location, Camera, Gmail & more for nearly 16hrs.  Even after that I was left with 12% battery life which is amazing.

Charging time for the phone from 0-100% is around 50 min to 1 hr.  On a busy day when I don’t get much time to charge, I have been able to charge from 40% to 70% in around 15-20 minutes which is pretty good.

Thing to Improve

The phone come with great features but then there are few improvements in the phone that can be worked on for future.

Fingerprint Recognition – There are times when it takes longer to recognize the finger-print on-screen.  This can be improved and make a little faster.

Sound Output – The audio quality is very important when listening to good music and listening to feeble dialogues in Movies/TV-series/Plays.  This aspect can be considerably improved as is one of the most common use cases.

Overall Take

It has been a great experience using the phone for the last 1-2 week.  I loved the finish of the phone and is extremely handy.  Being an influencer, I have used this phone completely for all my updates and I happy with the performance.  Battery life has been pretty good, and I have been able to survive with full charge for almost entire day.  The price tag for the phone is just perfect for the features build in the phone.

My rating for various aspect of phone.
Design – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Features – 9/10
Price – 9/10

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