Wurfel Küche – Module Kitchens & Wardrobes

This is an article that I need to start by using the word, WOW !  I used the word without any hesitation coz what I saw at the launch ‘Wurfel Kuche’ was amazing.  And as they say in the slogan, ‘ALWAYS STAND OUT’.  They can use it without any doubt as they make expansive range of high precision modular kitchens & wardrobes.


The launch had in-house European Experts who gave us a sneak peak of the stringent procedures that go behind making the products.  And these are not just Kitchens, we can call them as ‘Fashion Kitchen’.  Coz each the modular kitchen look exquisite.  Each and every one of the models are inspired.


There are a few words from Wurfel itself that I wanted to put up on this blog –
Gone are the days when Kitchen was seen as a neglected part of ones home.  Today they reflect modern designs, top the finishes hi tech appliances and are miniature word in themselves; one which demands finesse, elegance and functionality.  Aiming to revolutionize one of the fastest growing sectors of the country, Wurfel launches a range of premium modular kitchen and wardrobes that commit to providing the finest European products at a highly competitive price range.
Adhering to strong European traditions, 100% German machinery, raw materials & fitting from across Europe, our products reflect international standards, unmatched quality, excellent craftsmanship and have set a benchmark in the world of modular kitchens.


Info on CEO
Khanindra Barman (Kay) CEO & Co-Founder Wurfel, is a seasoned professional in the hospitality and lifestyle business, is now all set to create a niche space for Wurfel Kuche in the Modular Kitchen Industry. 


He has a history of studying in premium institute like BITS, working as SW engineer, starting ‘The Beach’ restaurant in Bangalore, opening 21 projects – Spas, Lounges, Night clubs, Imported Kitchen & Sanitary Store.  He has been part of the Wurfel Kuche since 3 years and now he plans to make it the India’s No.1 Kitchen Brand in India. I am sure with his passion, we will see Wurfel reaching up greater heights in India.


Sometime the words are not enough to express what we actually see with our eyes.  This is the feeling I got when I entered the Wurfel Kiche workshop.  Most important things that I liked about the place.


–       Cleanliness around the place – It speaks volumes of the thought-flow of the company who want to not only make the great kitchen to look good, but make it in the best of place.
–       Storage space – It is critical that each of the items that mostly comes imported from Europe are kept in a very nice and dry place. Not letting moisture seep is quite critical.  They have done a great job in the factory.
–       Segregation of equipment – None of the machineries used look complicated but quite neat.
–       Inspiring picture – A workplace sometimes can be inspiring if there are some good paintings or cartoons.  At Wurfel they have specifically put a nice evolution chart of ‘Technology’ which shows mans evolution.  Im sure whenever the people look at it, they would get inspired.
Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes
I might have shared experience about the interiors of the Factory but the best part is yet to be told.  The experience of watching some of the Modular Kitchens that were already setup for us to view.  Each and every Kitchen and Wardrobes looked exquisite.  Let me share my feeling on some of them.



–       Contemporary Design
This was the first of the kitchen we got to see which has all the contemporary fittings of chimney, stove, hobes and the wardrobes for Kitchen.  It looks very pretty.  They also had the middle area setup which usually is used for having breakfast around in Kitchen.



–       Wardrobes
There were the traditional doors with hinges, specifically imported from Italy.  And also there were the sliding door ones for the modern folks who want to save space by not having to open the doors.




–       Glassy Finish to Kitchen
This was a model Kitchen that has ‘glass’ stuck on top of the wood and the look and feel were simply classy.  These are people who are quite inclines to have something quite different in the Kitchen.  They might have a slight issue is someone tries to bang it repeatedly but then otherwise, it is simply awesome to look at.


Some things about the wardrobes that needs to told is that there is a gap between the wall and the back-side of the wardrobes.  That way, even if there is water leaking from the wall due to seepage, the wardrobe won’t be affected.
Adding to the above point, the gaps also enable us to have plugs easily usage even when the wardrobe covers it completely.
The only question mark that comes to the mind would be in terms of the price.  And as the Wurfel folks say the price ranges from INR 1.8 lakhs up until INR 30 lakhs.  So, there is something for everyone @Wurfel.
Party / Performance


It was an evening to cherish coz it was not just a launch but also a time to meet good friend who are like minded in taste and have the liking for something as classy & different as Wurfel. 



To make the evening better there was a light music being played by live performance which kept the audience engaged in multiple conversations with folks from Wurfel who never tired sharing more details about the company, designs and future plans.
Meeting the Celeb Chef Aditya Bal
Another interesting part of the evening was the interaction with the Celebrity Chef Aditya Bal.  Folks from the food industry know him as one of the Top Chef who has done quite a few shows in TV and has inspired many to take up the Chef profession.  Personally, being a foodie, it’s a time well spent in the company of many of my foodie friends and also getting a chance to meet the celebrity himself.  And like always there were Selfie sessions with the Chef Aditya, who was more than welcome to click picture along side us.


And his presence speak a lot about the Kitchen make and quality, coz a celebrity like Chef Aditya would always seek the best when it comes to the Kitchen.  And I am sure he was also equally elated looking at the designs.
Apart from the technicality, design splendor, meeting celebrities, there were some wonderful eatable and drink options that kept the audience engaged.  There were an array of Barbeques that each one of the folks present at the event engaged.  Topping it all up with the array of cocktails that were being served out which was intoxicating along with the entire experience.




Final Thoughts
A truly great evening which started with a long drive to the Wurfel factory @Hoskete, seeing some of the exquisite Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes and ending by driving back with some of good memories. 
And I also heard that the Wurfel is looking to tie up with few of the existing people in the market who are selling modular kitchens for public.  

They also have their own place @Bellandur on Outer Ring Road for people to visit.