The Junior Parota by ID Fresh

The other day one of my friend mentioned about the company ‘ID Fresh’ which is one of the biggest players in the FMCG market.  They have various products in their mix but then a question brews up in the mind, if they do something for the kids.  Well, this query lead me to startling reply in which my friend did tell me about the array of ‘snack options for kids’.  And that they have also revolutionized the same.  Well, I was even more surprised when I came to know about the  concept of #ParotaSnacking with their product name ‘The Junior Parota’.  Well the idea sounded unique but then its hard to say if it is good and can be consumed by kids.


The Junior Parota
I had my own doubts on the product until recently, I was approached by a person from the ‘ID Fresh’ company asking me to taste some of the ‘The Junior Parota’ and share my feedback.  Initially, I was thinking the cost of the cost would be on the higher side but then when I got the package, I was in for a shock.  Coz the product which is available in a nicely wrapped cover cost just INR 30.  And this cot is not just for 1 parota, but for 4 parotas that are put into 1 cover.  Well, this makes it affordable for anyone and everyone. 



Next step was to actually unpack the same and prepare the parota and taste it.  But before doing that as usual, we would want to check the info on the packet before cutting it open.  There were points mentioned that could make any parent happy and want to give to their kids.
  • These PAROTAS are 100% Natural
  • Before You Eat – Don’t buy a puffed or damaged pack
  • Direction of Use
  • Nutrition Facts Per 100g
  • Storage Info
  • Packing Date along with ‘Use By’ Info clearly mentioned
  • FSSAI license
When you open the packet, you get the smell of wheat which very good.  Especially if you are used to preparing chapattis at home, you would get the smell of pure wheat flour when the water is mixed to ‘atta’ (wheat powder).


Direction for Use
For crispy parotas, heat on a flat pan with ghee for a minute ! Once heated place on a flat surface and compress with both hands to separate the layers ! Serve hot.


The above directions were printed on the cover.  But then when you prepare it, its very easy and there are no hassles.  I was able to personally prepare it without intervention of anyone.  The parotas came up to be really good.


Food Taste
There are time when you see that something might look good but may not actually taste that good.  Well, in this case the looks and taste equally good.  And I could feel that it is the WHOLE WHEAT stuff and was something mixed with ‘Maida’ (Maidaa is a finely milled refined and bleached wheat flour, closely resembling cake flour)


We have commonly see the term ‘30% Maida’, ‘50% Maida’ or ‘70% Maida’ being added to ‘Wheat Flour’.  There are very few places where you get a 100% Wheat parota.  I can say that ‘ID Fresh – The Junior Parota’ is one such parota.
The parota can easily go along with any item like – Daal, Gobi Subji, Paneer Subji, Palak Paneer, Daal Makhani, Veg Kurma or any dish with gravy.  Main dish will taste so much better when you try with the parota that is prepared.
I tried the same with ‘Palak Paneer’ and ‘Daal Makhani’ for the first time and it tasted yummy.  And also the same with ‘Paneer Butter Masala’ was even yummier. 
Preparing parota is a lengthy process and in the hurry to send kids to school, it becomes hard for mother/father to have both parota & subji ready quickly.  Now, since the preparation time is much reduced, its easily to send the same to kids for school.
The focus can be put on preparing a main course or subji which will go along with the parota.  And I feel that atleast 30-40% of the time can be saved.
This parota is not just for kids to be consumed.  It can also be consumed by adult.  Infact, the same can be prepared & packed by wife/husband/parents/cook for working professionals.
Bachelors who were constantly searching for some good parota can spend little time in preparing the same and then take the subji from office.
I feel that this is one of the best products available for anyone in the market.  And I appreciate the efforts of ‘ID Fresh’ to bring a product like this.
My rating for this would be as follows –
Taste – 4.0/5
Flavor – 4.0/5
Time – 4.0/5 (Preparation Time)
In Closing
I want to share some thoughts from the ‘ID Fresh’ company regarding the product.
iD introduces #Parotasnacking
with it’s
tasty & healthy Junior Parotas
100% Natural and Delicious, home made by iD Fresh
Nothing is as challenging as coming up with a new recipe every morning for a mother and packing something delicious for the kiddo’s tiffin box… Here is an answer to all the queries by mothers who are looking for different snacking options for their kids. With an aim to revolutionize the idea of morning and evening munchies, iD has now introduced the concept of #Parotasnacking with its Junior Parota. This is made out of whole wheat, which is 100% natural, preservatives free, with no added chemicals and flavours.
A petite snack, Junior Parota is healthy, versatile & quick. Junior Parota can serve over 100+ snacks. Smearing your favorite jam or spreading some cheese or adding fresh vegetables as a topping, all of which can be done in a jiffy! It is the perfect traditional snacking option for children to satisfy their 11 am or 4 pm hunger pangs.
Available in pack of 4 units for Rs. 30/-
Just buy a pack, smear your favorite topping and binge on the junior magic irresponsibly!
What: iD Whole Wheat Junior Parota
Home Made by iD, Made special by you
Where: Available at all retail stores
Price: INR 30/-