How to run a successful business | Great Teaching


Great businesses always have good leaders at the helm.  They inspire the employees with their decision, methodology & working style.  A few days back, I came across a small booklet containing teaching by Dr.C.Vinod Hayagriv – MD, C.Krishniah Chetty Sons.  This company as many might be knowing is a 150-year-old Jewellery business.

Great Teachings

The name of the book was titled, “The Teaching of Dr.C.Vinod Hayagriv – A Man of Ethics.”  These were definitely the reason for the sustained success of CKC Jewellers.

  • The Rule of 3 – 3 Minutes, 3 Houses, 3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 Months. Any job or Project must get done following the rule of 3, only rare projects last 3 years.
  • Every act needs to follow the cycle to deliver better results.  Think Creatively->design in every area->Collaborate with relevant members->Consolidate into sustainable action
  • Stretch your imagination – Stretch your day – Everyone has only 24 hours – Volunteer to do more.
  • Gembustsu Gemba ‘Go and see’ – The Japanese philosophy leaders should go to the ‘Gemba’ (shop floor) and be in touch with reality at the actual place of work.  Operating purely from managerial cabins do not make a good decision.
  • Don’t try to be a king. Instead, make other kings. And then you can be an emperor.
  • Kaizen – The Japanese philosophy of lean management meaning ‘Continuous Improvement’. If you can make a1% change I am looking fwd to seeing a pic of your version of Dalgona Coffee every day, in a year you can make a 365% change.
  • Think – Think before you ink. Think before you speak.  Think before you hit ‘send’ button.
  • Expand your bandwidth – The human brain is like a sponge it can take unlimited information.
  • Get under the skin – In the practice of HR, it is always important to really understand the people you are dealing with and the problems they are facing before offering them COUNSEL.
  • Eye for detail – “In anything I touch, I find a mistake!”
  • Patience – The term “sleep over it” essential means – have patience. And discuss, consult with key members.  Decisions cannot be rushed or taken at the drop of a hat.
  • Set Examples – Probably a method to get manager to work themselves.
  • Creative Humor – Always start the pace off on a comfortable note.
  • Go beyond the brief.
  • Adapter to the situation – Based on situation and the requirement at the time.
  • Rules – We get the rules we deserve.
  • Be different. Be Unusual. Be unpredictable.  Be Mysterious.
  • Self-interest comes second – Organization at the forefront.
  • What the *$%@!! – Getting abuses out of him means you have really really messed up bad!
  • Island of excellence – You can’t control everything. So where you do have control, create an island of excellence.
  • See the wood from the trees – Most times the obvious is missed. Keep your five senses alive.  You will see the solution just around you!

Note – Conceptualized by Chaitanya V.Cotha & Shreyas V Cotha on the occasion of the 58 birthday of Dr.C.Vinod Hayagriv.

Closing Thoughts

I thought that the same teaching can also be adopted by other businesses.  And few of teaching can be applied in our personal life to succeed.

I hope you liked the quotes and feel inspired.  If you did, please leave a comment and share your thoughts.