Asia Kitchen by Mainland China – Koramangala, Bangalore

Asia Kitchen is one of the Mainland China restaurant that serves food from various South Asian countries, instead of only China.  There are some places, which serve great food and are popular among the masses.  But yet they change things to make reach out to more masses.  Well, this kind of changes land up being fatal.  It’s on the same lines that Mainland China has come up with Asia Kitchen. 
An already popular chain looking to re-invent itself to be able to serve food with different part of the south-Asia is a great idea.  By doing this restaurant is now able to not only serve ‘Chinese’ but also ‘Japanese’, ‘Malaysian’, ‘Thai’, ‘Singapore’, ‘Hong Kong’ style of food.  And it gives more choices of customer like you and me.
I happened to go to this place one evening and had a wonderful evening trying out some of the dishes.  Let me share my experience on the same.
Location & Ambiance
If you are coming from Sony Signal in Koramangala.  Take right just before the ‘Sukh Sagar’ and then drive along for 200mts and ‘Asia Kitchen by Mainland China’ will appear to the right side.
The place has always looked good and now it’s even nicer.  The loft section to the right as we enter, is simply superb.  The bar counter is also quite long and seat quite a few people.
Let me share my thoughts on the food and drinks that I had the other evening.


Tom Yum Soup
This is one of the most common Thai soup that all of us would order when we goto Thai restaurant.  The soup served here was abit on the saltier side.  Soon after I told this to the serving staff, they took it and corrected the same.  Then whatever soup served was simply awesome and yummy.  There were good amount of veggies in the soup.


Dynamite Tofu
The name itself is quite unique and the was served also was simply amazing.  There is this wine glass with fried tofu + masala, in which the dish was served.  And I must say the taste was simply awesome.  Its hard to stop with just one, need to atleast try many more.


Vegetable Chilli Basil Dumplings
Another interesting dish where various vegetables were mixed and made into dumpling.  The stuffing was simply awesome.  With the additives that were given the taste was yummy.


Crispy Vegetables with Kaffir Lime
The way this was served also was quite unique.  Had this green texture from outside and it looked like mini-capsicums.  But the taste was simply awesome.


Chilli Teriyaki Potatoes
I would not call it as French Fries or Wedges.  It was unique in itself and nicely layered.  The taste along with the masala was exquisite.  Infact, I took some 4-5 serving of the same.



Main Course
Vegetables in Thai Green Curry
This for sure is the signature dish and I must say they made it quite well.  I enjoyed it along with the steamed rice.  The thickness of the gravy was quite good and veggies inside were well cooked.  A must order item when you goto ‘Asia Kitchen’.


Assorted Vegetables in Roasted Chilli
Dish is quite good and goes along quite well with the noodles and also with the rice.  I would rate it abit lower than the ‘Thai Green Curry’.  Nevertheless, it’s a good dish.



Corn and Potato Tsing Hoi Style
Nice combination of corn and masala mixed with some brilliant chinese masala.  Dish went along very well with the steam-rice as it was a bit on the spicier side.


Rice & Noodles
Vegetable Lemon Grass Rice
This rice variety goes along quite well with the Corn Tsing Hoi.  Nothing too fancy but the rice was well cooked.


Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce
Hand down this was my favorite dish for the day.  Not sure if its coz I got a sweet tooth or just that the dish was really good.  The flavor just melted into my mouth.


Hot Chocolate Roll
This was an okay desert.  Felt that the chocolate was a bit too hard and could have been softer.
Honey Noodles with Orange and Basil
This desert looks like a Jalebi, but it isn’t.  Overall its hard to finish many pieces of it.  Its best to share it with atleast 2-3 folks.


I guess the entire evening dinner would not have been done without the drinks.  And during the course of the meal, I tried the following drinks.


For sure this is my favorite and the way it was done was quite good.



Mojito + Orange Juice
A variation of the Mojito + Lime but the drink came out to be quite good.


Bloody Mary with Guava
Another drink that is away from the contemporary Tomato based drink.  I enjoyed this the best as they had the perfect combination of guava + salts coated around the glass.


It was a wonderful experience going to a new restaurant in the Mainland China.  I am sure the ‘Asia Kitchen’ will do great and will be loved by people for its variety.  I would go with a 4.0/5 for this restaurant.
My rating in other departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1500-2000 for a sumptuous meal.
I guess the review would not be complete unless I share pics of my friends who were there along me during the food tasting @Asian Kitchen 🙂