Yauatcha – Best of Dim Sums in Bangalore

Yauatcha is one of the famous places in Bangalore where get some excellent Dim Sums.  The restaurant is also very famous among the foodies’ community coz of the ‘Michelin Star’ rating given to one of the first of Yauatcha that opened in London.  The restaurant featured in the ‘Best 50 Restaurant’ published in Britain.  I think the legacy has continued for the outlets in India and especially the one in Bangalore as well. It is easily one of the best restaurant to visit in Bangalore.  There is something very serene about this restaurant that makes people relax while having some wonderful food.  I have gone to this place multiple times.  But my article is based on my recent visit as part of the 21st FBAB Meetup where there were 15-20 Bloggers on one table enjoying the food setup as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.


Chinese celebrated the New Year which is a bit off from the Roman Calendar that we all follow.  There are 12 different ZODIACs associated with the years and the cycle repeated every 12 years.  Each ZODIAC has a character/creature within it.  And this year happens to the be the ‘Year of Monkey’.  It is the 9th position in the ZODIAC as per Chinese.  Last year was the Year of Sheep.


The monkey in itself is clever, energetic and inventive, as well as being sociable and funny.  The year 2016 also corresponds with fire element, associated with brilliance, warmth, passion and spark.
Yauatcha celebrated by having a limited edition menu from 23rd Jan’16 until 22 Feb’16.  There are some new dumplings introduced and also the décor has been transformed.  Front desk also had some Red Origami Monkeys.


Let me share my experience with regards to the complete experience.
I think its simple Location info I will be sharing.  Coz I think most of us as aware of the MG Road and we are also aware of the huge mall at the beginning of MG Road.  Its named as 1 MG Mall.  And the Yauatcha is situated on the 5th level of the building.  There are other restaurants on the same level, but Yauatcha sure does stand out to the left side.


It has got a very nice entrance and front desk is ever so helpful & eager to serve.  Few more points that I did l like to highlight.



  • Finely placed chairs and tables across the huge room that has glass to the left side.


  • Seating is available for groups of varied sizes.  Infact, the latest visit had 20 of us site across table where each of us could look at each other. There sure was no problem for the waiters in serving us.


  • The setup on each of the table gives you a wonderful feeling and it easy transported you to a different world.


  • There is open kitchen where we can see the Chef cooking.





All of the points mentioned above are experience that we can take back and feel good about.



This is the most important aspect of the restaurant which makes people come back again and again.  Let me share my specific experience on the food items that I have had at the restaurant.


Dim Sum
Truffle with English carrot dumpling
This is a very well done dumpling that has the soft skin outside and the stuffing of carrot with truffles inside.  It is best had along with the Chinese herb spices that is given.  Also the chili sauce that is made in Chinese style also goes along quite well with the dumpling.



Kiwi and black olive dumpling
Another wonderful dumpling that has taste to make you feel blown away.  Imagine the flavours of Kiwi mixing along with the Black Olives, might sound unique but I thought the taste came to be fantastic.


Crystal dumpling
This is one my favourites that I take every time I go Yauatcha.  The Crystal dumpling especially has this fine layer from outside which is almost transparent through which the vegetables stuffed can be seen.  There are some unique herbs that adds to the flavours.



There are other varieties in like Vegetable Chui chow dumplings which is good.  Apart from the Vegetarian varieties, there are quite a few Non-Vegetarian dumplings as well.


Main Course
Stir-fry mock chicken in Hunan Style spice sauce
This is a dish which will look absolutely like chicken but then it isn’t.  The ingredients of this is the Soya which seems to have been presented in the manner to confuse people.  But then the flavours that come out of it is wonderful. I enjoyed every bit of this dish and infact, had 2 portions coz it made feel nice eating vegetarian which also loved by my friend who eat non-vegetarian.



Toban Fried Rice
This is a rice which is like the Sticky Rice which is best enjoyed with the Main course gravy dish that I mentioned above.  If you can enjoy it with the ‘Choupsey’, it’s even better coz it makes you feel like a Chinese.
Mahlak Udon Noodles
A very well done noodles is best enjoyed with some gravy dish.

Any dish containing Tofu and gravy will go along quite well.  In my case the mock chicken gravy was good enough.



Crunchy Caramel with honeycomb ice cream
The presentation of this dish just makes you grab the entire portion.  It might seem heavy but sometimes when you start to enjoy the caramel and its crunchiness, the desert just melts and gets down below the food pipe.



Cheery Chase
Gin, Mandarin, Cointreau
Pretty good cocktail which isn’t that strong but can be enjoyed quite well with some medium spicy food like what I mention in my earlier part of review.



Overall Experience
This for sure is one of the places that shouldn’t be missed by any chance.  I had a great time with the foodie friends having some great Chinese food.  And also glad to see the way Yauatcha restaurant is trying to also set a menu for celebrate the new year.  These are few things that attract more customers.  My overall rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  I am sure couple of more visits to this place will enable me to this rating higher.


My rating in every department is quite consistent for this restaurant.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 will easily cost anywhere between INR1500-200.
With – Chef BB, Honey Islam, Noorain, Mahima, Nikita, Poojitha, Sushmita, Deepa, Jyoti Verne, Deepa Madraasi, Reshma & Pheno Menon