Completion of EGMP at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore


A proud moment for myself to have completed a gruelling 11 months of EGMP course IIM Bangalore.  The journey started from 19-Jan’15 and ended yesterday 7-Nov’15.  And ours was the 33rd batch and we were called IIMB EGMP-33​ batch.

EGMP stands for Executive General Management Programme.  The best things about this course is that you will find folks with minimum 5-25 yrs experience in different level of Management, Sales, Marketing and of course the Individual Contributors.

Anyone in the Industry will love to have some certification or course done at IIMB.  After multiple attempts at getting through, I managed to get through the selection process.

The industry that the individuals belong to is varied.  There were folks from Pharmaceuticals, Motocycle Industry, Titan, IT Companies like – Microsoft, EMC, Infosys, Agriculture, Clothing, Petrochemical, Health Care.

The course in itself was quite gruelling and some of the subjects that were covered as part of the course included – Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Business Statistics, Accounting Management, Resource Optimization, Organization Structure, Micro/Macro-economics, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, General Commercial Knowledge, Business Law, Leadership and ofcourse Business Simulation.


If I have to share my thoughts on my professors.  I would say that each and every one of them were good and brilliant in their own ways.  Each of the Professor actually came with a good amount of Industry and teaching experience.  They also are part of advisory boards for many of the organization which means that they also share the current Industry perspective.

Program directors for this course were – Prof P C Narayan & Prof Rajendra Bandi.
Few more of the professors that were brilliant included – Prof Shankar Venkatagiri, Prof R Narayanaswamy, Prof Shanker, Prof DVR Seshadri, Prof Avinash Mulky, Prof Rajluxmi Murthy, Prof NM Agarwal, Prof Jayanthi, Prof Krishna Sundar, Prof Sai Yayavaram, Prof Anil Suraj, Prof Deepak Malghan.




For sure, it was a wealth of Mangement knowledgement learnt from, undoubtedly the No.1 ‘B’ School in India.  Its now time to read further and put the knowledge into use.
It was quite challenging and fun at the same time managing work and the course.  It involved stretching most of the times, especially to complete the course related assignment.  I guess that is the time when you actually drill more into the subject.
Something more tougher at time were the tests which took me back to those college days.  And ofcourse, ‘Case Studies’ were the most important part of the course.
It was wonderfully journey at the BRILLIANT IIMB campus with some really wonderful individuals.   I would surely cherish the times spent in the class and looking forward keeping up the friendship for many more years to come.



Finally the most important set of people to thank includes – folks @ my work-place including my manager & subordinates, friends and MY FAMILY.