Tom Yum Thai – Indranagar, Bangalore



Tom Yum Thai is one the restaurant that has come up in Indiranagar area which serves delicious Thai Food.  There are days when you feel like just relaxing at home and enjoying some hot pakodas with tea.  But then instead of doing that imagine going to a place that is cozy and serves some wonderful Thai food.  Well, I guess that is exactly what happened on this Sunday when I went to ‘Tom Yum Thai’ @Indrangar. 


If you are aware of CMH road, the place is just situated in the building next to Chinmaya Mission Hospital, on the 4thfloor. 


There is a diagnostic center on the ground floor level for reference.

Parking could be difficult to get coz the left side has ‘No parking’ sign, it would be best to drive ahead and take and keep it one of the side road.



It was an afternoon which I was very much looking forward to for being able to try some Thai Food which is authentic.  It is exactly what I got.  Let me share my view of the items that I had.


Tom Yum Soup
This  for sure is populate among many folks who take Thai food.  The soup was well done with right amount of spices, seasoning and veggies.  They have a less spicy version, medium and the spicy version.  I would prefer the ‘Spicy’ one coz it was yum.


Classical raw papaya salad
This was really awesome dish which had a great blend of the papaya and few other veggies.  And it tasted the best by itself and also with the sticky rice.  And as the restaurateurs told us, you are supposed to use fingers to eat rather than the spoon to get the real flavors.


Tofu Cashew Mix (Tahu Fried with Cashew Nut)
This happens to be their signature and for sure it did not disappoint.  It was super yummy.  The Tofu and the cashew blended along quite well.  I enjoyed the flavor and someone wanted more & more.


Brocolli with Basil Leaves, Chilly Garlic & Capsicum
This was another good dish.  I would not rate it super highly coz it was a bit on the spicier side.  You need to be careful when you take this.  But yes the veggies blended were well boiled and tasted good.


Mushroom with Chilly Pepper Sauce
This was another dish where the mushrooms were well cooked and it tasted yum with the chilly & other ingredients.  The mushroom pieces were quite big and tasted good.


Main Course
Thai Green Curry
I must say, there are few places in Bangalore that make Thai Green curry that is this good.  The taste was simply awesome as the gravy on its own tasted yummy.
It was great to try it with the sticky rice and ofcourse the steamed rice.


The food in itself was simply superb but then when you also get some great drinks to go along with it.  Meal becomes that much more complete. Some of the really good drinks that I had including –




Two Oceans – Chardonnay – SouthAfrica
A bit bitter but quite smooth white wine that goes along well with the lunch.


Yellow Tail – Pink Moscato – Australia
This by far was the best wine I have had in a while.  The taste was a bit sweet + sour, but it was super smooth.  I loved the smell, flavor making the overall taste super awesome.


A meal might have many courses.  But then sometimes the last course which happens to be the desert section has to be the best.  And in this case, the restaurant can boast itself for getting ‘one of the best ice-creams’ in India.  The brand which has stood the test of time and hails from Mangalore. 


Basically I was talking about the ‘Ideal Ice-creams’.  I still remember the times we used to goto Mangalore, wait to enter inside and try ‘GadBad’ ice-creams.


This restaurant has bought the ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Chocolate’ flavors.  The Vanilla is simply super awesome and you would just love it.  Infact, the moment it is put into the mouth it melts and by the time you think it just goes down your throat.
Glad to see one of my personal favorite ice-creams being brought to Bangalore.


The restaurant is super awesome. Its not just coz of its food, which for sure is critical.  The ambiance inside is great.  There isn’t a need to have AC as it is got open air blowing across.  Few other things to write about the ambiance includes – Buddha Statues, Wall Paintings of Muay Thai, Thai Palace, King of Thailand and few other paintings. 
I rate this place at 4.0 for the wonderful experience I have had with this place.  I am sure it will become one of the most visited Thai restaurants in the locality.



My rating in other departments includes –
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5


Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1200-1500 for a sumptuous lunch/dinner.