2016 Holi Party @Infinity – ZURI, Whitefield – Bangalore

A festival day is to be celebrated with the relatives.  But then if you get a chance to celebrate the same with friends, it is more interesting.  This has become quite common in a place like Bangalore where there are mostly immigrants who in the city.  It becomes hard to find many relatives around, so the time is best spent with friends.  And a festival like HOLI is to be celebrated with loads of people.  In Bangalore, there are many place that conduct HOLI parties that spread across the afternoon time-frame.  I happened to visit the INFINITY – The pool side restaurant at ZURI, Whitefield.


ZURI is known to setup event for HOLI every year.  And this year I think there was an article on Time of India which gave all of us info on the HOLI party plans in INFINITY.  Soon after I came to know I decided go and enjoy there with friends.  And this time around, it was to be fun and nothing else.
The place was having a perfect setup for a HOLI party.  Few highlights of the place included.


  • Nice open swimming pool where people where allowed to take a plunge.  Ideal people who had too much colour would not do that.  That most of us did dip into pool.


  • An open space where there were arrangements made for RAIN dance.  There were in total 9 outlets where water was being sprinkled and it was fun.
  • Separate bar counter behind the RAIN Dance area where we could pick up the drinks.
  • A separate DJ console area to the left side, which seem to be well secluded from the people partying.


  • Organic colour power of different colours were being kept at one of the location.  People would just grab the same and put it on other.  There were also big buckets with colour water.  And there also the sprays that we could use to take in the coloured water and spray it on people.


  • Separate food counter section to the left at the entrance where there were plenty of starters and sweets.  There was also a Tandai section son after you entered the place which had both Tandai and Lassi for tasting.
  • Decently maintained bathroom where we could change and get towels if needed.


The setup was exactly the way we expect a HOLI Party place to be.
It is quite critical that the food on the day of the party is really good.  Coz many of the folks had come with the family and there is an expectation that food would be good.  Let me share my experience with the food.


Paav Bhaij
A decent chat with had well prepared bhaai and the paav was being heated well with some butter.  The portion sizes were small but then I thought it was apt for anyone just jumping during parties.


Channa Chat
A very well prepared chaat which tasted yummy as the channa was well cooked.  The masalas in it were well done and it surely wasn’t too spice or too light.  Addition Seva, onion and other items enhanced the flavours.


Aloo Tikki
The Aloo in it was pretty well made by keeping on the Tava.  With the right mix of masala, it tasted quite yummy.
Paapdi Chaat
This is the only item I was not very impressed with coz the Paapdi was not bring the effect that I usually does.  The chat was okay but surely not as good compared to others mentioned above.


Gujia / Peda / Pista Burfi / Gurka Sev
I wanted to try the entire collection of sweets, so put all of those in one plate.  Taste of each of them were pretty good.  Gujji and peda are contemporary like Pista.  But Gurvka Sev is the special sweet.


It was a pretty well made Thandai which had the right amount of cold milk, may be some badam, spices and other.


This is surely of the favourites among the folks playing folks.  The taste was quite decent.
Apart from the non-alcoholic there were loads of Kingfisher beers and many IMFL options to choose from.  The bartender would also make drinks as per you choice like –
Mojito with Lime
Rum with Orange Juice

It was an open house for letting people enjoy themselves and just have fun.

Event Organizers
I would like to make a special mention of ‘Preeti Saha‘ from the company ‘ANS Events’ who coordinated and managed the entire proceeding.  It is quite a task to setup an event at a premium property like ZURI, managing the Ad Campaigns on newspapers, calling the correct set of guests, handling walk-ins, making sure that all the guests are well taken care and ensuring the success of entire event.  I think Preeti and her team have done a phenomenal job.

I am looking forward to attending many more events setup by the ANS team in future.

Overall Experience
It was wonderful time spent along with the good set of friends.  And the party was so happening that everyone were enjoying to the fullest.  The people who setup the event have done a brilliant job.  I thought the crowd was just optimum and I think they targeted  a little over 300-500 guest to come for the event.  From what I saw and tasted food, my rating for this place would be 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 will costly INR1000-1500.











With Naveen, Chef Bibhuti, Sudarshan, Manoj.