FOOLS DAY Party @BLING – ZURI, Whiefiled – Bangalore

The city of Bangalore has some premium properties that are aware to a few.  And those living in the locality enjoy visiting and somehow seem to keep the secret to themselves.  But then by chance, I came to know of a party happening in this oblivion.  And I did want to miss the chance and immediately decided to go there with couple of friends.  The location is, ‘THE BLING’ part of the ZURI Hotel which is a five start deluxe property in the Whitefield Area.


April Fool’s Day is a day when we try out best not to be fooled by anyone.  We become double cautious while talking to people and try our best not to be fooled by people.  When I was contacted by the Preeti Saha from ANS events, I was little in doubt if there was an actual party planned on April Fool’s Day.  Or it was a prank call to all the party-goers.  Well, as they say the temptation and inquisitiveness heeds to all doubts in the day and the final decision that comes to mind is a GO-AHEAD.  I thought it was a great decision I took to be there.


To add to this, let me share my thoughts on the April Fool’s Day party.  The whole world has changed lately and our country & Bangalore instead has also changed accordingly.  People seem to find reasons to party and 1-April for sure is not a bad reason to just have fun.


The crowd at BLING was quite a bit and it sure had nearly 70% of ladies.  The reason for that was quite simple, coz LADIES NIGHOUT is on Friday in BLING.
It is critical to share this info coz it is easy to get lost amid the concrete jungle of Whitefield.
If you are coming from Indranagar and head towards KR Puram Bridge.  Head to the road that take to the Whitefield.  For those coming from Maratahalli on Outer Ring Road, you need to take right at the flyover which leads to Mahadevpura and Whitefielld road.  Keep driving until you get the Hoodi Signal which you will need to cross and keep driving along.
Zuri property appears to the right after nearly 1-2kms.  You may not get the immediate right turn, so you will need to drive a little furlong and take U-Turn to be able to enter into ZURI.
Soon after you enter the ZURI property, you will need to take left and then walk furlong.  The BLING party/bar appears to the left side.


This something which will make you go to the place more often coz being a 5-star deluxe property, the interiors have been done quite well.  I need to share few of the points to describe the same.
  • Entrance at ZURI is brilliant.  It has a great lawn and something get a very soothing feeling as you stand out.  The reason for that is simple coz it’s got great green-cover in front of the property with trees.
  • Inside ZURI, you will find loads of these neatly position sofas which will just make you feel like siting on them.  If are tired, then I would suggest just taking rest before heading to any other place.
  • Bling has a great entrance with a board that has its name and an exclamation mark after the name.
  • The space inside Bling is quite huge and they have setup sat around the corner areas.
  • The DJ console is situated to the left corner.  And there you can find the in-house DJ Mark paying his wonderful music.
  • To the right is the Bar counter which is also pretty spacious.  And you can see the bartenders trying to show off some of their skills while serving the drinks.
  • It has a more open space to the right side which also leads up to the buffet place.  This is quite helpful coz if someone wants to just party for a while and head to dinner you can easily go in.
  • Left side of the party place is the zone where people take a breather between the dancing sessions.
  • Dance Floor is pretty huge and there would be at least 50-100 people dancing on the floor at a given point of time.
  • There was a projector to the right soon after you enter that has pictures that said ‘April Fools Party’.  It also came with plenty of cartoons.


The ambiance I must say is simply awesome at BLING.
The Music
DJ Mark Leene is in-house DJ who performs at the BLING @ZURI.  And I must say that he is one of the best DJs in town.  There are few things I need to share here.


  • The combination of music he played was English, Hindi and Punjabi.
  • Track from all the top artists like Honey Singh, Mika and other were played.
  • There were some of the old popular number from 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s which were quite popular like – Dum Maaro Dum, Yeh Kya Bolti Tu, Yeh Mera Dil, Piya Tu.
  • And then the latest songs like – DJ Wala, Blue, Chittiyah Kalayeh and many others.
  • The best part about the DJ is that he knows to mix the music quite well and knows the keep the crowd engaged.  Infact, the time just flies by dancing to the tunes.


Hopefully the same kind of good music will continue to be played at BLING going forward.
This is something quite critical in a night club / lounge bar coz most of the times people are quite busy gulping the drinks.  But unless food is good, people would not have a complete evening.  I tried a few items here, let me share the experience.
This is lounge bar so there is no room for main-course here.  Its about serving starters and good drinks.


Cheese Balls + Mayo
This was a great starter which had the outer part that was slightly fried and it tasted awesome with the mayo sauce.  I think this is one of the best starters you can have in a party,

coz it is served neatly and can be consumed easily.


Paneer Tikka
Traditional Indian favourite dish was well done here.  The Paneer was quite soft and with the mint-chutney the taste was more enhanced.  They have given some cut onions and lemon.  Another good item that can be taken along with cocktails.

The best was that it wasn’t too spicy and was optimum.


Potato Masala
Another good starter that had small potatoes that was boiled and mixed along with masala.  The taste was quite brilliant.  Its something that hard to resist after taking 1 coz of its special flavours.  Spice levels were quite less and I really the taste.


Veg Manchurian
This was another wonderful dish that was available at the lounge bar.  Again the masala was not too strong and just optimum.  Enjoyed the flavours quite a bit.
There were also options for the non-vegetarians like Chicken Tikka.  I heard that it also tasted quite good.
This is surely the highlight of this place and there are some really wonderful drinks that I had.


Green Apple Martini
This was an instant favourite coz it had the special aroma that came from Green Apple and the it wasn’t too sweetish.  The taste was just perfect; I would suggest anyone going to BLING should try it.


Litchi juice is added along with martini and the taste was pretty good.  It was perfect as it wasn’t too sweet and addition of additional 30ml of alcohol enhances the flavour.


This is one of the drinks I thought is pretty tough to make.  Coz every time I take it, the taste is on the sweeter side.  The alcohol effect doesn’t come out as much.

But here they seem to have done a good job.  I sure did love the taste and most of all the simple clean presentation.


Kiwi + Guava + Rum
We wanted to try something different in terms of the flavours and had the bartender mix Kiwi and Guava along with rum.  I think there is a name to this combination, need to find out.  But the drink was really good.


Another traditionally favourite drink that is liked by a lot of people.  It has the flavours of pineapple, coconut and vodka.  Decent taste but could have been stronger.
Apart from all of this, the best combination would be to take the ‘Rum + Coke’.  It is something that always keeps you happy.


Event Organizers
I need to make special mention of the event organizer ‘Preeti Saha’ from ANS events company who did a great job in putting together this event and inviting the right kind of guest to be part of it.
I am sure with the kind of crowd following that is going to be build going forward, BLING could be one of the preferred destination for partying late night.
Preeti seems to have the special knack of calling the right kind of guests to the party and is also quite great host.  Cos during the party, she would keep checking with people to make sure that they were enjoying. It is nice gesture which would make anyone quite happy.
Looking forward to more event @ZURI.
Overall Experience
It was long time since I had gone for partying at night and for sure it was a great experience.  The energy of the crowd was simply awesome.  There were people just enjoying themselves right from 9.30pm – 1am.  It was more like non-stop party.  The bar counter was also filled with people and food was awesome.  And the hosts for the event were quite good and took care of guests.  I would rate my experience at this place at 4.0/5.  It has all the potential to be rated higher and easily to become the best party place in Bangalore.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food & Drinks for 2 will cost anywhere between INR1500-2500.  But yes with good music you never know how many drinks may get inside.





FOOLs PARTY – I was with Dushyant, Pratheek, Donovan and Preeti.