EatFresh @Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore

This is the latest online delivery restaurant that focuses on serving food directly prepared by the Chefs.  And the day I came to know and ordered food, I was surprised to also see an article in Time of India that had the story about the person who started the ‘’.  And that how much funding they have received to expand their business. Well, I am sure this is one of the best online outlets in the Outer Ring Road.  There might be a few but then for sure this is right on top.
I had shared few of my insights about online-delivery chains and how people have started ordering food instead of visiting the fine dining restaurant.  The concept of Chef preparing food and sending it to your home is something quite special.  And also when the Chef has his name put up against the dish, it might surely feel special.  And that will instigate the person to do better.
The person who started the chain had the inspiration of his mother and under her partnership he started  New article talks about how his mother would be known in the circle for the cakes she used to bake.  It seems like good food can be prepared by special people and then it gets to love by all.
This is something quite important that I share about


  • The boxes are very clean and various food items that they might delivery as small pictures.  They might look like cartoon but they are just symbols.
  • Every dish has the name of the dish and the person who prepared it.
  • The ‘e’ symbol onto is quite good.  I suppose for vegetarians it would be green color.
  • Great packaging inside the box where the food items are put in plastic contains.  There is also an air tight cover to not let the curries spill.
  • When you open the box there are info that tells, ‘How we work’.  And then there are some symbols, message that tell more about the concept.


Wonderful packing is surely make anyone quite keen to start digging into food.
The most important reason why I think that this is one of the really good delivery chain.
Main Course
Fusilli Agli Olio with Indianised Vegetables
By Chef Sundar


This was the past which has some really wonderful curry that went along so well.  The pasta was very well done coz it was quite soft.  Curry had some wonderful masalas that mixed with the pasta tasted wonderful.


To on top more of flavours – seasoning, salt and cheese/butter was given. There was also a piece of the soft bread to be consumed along with pasta.
The dish was quite good that set the tone of next dish to follow.


Kashmiri Kofta Curry with Saffron Rice
By Chef Riyaz


The Kofta curry was simply yummy coz it was done very well.  It has the wonderful gravy which only oozed flavour everywhere in our mouth.
Along with the Kofta was the cucumber and curds.
The saffron rice was well cooked and it tasted very good with the Kofta curry.


It seems everything was quite perfect with the dish.  The only thing was that slight amount of seasoning could have been there.  But then I think It become not so necessary as the natural flavours are coming out quite good.


Vegetable Dumpling with Tausi Sauce and Sweet Corn Fried Rice
By Chef Sudarshan


The Koft curry was very well made coz it was cooked perfectly and also it had the wonderful gravy along with the dumplings.

Pulav was served along with the veg dumplings which tasted quite good with the kofta.

There was also some cabbage & carrot pickle that again went along with the Veg dumplings & corn fried rice.


Banoffee Pie
By Chef Alphonse
This was also pretty well packaged similar to the other dishes.  Presentation was also quite good.

The only problem was that I felt it was on the tangier side. Somehow my family also could not enjoy it as much.  That was the only item that I thought needs improvement.


Overall Experience
The dishes were almost competing with each other for the flavours to reflect.  Each and every main course came out to be wonderful.  I hope they will continue with the same quality going forward.  And there should not be time when there is a change in the flavours.  Hopefully they can plan to also introduce newer dishes.  My rating current for this delivery chain is 4.0/5.  And for sure if the quality stays, the rating will stay up when comes to others as well.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Presentation – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5


Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR 600-900 considering you are quite hungry.