Hello Curry – Food Delivered at Doorsteps in Bangalore

The concept of online order of food prepared by Chef’s has picked up quite a bit of steam in the last few months.  Infact, it might seem a though market but then with the growing traffic vows and need for better food, drives people to look for destinations unknown.  These are some of the basic thought that crosses people mind when they look for possibilities.  And Im sure the ‘Hello Curry’ Management would have also had these in the mind before trying to launch themselves in Bangalore.


I tried to speak to folks who brought this idea of life.  And also who brought the working idea in Hyderabad to our very own city Bangalore.  They shared the idea behind the delivery mechanism.  Mechanism they operate is divided among usage of ‘Home Chefs’ and normal dedicated Chefs from the chain.
Since this is a different review from the contemporary restaurant reviews, I need to share more details that are away from what I would share for fine-dine restaurant.
There can be nothing much written in the section coz the order process goes online including deliver being outsourced.  But yes, when we log in to the website, it shows only selected location where they do the deliveries.
Menu Options
Currently they have limited options in Veg but then each and every items is simply super awesome.  Infact, I ordered food for 2 and enjoyed eating most of the items.
Let me share feedback on the food and packaging going ahead.
Methi Parantha + Paneer Butter Masala
This was one of the best ‘PBM’ that I have tasted in long time.  The taste was so yummy that it hard to control.  Methi parantha was also well made and there were 8 pieces.
The Paneer Butter Masala was one of the best I have eaten in a long time.  Its so rich that the flavor will fill your mouth in no time.  And I enjoyed every bite of the food I tasted.  This happened cause the entire package ie., Paneer and the gravy was well done.


Whole Wheat Parantha + Panchmel Ki Subji
This was another awesome dish, which had the perfect combination of items part of a package.  The ‘Panchmel Ki Subji’ had super awesome gravy and the taste was brilliant.  I don’t think I have eaten a subji that has 5 veggies combined having such a good taste.  Infact, we always hear the ‘Veg Kadai’ kind of dishes at restaurant, which is, populate among vegetarians, but this one is simply awesome.
The whole-wheat parantha was also well done and actually it went along well even with the ‘Paneer Butter Masala’ from the other dish I had earlier.




Pulav + Daal Makhani
Another great combination carefully thought of.  I remember trying ‘Steam Rice’ with ‘Daal Makhani’ but then the ‘Pulav’ with the same combo is a pretty good idea coz usually the ‘Pulav’ is a blander dish.  The taste comes from the flavors that come from the veggies and the other ingredients inside it giving the aroma.
Here the pulav combination with ‘Daal Makhani’ was super awesome. 
It was cooked quite well and I did not find a single daal piece that was under-cooked making it one of the really good combinations with the rice.



Briyani + Raita + Salan
This was pretty okay.  I currently would not rate this to as good but yes if you look at the expectation of a biryani, having every strand of rice separated and masala well mixed, I think they have been able to get it correctly.  The only problem I felt was that it was on the spicier side and also there was addition of extra clove, cinnamon and probably bay leaf.  The biryani masala flavor was over-powered.  But yes, if you were a spice eater you would just love it.




Bread Jamoon
This was a special dish prepared by one of the ‘Home Chef’.  The best part about this was that you couldn’t make out easily if it is the normal Jamoon or the bread based unless someone tells.  But yes, it came out to be quite good.  With a bit more of the sweet liquid it is all the more amazing.
And if you want to try some variation and not stick to contemporary, it’s best to try out this desert.


I have shared my thoughts on the food.  Time to share some thoughts on the packaging.
The team seems have invested time to understand the kind of packaging, which will best suite for a take away kind of option.  And they seem to have succeeded in making something that really good, strong and re-heatable microwave.  Few things that I observed- 


  •        The gravy’s are served in mid-size boxes that are concealed with silver wrapper.  And they have a message that is written at bottom, which you will notice if you can lift the box higher.
  •        The paranthas are cleanly wrapped in a silver foil.
  •        In case of a Briyani or Pulav it comes in a box that’s can be easily taken along while driving in the card.  There is nice piece of cardboard at bottom, not to let rice slip through.  And also a segregation where the salad or daal makhani goes in.
  •        The big box is also used for sending across the ‘Parantha’ + Subji combination. 
  •        They also have some nice cartoon and message in the box, which are fun to read while eating some great food.





They seem to spend time to come up with the right packaging for an Indian food.
Pics with Foodies
Its fun having some great Indian food delivered to home.  But it become all the more special sharing with some great foodies.  Infact, thats exactly what happened when couple of us had get together to taste the food at one place.  I thought it did be best sharing the pics on my blog 🙂 




Final Thoughts
I would say that this is one of the ventures that deliver the Best Indian Food at your doorsteps.  I would personally love to order from here again and again.  And my rating for this place would be 4.0/5. 
Rating in other department for home-delivery is as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
Freshness – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR 400-600 which is really a cost effective solution.