PITA PIT – Healthy eating option in RMZ Ecoworld, Bangalore


A brand that’s established way back in 1995 in Canada and specializes in making & serving high quality pita sandwiches (‘Pitas’ in short).  PITA PIT has nearly 650 outlets across 13 countries. In India they have 14 outlets in North India and now they are making foray into South India. The outlet at RMZ Ecoworld is the 2nd such in Bangalore.  I visited the outlet to try out some of the amazing Pitas and enjoyed the experience.IMG_20190406_134115

Ambiance at PITA PIT

The eatery is right the middle of the food-court at Ecoworld but its prominent with vibrant color on the board.

  • First impression I get about the place is that it’s pretty neat and clean, basically very hygienic. The staff working also look very well groomed.
  • Counter that can be seen by customers have only vegetarian items and there is nothing non-vegetarian on display. All the meat stored separately in the small kitchen.
  • Separate grill is used for Veg & Non-veg that’s very important as many customers are very apprehensive.
  • Across the counter, customer can also see the Cold-coffee, ice-tea dispensers and chillers were soda & special ice-teas are kept.

Food at PITA PIT

The place serves healthy food that’s perfect of anyone looking to have good & wholesome meal.

Preset Recipes

Pita is a very nice dish that is used as the base inside which other items can be filled to relish the flavours.   In the pre-set menu section, they have plenty of options.  I tried a few of them that I will highlight.


Garden Fresh, BBQ Paneer, Falafel

Garden Fresh Pitas is the basic that comes with the filling of vegetables.  Customers can choose to add any number of cut vegetables into it.  Apart from the basic veggies, they have some exotic ones like Red Paprika, Bell Peppers, Pickled Cauliflower and more.

Also, they have an option to add ‘Groundnuts’ that enhances the flavors of the Pita.  I personally tried putting it for the BBQ Paneer Pita and it tasted amazing.  The ground-nut emanates the fine oil that adds the additional flavor to the Pita.

Its upto customers for adding it as many folks are allergic to groundnuts.


BBQ Chicken, Chilli Chicken, Turkey

There are many more options for the meat lovers apart from the ones I mentioned above.


If one does not feel like having a Pita, then the same can be avoided.  The filling that goes into the Pita can be served separately as a salad.  This is meant for those who want to have carb-free food.  In this case, the freshness of vegetables, softness of Paneer become very critical.

I tasted the salad topped with paneer and enjoyed the flavours.  For meat lovers, they serve the same salad and top it with sliced chicken pieces.

Snack Items

Pita with Hummus

The most important ingredient in a Mediterranean meal is the Hummus.  Its little like our chutney or sauces that used locally.  But the chickpea-based hummus, taste very different compared to others that I mentioned.

They have an option to take Pita which in this case would be the hard Pita, like a Nacho.  Its then served with Hummus that’s topped with Seasoning.  The combination is so good that one feel like taking the Hummus along with the normal stuffed Pita as well.

One can also choose to take a packet of the Pita as snack and much away.  It’s the perfect healthy option for anyone during a work break as well.


They have various drink options that can be taken along with the delicious Pita.  Like the Brewhouse Ice Teas, RAW Pressery juices and the usual soda.

I especially enjoyed the Ice-tea option from Brewhouse that comes in Lime & Peach flavors.

Overall Experience at PITA PIT

I had a good time tasting some of the wonderful Pitas on offer along with my friends.  The main item that bring out the taste is the freshly made Pita and fresh-vegetables.  Apart from the options that I mentioned above, they also plan on introducing ‘Pita-of-the-day’ and ‘Rice-bowl’.  Pita of the day lets customers choose an interesting preset recipe for the day.  Whereas the rice-bowl will be a healthy option that will come with brown-rice.

Pita Pit has also tied up with the exclusive club at Ecoworld for employees working in the IT park.  One can get special discount on food and it’s the healthiest option when one wants to keep calorie count at check.

I specially recommend this place for a meal at any time of the day and during any time of week.  My current rating for the place is 4.0/5.  Rating in various departments is as follows.

More Information

8A & 8B Building, RMZ Ecoworld, Food Court, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Deverabeesanahalli, Bellandur, Bangalore