Kapoors Cafe @Whitefield, Bangalore

There are some places we come across some places by absolute luck.  And then you start to wonder that how come you have not visited such a lovely place that’s been around for a while.  You then think that it was a mere coincidence and convince yourself.  Well, I guess that is the feeling I got when I visit the lovely Vegetarian Restaurant serving some lovely North Indian Food named ‘Kapoors Café’.


Returning from a wonderful Holi Party is quite stressful.  And then when it involves enjoying with friends and also drinking, it is more tiresome.  But then when the set of friends say that we should try food at a place.  Initial reaction was that why did they suggest the place now.  But then I gather all the energy and say that why not give it a shot to actually try the restaurant.
It simply amazed me when I realised that I have visited the in and around this place before.  It’s the same place where there is a great ‘Badminton Club’.  Now, the compound also houses the lovely restaurant.
And as I hear from the person running the restaurant, it is family business where parents and brothers are completely involved. It ought to be great coz there is so much of love involved.


If you are heading to Value Forum Mall from Maratahalli, you need to drive across to the signal called ‘Kundanahalli Gate’. Then keep driving straight at signal for another ½ kms.  The restaurant is located to the left side inside the same complex where the Badminton Club is situated.


The place is unique in itself which makes it very interesting.  I need to share more thought on it.
  • Roof looks to be like the thatched roof or say like the asbestos sheet.  I hear that the family was involved in painting it.
  • There are wonderful chairs and décor around the place which gives a soothing feeling.
  • Huge desert cooler to keep the location cool.  Usage of contemporary coolers or A/C have been avoided to keep it natural.
  • There is meter post outside just like the way you find on the highway indicating the distance to the place.  Here there is one that says – PUNJAB 0 KM.
  • There are great posted on the walls.   Like – 11 Fun Facts About Punjabis, HELL IM PUNJABI, OK CALM CALM, Punjabi Diet Plan, Village scenes.
  • Small board that says – SPEED LIMIT 180 KMs per HOUR.


The reasons I mentioned above are quite great and I feel I already going there once again.
Any restaurant that starts off, has the initial craze with the customer’s coz its new.  And it became older, it is important to let the same customers come back.  It should also attract new people coz they would have heard from other friends who visited the place in the past.  This for sure is the reason for the increase in popularity of Kapoor’s Café.  Let me share my thoughts.


Holi Mini – Thali
Traditional drink is prepared for Holi and everyone gets to drink. This drink was available and being served as part of Holi food.  The taste was so much better.  It is not just the cold milk, but the ingredients that enhance the flavour and the Earthen pot in which is it served.


Paapad + Masala (Paapad Roll)
This is the paapad rolled like a cone and stuffing put into it.  The stuffing is that of tomato, onions, coriander and masalas.  I thought initially that it was good but then felt that it was on the spicier side.  But yes it is quite unique coz I have not tried it anywhere in the recent past.


Paneer Kebab
This was a Paneer of which kebab was made.  It was quite soft and tasted yummy with the mint chutney.


Thali Content
Subjis – Aloo Gobi (dry), Paneer Mutter Masala, Lauki (Gourd) curry
The taste of all the subjis were simply brilliant.  It was great trying that with the thick paranthas which actually seemed to kachori.
There was not much oil that was used in the subjis.  The spices were also quite optimum for every to enjoy it.


This was a great addition to the thali which in south India is common.  It tasted good with the rice-bath.


There was a small portion of it served which tasted quite good with the curries with the gravy.


It seemed to look like ‘Balu shah’ but it isn’t.  The taste might have been a little on sweeter side.  But yes it was something I could not resist soon after I started eating.
They made sure that paan is served in the plate.  So, soon after finishing meal, you can pick it up instead of taking it anywhere from outside.


Masala Tea
I decided to try some Masala tea before calling quits for the day.  The taste was quite wonderful with the optimum mix of milk, tea and sugar.


Apart from the above mentioned, I did take back few items to home like – Paneer Butter Masala and 6-Daal Curry.
  • Paneer Butter Masala had a bit of ma

    sala which made a light spicy dish. But the overall dish was good.

  • 6-Daal Curry was having the combination of 6 different pulses. And yes the taste was simply wonderful.


Khasta Paratha is something that most of my friend have advised me to take when I go there.  I tried and for sure it tasted wonderful with the 6-Daal Curry.


Overall Experience
This was a wonderful evening spent time at a new restaurant.  Ambiance is wonderful and I feel that people can feel relaxed just being there.  The owner of restaurant actually goes to every table with guests and speak to them.  It speaks so much about the desire to connect people.  The food has had few glitches in spices but I am sure it can be improved.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.  It has all the potential to grow up in the ratings.


My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5


Food for 2 will coast anywhere between 1200-2000 depending on hunger.
With Foodie friends – Naveen, Chef BB & Manoj K.