Thai Magic at Tim Tai Asian Deli – Koramangala, Bangalore

Tim Tai is one of the most famous Thai places in Koramangala area.  Infact, it also happens to be the most preferred places to have food apart from Soho St.  But for me both the places are quite unique because I have never had an opportunity to visit these places.  Well, as they say sometimes you needs to wait for the right opportunity to visit a place that’s worth.  Well, I guess this place seems to have made a name for itself in the Koramangala area.


It is situated on the same road as Kobe’s Sizzlers, Main Land China or say Bon South.  To give more direction, as you are travelling from the Sony World junction, you need to take right at the ‘Sukh Sagar’ function.  You will find this place to the left situated right next to ‘Bon South’.



First look
They have written the ‘Tim Thai’ right outside the restaurant.  They also have some chairs there, wondering if it was the dinner time or just a waiting place.  because in the heat, I would not even dream of sitting outside as it was quite hot when I visited.





As you enter inside you see a long hallway in which when you walk along, you will find a much bigger space ot the right side.  The unique thing is that they have these nice earthen point paintings, other normal hand-made paintings/posters.




There is also this center area where there is a small covering on top so you can see the sunlight passing through.  I wonder if they decided to keep the space just for the same of vaasthu or they actually wanted that interior design to be that way.
This is something I wanted to tell because they don’t have a proper reservations system as some of the hotels like Punjabi-By-Nature or Pujaab Grill has got.  If they know that there is vacancy they would inform folks to come, rather than giving a time-frame when the table would be free.  Anyways, I called up on Friday and wanted a table for 3 and managed to get it quickly.









Menu Options
As we settled down, they gave us 2 menu options – 1 being the mocktail options and the 2nd being the food menu.  Since there were 3 of us try to have a good time we decied to go for variety int eh food that we ordered.


Lemon Grass IceTea
A very decent drink that kidn of refreshed your mind as its some lemon-grass, ice-tea and sugar.  The drink might have been quite simple but a very effective drink to refresh your mind in the  summer heat.


Berry Iced Tea
Another really good drink which I took had good mix of berries inside the ice-tea and the bartender had done good job mixing the right amount of berries not to leave effects of ice-tea.


Mandarin Feast
This is another mocktail containing – Fresh mint, lime and sugar.  It was well made mocktail and I enjoyed taking it.  My colleagues who accompanied also loved it.



Tom Yum Veg
This was one of the best soup that I have taken in long time.  I guess this is one of the most traditional and favorite of the Thai kind of food.  And I have always heard how large the quantity would be.
Infact, it is also put in the menu that it serves 4 people.
I just loved the mixed of boiled veggies and the masala in the liquid.  To top it all they had lots of coriander also on top it.  It was a good soup that I had taken in a long time.





Crispy Water Chestnuts & Bamboo Shoots with lemon grass
An awesome starter where you can make out that the chestnuts were well done.  It was the perfect start before going for the main course meal.


Main Course
We did take couple of items as part of the menu course.  The thought process was to take ‘Rice-based’ and ‘Noodle based’.  Both of them were simply good, let me share my thoughts.


Indonesian Bamee Curry
This was a nicely prepared curry with loads of veggies including – Corn, Brocolli, lettuce, carrot pieces and many others mixed in this nice gravy which was liquidy with loads of masala.  It was a dish that we planned to take along with Fried rice.



Fried Rice – To Go With the Stir Fries
With the main course dish that we order as mentioned above, we had to order for Fried rice to take it along with curry.  The overall experience was really good.



Seasonal Veg Noodles
A good dish that is based on the noodles.  Well, it might happen that we were full by stomach.  But we surely wanted to try it out.  It turned out to be pretty good.



All the items served were pretty good.  But yes, there was surely some wait time involved.  And the décor looks picture perfect.  The roof has a opening on top to let the sunlight come in.



Overall my experience with the place, I will rate it 4.0.  And the rating in other departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Service – 3.75/5

Food for 2 would come upto Rs.1500-200.
And yes, since it is a blog, I thought sharing the pic of my office colleagues with whom I went to Tim Tai. All of the really enjoyed it 🙂