Estorea | IIHM Bangalore| Food Festival | Sustainability


A student joining an institute learn multiple skills through the course. But we all know when trying to apply the learning into practice in the real world, many challenges do come up. This is true with all industries and very true in the hospitality industry.

The final year students at IIHM are given a task to come up with a food festival. Students are expected to take care of not only the Food & Beverages but also Budgeting, Designing, Planning, Front office and more. All these need to be based on a theme, for 2019 it was Sustainability.


Keeping it true to the theme, students made the entire decor with scrap, reusable material. The created flowers using old newspapers, painting on the backside of used cloth, finger painting rather than use brushes.  They used old jute bags, created papercraft instead of purchasing, old beads for making wall hanging, used paper cups for making small stands and lots more.

Instead of purchasing some of the costly paintings, students painted all the backdrops by themselves.  Some of the paintings were seen in a section serving food from Chinese, Moroccan, USA, Indian, Italian, France sections.

Food & Beverages

Students picked up the theme as Festivals across the globe and tried to create dishes & drinks around it. Countries selected included – China, Greece, Morocco, France, Italy, the USA, and India. The backdrop of the individual food sections had something to represent the country. Like the Peacock for India, Dragon cut out for China, Hats for Morocco, Greenery for Greece, Falcon bird for USA and more.

The food from every region was spot on and it great to see that their preparation being on par with many fine-dine restaurants. It was hard to find any concerns and all of them tasted amazing.


Along with good food having some entertainment always makes it fun. Students put up multiple performances on stage like Fashion Show, IIHM band playing music & singing, Skit, Dance and a lot more. I loved the Fashion show the most as the students put up a great show. Keeping it close to the theme, the Showstoppers wore outfits made with paper.

Food Soldier

This year IIHM came up with the idea of FOOD SOLDIER, an initiative to feed all needy and not let anyone go hungry. They invited nearly 100 needy students from an orphanage and served everyone the food before it was open to the public.

It was touching to go see the children praying before having their meal. A heart-warming moment and feel like we all need to give back too many in need.

IIHM Food Aid Foundation is a Non-Profit organization that aims to eradicate hunger from across India following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.2 of Zero Hunger. The foundation attempts to bring together the youth of the nation as ‘Food Soldiers’ to create a ‘Food Bank’ and distribute it making the underprivileged.

I’m glad to have been part of Esotera this year and witness the steps being taken as part of the Food Soldier initiative in real.

Closing Thoughts

This was one of the best events hosted by IIHM in recent times.  Kudos to the effort of students, faculty and Management staff for making this happen.  It was also lovely to see multiple companies supporting the event sponsoring the event.  Enjoyed the performance by students and also loved every bit of the food I had.  Felt very touch looking at needy be served food as part of the Food Soldier initiative by IIHM.

Thanks to the IIHM team including Sanchari Chowdhury – Director, Elizabeth Moyon, Dakshina Ghosh for great hospitality like always.  Thanks to Arjun Bhalodi and Supreet Lande for being excellent student buddies.   I am already looking forward to what the students will plan for next year’s festival.