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Dosa is one of the favourite and preferred breakfast for most South Indians. But the dish is also popular across other parts of our country like North & West regions. In Bangalore, there are some eateries that serve the best of Dosa like MTR, CTR & Vidhyarthi Bhavan. While the color of the dosa is more or less the same in all eateries, the presentation & taste vary. Apart from the simple dosa, there are other variants that are popular like – Masala, Onion, Rava, Uttapam, Tomato. Nowadays, the trend is also about the Fusion Dosa (Schezwan, Pava Bhaji) that’s popular street food. While we enjoy eating out at the eateries, we wonder if the same can be replicated at our home.


Dosa at Popular Restaurant/Hotels

We always think that it’s hard to replicate the dosa that’s prepared by expert chefs in the eateries. But, I feel that the trick is to do with regards to using the right proportion of ingredients. For example, the Rava Onion Dosa seems hard to replicate at home. We find it to be thin with plenty of sliced onions, coriander, green chillies & cooked well.

If we were to make it at home, few basic steps need to be followed. And once that’s done, the end result will be a dosa that we all crave to eat.

Recipe for Onion Rava Dosa

I will share steps by steps recipe for making this dosa at home.


Sooji Rava (white) – 150g, Rice Flour – 100g, Maida – 50g, Onion (medium) – 2 pieces, Green Chillies – 1 pc, Ginger – 3 small pieces, Coriander, Curry Leaves, Crushed Black Pepper – ¼ tsp, Cumin – ¼ tsp, Mustard, Salt – 1 tsp, Vegetable Oil – 1 tsp


Bowl, Solid Spoon, Tawa (non-stick), Spatula

Steps to be followed

  1. Take a Large Bowl
  2. Pour the Sooji Rava, Rice Flour & Maida
  3. Add finely chopped onion, ginger & coriander
  4. Add ½ tsp of black-pepper & 1 tsp of Salt (to taste)
  5. Take a small frying pan and add 1 tsp oil. Add Mustard seeds and let it crackle. Then add the cumin & curry leaves. Sauté for few seconds till cumin becomes brown in color
  6. Add the tempering mixture along with the oil into the Mixing Bowl
  7. Pour 400ml of Water/Buttermilk into the bowl
  8. Make a thin batter without any lumps. Avoid making it thick
  9. If the above batter is too thin, add little bit of Rice Flour
  10. Keep the Dosa batter aside for 15-20 min

Actual Preparation

  1. Heat the Tava or Non-stick pan on medium heat (See Important Tips)
  2. After 1 min, grease the pan with oil. Use small piece of fabric, coconut fibre or paper napkin
  3. Take a clean & dry Ladle, pick up the dosa batter in it
  4. Pour the batter onto the tawa, from outside to centre (See Important Tips)
  5. If there are big gaps, then fill it little bit of batter
  6. Try covering the batter wish a huge steel/glass lid
  7. Let the base become Golden or Crisp
  8. Flip and cook the other side as well, to cook on both sides
  9. When both sides of dosa are cooked well, fold it and take it out
  10. Serve it hot on a clean plate

Important Tip

The tawa needs to be really hot before pouring batter.
Unlike the commonly prepared dosa, the batter does not spread on the tawa. One needs to pour it consistently across the tawa.
The rava and other ingredients in the batter tend to settle down. You can stir the batter very well before picking it in ladle and pouring on the tawa. If batter is still thick, you can add little bit of water to get the same consistency.

Serving the Dosa

It’s always advised to serve the Rava Onion Dosa hot to allow one to savour the flavors. The best combination with the Rava Onion Dosa – Coconut Chutney, Potato Masala Dosa, Sambar, Curd & Chutney powder.

Final Thoughts

It was a great opportunity for me to deconstruct the Rava Onion Dosa and present the recipe. A relatively complex dish now looks very simple when broken down into smaller steps. The ease of making the dish makes it an ideal candidate for breakfast, brunch or evening snacks.

My next recipe will contain info about making the Coconut & Groundnut chutneys. Until then, you can try making the Rava Onion Dosa at your home and share the feedback.

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