Alchemy – Coffee Roasters in the heart of Jayanagar

Coffee Shops are places where most of us plan to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee.  It’s also a place where one can work and hang-out with friends for long periods.  Some of the most essentials aspects of café include – good coffee, tasty snacks, being spacious yet cosy, have good ambiance and be pocket-friendly.  The last aspect may not be very important as youngsters are able to save and share expenses.  Recently I visited Alchemy, a coffee shops that fits the bill in most of the aspects.  Let me share my experience when I recently visited.IMG_20180326_194812


Let me share the directions from the South End Circle, that has nearly 4-5 roads converging at one spot.  If you are taking the road from Lalbagh West Gate and reach upto South End Circle, continue driving straight.  As you keep driving, one would come across 2 interactions that leads to Jayanagar 4th Block BDA complex.  Keep driving and keep looking towards the right-side to see the National College, Jayanagar across the park.  Take the left at the junction that come immediately, and Alchemy Coffee Roasters can be seen to the right side.IMG_20180326_184630


  • A very cool looking café which reminded me for Starbucks immediately.  They have light colored (blue/green) door from outside which looks great.  One can make out that they have good interiors.IMG_20180326_184446
  • Inside the café, they have put up art works of World Map, Coffee cup and other items.  The special coffee cup that pops out has the outline of skyscrapers instead of coffee layer.IMG_20180326_184433
  • Alchemy brand seems to be part of 7 Bean Coffee and they make Gourmet Coffee as well.  At one side of the café, they have kept multiple packets of coffee beans in yellow & black bags.  Just below the shelves, they have kept different type of coffee beans in glass bottles.
  • There are multiple coffee powder making machines, probably trying to showcase the variety of crushing technology.  The staff in the outlet, use some of the machines to crush the beans live and use it in coffee machines.IMG_20180326_184350
  • Its become a trend to use yellow neon light at the end of water pipes and run the wiring inside them.  The design looks pretty good and very trendy.IMG_20180326_184401
  • The seats have been spaced out well which gives ample space to walk around.


Cup of coffee sourced from traditionally nurtured estate for 3 generations from rich fertile Coorg soil, Ashwini Estate.  They grow various varieties of Arabic (Columbian catimor), Robusta (C X R) along with Pepper & Cardamom.  The estate is spread across 70 across and use washed Arabic & sundried Robusta.IMG_20180326_184423


This was my first visit to the store and I was not sure of the taste and flavours.  So, I thought of trying some of their signature drinks.IMG_20180326_190732

Latte Di Mandrola

This was a hot coffee was quite strong and one can feel the caffeine in it.  Little bit of milk and foam are added, and they fill up to brim. The coffee had a unique taste and I enjoyed every sip of it.  I would recommend this drink to anyone visiting the café.IMG_20180326_190535

Salted Caramel Latte

It was another awesome drink that had caramel, coffee and is topped with cream.  The taste was great, and it becomes hard to resist after taking the first sip.  Coffee was served in a very nice-looking glass which can be photographed.IMG_20180326_190644

The amount of coffee served in both the drinks should be increased, as I feel its less.


They have multiple snacks items and I decided to go for something interesting.IMG_20180326_191622

Chilli Mushroom & Cheddar Sub

It came with 2 layers of bread that had overload of mushrooms, cheddar cheese, cucumber, onions.  The sub was served with French Fries, Salad and add-on(s).  The cheddar cheese and other veggies between the sub, created magic.  Along with the sub, Chilli Mayo and Tomato Ketchup were also served as add-on(s) which additionally enhanced flavours.

I loved the French fried as they were crispy from outside and fried well to golden brown color.  The salad including Cucumber, Black Olive and Lettuce looked fresh & tasted good.

The only change I would want in the sub would be the bread, which looked dry and hard at some places.

Overall Experience

It was wonderful time spent over cup of coffee and snacks at the new coffee shop.  I think we were lucky to get seat as it was very crowded, and people were waiting to get inside.  Loved the ambiance, coffee and the food at the outlet.  This place will easily become the hangout destination for youngster.  I am sure the brand will think of opening multiple outlets across the city.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this café will come upto anywhere between INR 500-1000.


51 Ground Floor, 5th Main Road,
36th Cross Road, 5th Block,
Jayanagar, Bangalore

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  1. I am totally in love with the ambience of this place it’s truly a perfect place for coffee and some quick bites

  2. I am not a fan of coffee or tea, the normal ones that we make at home. But these are so tempting that I feel like having the latte de mandrola like right now !!!

  3. I really like the ambience of this coffee shop. I do like to catch up with fellow bloggers or PR managers over a cup of coffee. This looks like a perfect cafe to hang out!


  4. My husband’s base location is Bangalore so when I come to India next, I will definitely visit Alchemy. I really like the look of this café!

  5. I am loving the chic and clean look of the walls the Cafe reminds me of French style. The coffee looks good too. Thanks for sharing

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