Sunday Brunch at SloFoodCo.2 in Radisson Bengaluru City Center


SloFoodCo.2, an amazing restaurant in the heart of city that’s been hidden from many has now come to light.  Located in the first floor of Radisson Bengaluru City Centre hotel, the restaurant offers gourmet food from different cuisines.  I was recently invited to taste a selection of dishes curated by Chef Palvinder Singh along with the Sunday Brunch.  It was an experience to remember as great food kept coming one after the other.  While we were having the food, Chef also joined our table and shared info about the dishes and many personal anecdotes.

About SloFoodCo.2

The name of the restaurant is unique from an Indian context, but it’s got a special significance globally.  There is an organization globally called ‘Slow Food’ that works to save disappearing food traditions and products.  Similarly, the SloFoodCo.2 promote local farmers by picking up organic ingredient on a rotation basis across the week.

Facts about SloFoodCo.2

  • The numeral 2 added to the name indicates the plot number on which Radisson Bengaluru City Centre is located.
  • The multi-cuisine restaurant has nearly 160 items in the Al-Carte menu.  Though many of the dishes are present in buffet, it’s nice to order it from Al-Cart menu and enjoy the presentation.
  • Vegetables used in cooking are organic and they sourced from different vendors across the week.  Meat are sourced specially sourced from Mangalore.
  • To promote healthy by focused on using more fructose instead of sugar in most of the sweet preparation.
  • Groundnut and gingerly are used in preparing most of the dishes.
  • The cutlery given to guests are amazing and the containers used for storing food look exquisite.
  • Radisson Bengaluru City Centre is owned by the GRT group.


The interiors of the restaurant are designed like a honeycomb.  There are different seating options inside the restaurant.

At one side, there are nice sofas and the other side, they have a section had walls & ceiling in wood.

One of the section have special lounge sofas that look great.  Other end one can find a neat arrangement of  table with casual seats that white/transparent color.

There is also a beautiful open bar-counter where one can order for a drink and watch the mixologist create the portion.  There is also a small balcony overlooking the greenery surrounding the Radisson property.

Dining Experience

Chef Palvinder mentioned at the start of the meal that there would be nearly 20+ dishes served.  It was a combination of Veg and Non-Vegetarian dishes.

Starters (Veg)

Dahi Ke Kebab, Bharwan Aloo Patohar, Afghani Roast Brocolli, Tiranga Paneer Tikka

I specially loved the ‘Dahi Ke Kebab’ that had an amazing taste and softness.  This was probably one of the best Dahi Kebab I have eaten in a while.

The next favourite of mine was the ‘Bharwan Aloo Patohar’ that had nice stuffing inside the sliced Aloo/Potato.  Name of the dish has ‘Patohar’ that produces large quantity of potatoes every year.

The Broccoli & Paneer based started were presented very well. But they needed slight tweaking to make them become brilliant dishes.

The restaurant offers some amazing dishes for Non-Vegetarians including Slow Roasted Chicken Wings, Changezi Murgh Champ, Chapli Gosht Kebab, Murgh Tikka Makhani, Mutton Galouti.

The presentation of every non-vegetarian dish was amazing, and it had great aroma.


Kumbalakayi Tenginakayi Soup (Pumpkin Coconut Soup)

This was probably one of the best soups I have had in a while.  Chef did mention that there is no corn used in the soup making it so natural.  All flavours were the combination of Pumpkin & Coconut.


Bacardi infused Watermelon and Feta Salad, Roasted Beet, Quinoa and Smoked Apple Salad

After having lots of tasty starters, it was time to cool down the stomach by having some nice salad.  The watermelon salad served along with Feta cheese tasted good very refreshing.

Main Course

The buffet spared has a huge selection of Veg and Non-Veg dishes that are neatly segregated.  I must add that there are plenty of Vegetarian options in the Buffet.

Paneer Pasanda, Dal Makhani, Saag Subzi, Badneyaki Yengayi (Brinjol curry), Daal Makhani

Among the dishes, I loved the Saag Subzi and Badnekayi Yengayi.  It tasted great with the Amritsari Kulcha and Paratha.  I also loved the taste of the Daal Makhani that had very well-cooked kidney beans.


Ramalai Tiramisu, Gooseberry Green Apple & Bitter Orange Baked Pie, Jackfruit shots

Chef specially told us to keep some space for the desserts as there were plenty of options.  Every dessert that was on display was very tempting.  But I picked a some that I enjoyed but a few of them were awesome.  Like the Jackfruit shot and Green apple pie with gooseberry.

For drinks, I tried Cosmopolitan and Sangria (with Fratelli wine) along with the food.  It won’t be fair on my part of comment on the cocktail as I need to try more variety before comment on the same.

Overall Experience

It was a great Sunday Brunch experience at SloFoodCo.2 along with Chef Palvinder.  I enjoyed most of the dishes and at the end of it, did not feel the heaviness in my stomach.  It was great to share a table with Chef and hear stories from Culinary world.  The selection of dishes for tasting was spot on and ambiance was just perfect.  I specially recommend the restaurant for anyone to dine in and experience the gourmet food.

More Information

SloFoodCo.2 Restaurant

Radisson Bengaluru City Center
2, Gangadhar Chetty Rd, Yellappa Chetty Layout, Halasuru, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
Phone – 080 2558 8550