Big Pitcher @Old AIrport Road, Bangalore


The idea of drinking beer with friends has become quite popular in the city.  And yes our city Bangalore is also called as the Beer Capital.  To make this all happen, there needs to be a constant desire among youngster to try out variety of beers.  It need for be the bottled ones but also the ones from Microbreweries.  There are quite a few here in Bangalore and ‘Big Pitcher’ is one such place.  Here get we at least 6-8 types of homemade beer.  And apart from that the place is also famous for its wonderful cocktails.

With all these nice features +Big Pitcher, this is the place where we had our #25th FBAB meetup.  A fitting place for the Silver Jublee 🙂


I did share some insight in my earlier para. But yes taking cue from there, it is quite clear that the country has youngsters who want to try microbrewery beers.  Looking at the actual passion among people Big Pitcher has opened.  They want people to just come over and enjoy to have a great time.


If you are coming from the Domlur side.  Cross the signal and head straight to Leela Palace.  As you keep driving you can see an empty side next to Leela.  Big Pitcher is right next to the empty plot.


The place can also be reached from Maratahalli side. Drive along until you find the Domlur flyover.  And then just before flyover, there is a U-turn location.

Take the same and drive back to Leela Palace.  The Big Pitcher comes to the left side again.


The idea of setting up ambiance is to make people come, relax, spent time and try some eatables & drinks.  Let me share my thoughts on how the interiors have been setup.


  • Soon after you enter the ground floor level, you will see nice long posters to the right side.  And then there is the huge bar counter.
  • The ground level has the microbrew machinery, tanks, etc.  Amol the Brew master gave us a complete info on the process of making beer.

    He explained about how the flowers are used for making hops.  The hops induce the relevant flavour to the beer.  And also how additional items are added to enhance flavour.

    Apart from that he also told about why there are beers that take longer time to make.  It is done to keep the beer smoother.

    Every word he shared is useful info regarding beer, which makes you appreciate the drinks even further.

  • There are 4 floors in total which can accommodate nearly 800 #s.  And for sure it is the biggest place in the Indranagar area.
  • The 2nd floor where we foodies met up does not have A/C but has open air.
  • There is a long table which can accommodate nearly 25-35 members in 1 table.
  • High rise seats that has become a fashion to sit on compared to normal seats and sofas.
  • Floor has got multiple frames containing guns.  There guns are the latest but the ones that were popular nearly 100 years ago.  There were also 1-2 rifles.
  • Open air section is quite breezy and good.
  • There is also another section to the left side which also has many private dining places.
  • Entire place has got woody finish at empty spots.  And also you can see the brew taps with the names at the bar counter.


The place in entirety has great ambiance and surely can attract crowd to come over.
This is the most critical part of the place which becomes a weapon coz if people don’t like drinks.  Food might be something they might expect it to be really good.
I think on an average the food served was wonderful.  Let me share sharing individually.


Bang-Bang Tofu
Quick fried Bean Curd Spicy Thai Dish, Scallions Sautéed with trio peppers
A pretty well made starter which had tofu which was quite soft.  The spices have been mixed well and the taste of individual pieces of Tofu had the right flavour.  It was not bland nor spicy, and was quite optimum.


Subz Ke Champ
Mausam ki sabz mixed with herbs, prepared like champs
This for sure was one of the best starters for the day.  The champ was pretty well made as it was quite soft and the entire flavours of veggies were coming quite level.  Taking the same with mint-chutney and onion pieces makes the taste sour higher.


This was pretty ordinary coz the Nachos was quite hard and not enjoyable.  The overall presentation also did not have that much of appeal.  This is a starter that they should be improving.


Main Course
Pazo Pazo
Topped with numerous vegetables, olives and mozzarella
This was a pretty decent main course.

The pizza base seems to have some issue as it seemed to be quite similar in tasting chapatti.  Toppings for sure were added quite generously but the overall tasted somehow lacked that punch.


Lacchu Singh KI Subz Sitara
Old time favourite – Aloo Gobi Subji
The main course dish just beat all the previously prepared dishes in terms of quality.  We got initially 4 sets that just got over.  The curry was dry and tasted quite good.  We need not wait for roti to come, instead we can eat the direct subji.


Indian Breads
I tried a single piece of Naan and Roti.  The taste with the subji was superb.




Plain Rice + Daal + Lemon Rice
The Daal was pretty well done and it tasted good along with plain rice.
The non-veg lovers also had plenty of options.  They all were quite appreciative of the food.




Trio Chocolate Mouse
Dark and White Chocolate mousse with candid nuts and fruit
This was a desert served in a small shot glasses.

The white chocolate mousse below was simply awesome.  Dark Portion on top also somehow gel’d well with nuts and fruits.

Time to share the info regarding the drinks which is one of the most important reason why I loved this place.





There are 6 varieties of beer that are brewed at this place.  And for sure each and every one of them is special in their own way having different flavours induced by the hops.

The list of beers that are available includes.

  • Cezh that Pilsner


  • Sarava
  • Hop Witch


  • Adjust Maadi
  • Kingslayer



Among these I loved the ‘Hop Witch’ and American Ale.  These both have unique aroma coming out from the beer. The taste of both is a bit on the bitter side but then it isn’t as bitter as well.
The ‘Adjust Maadi’ and ‘Pislner’ are also pretty good.  On a given day the best would be to try out all the beers and pick the one that you enjoy drinking.
Beer sure is popular but many times people prefer the cocktails over the beer.  I have few cocktails along with my friends that includes.


  • Juicy Mary – This looks more like the Bloody Mary but is surely different and is surely lighter.
  • High Sea Adventure – A pretty strong drink that contains good amount of alcohol and is presented quite well.
  • Beach Bumm – This is a pretty good drink which makes you feel like you are in a beach atmosphere.

    Quite a colour drink and a bit on the sweet side though.

  • Fig Mojito – Drink was quite normal and I did not enjoy it so much.
  • Strong Big Ice Team – As the name suggests, this is quite a strong drink.  For sure you might feel uncomfortable if you are not used to strong alcohol content.
  • Romantic Martini – The presentation of the cocktail is pretty good, but surely would have wanted more alcohol.  It is surely for those who have too much of romantic touch in their lives.  Coz it is best taken with your partner as well.
  • Elder Flower Martini – Another really strong drink on the lines of ‘Strong Bice Ice Tea’.

    I thought this surely was the best among the drinks.


 All the drinks were special in their own way.

I would best suggest that you should be speaking to the bartender and get the drink that you like.



There were a few more that my friends tried, could not try them but they sure did look good.


Overall Experience
I can only say that it was a Sunday well spent at a good place.  Enjoyed the food, drinks and of course the company of friends.

Ambiance for sure is pretty good.  May be they should be improving little – should have more of the souvenir’s that can help people connect to brand.  Also getting the license for dancing will help.  Lastly need to try more of veg options as it seemed limited.  My rating for this place would be 4.0/5 and surely it can reach up to next level.

My rating in other departments is as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR1500-2000 depending on the hungry level.  For sure you will get tempted to try more drinks.



Along with Foodies – Naveen, Chef BB, Sudarshan, Manoj, Pratheek, Donovan, Navneeth, Rudra, Piryanjana, Sujay, Nimish, Abhinav, Hari, Deepa, Murali, Dushyant, Vinay and others.