Indian Paratha Company – Magic of Parathas on Airport Road, Bangalore

The journey on a highway is can be quite tiring and grueling. Most of the times we all keep waiting for that break when we can stretch our legs for having a cup of coffee or have something to eat.  Whatever might be the reason, it is all about taking that much needed break.  It is also hard to find a place which is clean and serves really authentic food.  Well, I think I wrote enough to introduce about the ‘Indian Paratha Company’ which is located on the highway between BANGALORE to HYDERABAD.  As the name suggests, these folks are famous for the parathas.
I have visited this place in the past.  Latest visit was as part of the 24thFBAB meetup where there were nearly 15-20 foodie friends who went to try out some of the delicacies from the IPC.  Let me share my thoughts.


If you are on the road leading to Bangalore International Airport, then you are the right track to reach IPC.  You need to take the toll after the airport and then drive towards Nandi Hills Road and also the Chikbellapur Road.  As you approach the left that takes you to Nandi Hills, the IPC can be seen to the left side.


And for those travelling back all the way from Gulbarga or Hyderabad, I would suggest to keep looking to the right side as you enter Karnataka.  And use the same reference as the road leading to Nandi Hills.  IPC comes to the right side on the service road.


The place has got a great ambiance simply coz of its woody effect.  And as the name suggests, it’s got the look of a mini-palace.


  • There are wooden chairs without backrest where people can relax and have food.
  • Uniquely position fans on the ceiling.
  • Beautifully setup billing counter with plenty of goodies place as decorations.


  • Wonderful sofa-sets inside and outside in which people can sit and enjoy.
  • Rocks that have been left as is outside to maintain the natural look.  There are also trees which haven’t been cut-off to preserve the looks.



Some of the points mentioned above are the reasons why it has become such a popular location to have food while good on a long journey.


It is very critical that a place like this serves some great food.  Coz the combination of ambiance and food will make any traveller not have any second thoughts.  Let me share my experience with the food.


This for sure I feel is one of the highlights of the entire menu.  Simple reason being it’s a great way to start your meal.  While driving, we all get quite dehydrated and getting a good drink refreshes us.


Patiala Lassi
Flavoured Mango Lassi is one of the best drinks here.  I have taken it every time I have gone to this place.  There are some nice dry-run on the drink that adds to the flavour.



Irish Coffee
This is supposed to be more of a desert but I would consider this also to be one of the drinks.  The look of this drink is brilliant coz of its 3 layers.  When you start sipping the drink is quite sweet.  But then the moment its mixed it become bitter.  Well, Irish coffees do get bitter but yes the bitterness could be reduced a bit.  Don’t take chance taking it if you are not used to taking bitter.


Pakoda Platter


This is a pretty decent platter to take coz there sure isn’t the oil.  The preparation has been done quite well and it surely isn’t too heavy for the stomach.  Some of the pakodas include – Paneer, Onion and yes to add there are nicely baked chillies which aren’t very spicy and I remember eating the entire chilly without feeling the spice.


Main Course
There are plenty of options for travellers and for sure varieties of parathas.  Apart from the parathas which are usually served with curd, salad and pickle; there are Daal Makhani Combos also which are pretty good.  Some special paratha pizza is also there which is unique to this place.


Achari Masti Paratha
This for sure is the standard paratha I feel that most of the traveller would take.  It’s a bit on the spicier side but yes pretty decent to take.  My only suggestion would be to consume it when it served hot.  Coz letting it be for a while makes it hard towards the edges.
Paneer Tikka Parathzza
The name itself gives a clue that it is a paratha that has paneer stuffing and is cutting & served like a pizza.  The taste is pretty okay but then I only had a concern about its hardness.  I would only want the paratha to be bit softer just like the way we get the pizza.


Other paratha that I have enjoyed here includes the ‘Aloo Cheese Paratha’ and the ‘Aloo Paratha’ itself.


Kulfi is one of the deserts that is available at IPC. And every time I go there, this is the desert that I always take.  The taste of it quite fantastic coz the kulfi simply melts on the tongue.

It leaves a wonderful flavour that you can savour for a while.


Overall Experience
This for sure is a wonderful place for not just travellers but also city dwellers who want to take some time off to drive and get out of the city buzz.  It’s a nice place to spent time with family and friends over a paratha.  The surrounding is wonderful and for sure the ambiance is awesome.
The only thing that I feel could surprise people is with regards to the price, which I feel can be lesser by 10-15%.  But then when I think about the setup and the effort that has gone into bring it up, I can understand the pricing as well.
My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  It’s got all the potential and I am sure it will improve more over the coming years.


My rating in other departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 people would could cost nearly INR400-600 depending on the hunger.