Drink on MG – MG Road, Bangalore

Drink on MG is a place located right on the MG Road and for sure it would attract people to come over.  My initial thoughts was like, why have another one in the same area where there few more like 13th floor, Church Street Social, Brier Republic and many others.  All of them might be located in the radius of 0.5kms.  But then I would say why not open a place like it.  And that to the location wise it is very good coz its close to Metro station and people can just hop out of metro and come in here.



If you are driving on the MG Road and moving from the Trinity Circle, you need to cross the signal where Brigade Road intersects with MG Road.  And then as you come along 300-400mts, the place is situated to the left.



To give more easier direction, if you coming on Church Street, you would find Empire to the left, take a right turn at the junction and move towards MG Road.  The place appears to the right in the corner.


First Look
It has got a bit of narrow entrance but then as you come to the 1st level, you can find out that it is a class place.  The furniture, décor, interiors are too good.  And for sure the crowd that were there also simply awesome.  There were also some specific pieces of décor that I remember including – Paintings, 3 bottles of ‘Chivas Regal’ on the wall that were well arranged and many other whisky’s used more like a deco of the wall.



The event that I was there included quite a few food and drink options.  In the food specifically the items served were many and I wanted to share my opinion the same.


Bruschetta with Tomato  & Mozzarella
A very good dish that was quite refreshing to taste.  I enjoyed eating it thoroughly as the bread went along very well with the tomotos.



With Tomato & Pesto dip
Another item to die for coz the moment you put them in my mouth, it just melts.  And then why you dip it in Pesto, all those more heavenly feeling comes.



Pizza Margherita
Classic Margherita
This is a simple pizza with minimal topping but then the base and the little topping made it very tempting.  The overall pizza was quite tempting, not that you can take the entire pizza, you can surely eat some 2-3 pieces and for sure it goes along well when are having some cocktails.


Apart from the Veg options, the Non-Veg eaters had the following items- Chicken Wings (served with BBQ sauce) & American Pizza (with sauté chicken).  My friends enjoyed eating the non-veg food.




I guess the place as the name suggests is famous for drinks.  And the pub has made sure that the right setup is present for guest to join, have a execute chef as a foreigner.
There were quite a few cocktails that were shared.  Some of them includes –
Cosmopolitan, Porn Star Martini, Bloody Mary, Manhattan , Mint Julet, Whisky sour, Diaquiri, Indian Diaquiri, Gin Swizzle, Dry Martini and Bramble.




Its easy to mention the names and many time it does look fancy.  But then it takes a lot of effort the bartender to make the perfect cocktail to make you say wow.  I guess the bartender @ Drink on MG is extremely talented and for sure has trained well the folks working with him.  I wanted to share my thoughts on few of the drinks –




Porn Star Martini
A white drink with martini and the favorite olives dipped in it. The looks was amazing and the drink was even more amazing.



This was drink served on a nice glass with orange skin as the decoration agent.

The looks of it was simply awesome.  And for sure the taste was mind-blowing.  You should look at the effort that goes into making the drink, simply amazing.




Indian Diaquiri
I guess another special drink that I liked and it was served along with orange peel inside it.


This seems to be the favorite item that goes into the drink adding a bit of citrus effect to the drink.



This sure is an all time favorite drink for many folks and I loved to see the way it was prepared.  And the way salt it put all around the glass was great to watch.


These drinks don’t just come so easy from some bottle right, they are specially made.
Mint Julep
I guess this was another drink that came with crushed ice on it and must say the looks was amazing and the drink was even more amazing.



Overall I think I ended up trying most of the cocktails.  Few more that I missed mentioned included – Bramble, Whisky sour and Gin Swizzle.  All of them were simply amazing.





Infact, the bartender made  a special for us that was rum-based, wow it was really good one to end the day actually.






Overall I loved visiting this place.  Meeting old friend and making new friends can be a habit when you meet up and share experiences.  Infact, I would rate this place highly as 4.0 and would love to visit it more often than not.




My ratings in other departments would be as follows –
Drinks – 4.25/5
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Food for 2 here would easily come upto Rs.1500-2000.




Thanks for folks who made me part of the event which I enjoyed quite well.  I know that it happened on the day when world-cup final was being telecasted on the big-screen inside, but then I guess the matches took a second seek with good food & drinks.